Athlete Spotlight: Lenox skier Abby Kate Caproni


The winter ski season keeps Drury sophomore Abby Kate Caproni busy, but between her Alpine skiing season as a Lenox Millionaire and her races with her home mountain at Berkshire East, Caproni stopped in this weekend to chat with The Eagle about what's going on in her world.

Berkshire Eagle: You're a Drury kid but you ski for Lenox, how did that come about?

Abby Kate Caproni: When I was an eighth-grader, I really wanted to ski. Drury didn't have a team, and didn't have enough people to put together a team, so we just put out for a co-op and Lenox took me in.

BE: How's it been skiing with the team since then?

AKC: It's really fun. My coaches are so great and the team is super supportive. It's five girls right now, and we all have gotten really close and we talk to each other a lot. It's a really great community.

BE: The Winter Olympics are coming up very quickly; what's your favorite Olympic event to watch? And who are some of your skiing idols?

AKC: My favorite event to watch is obviously Alpine racing; I really love watching the slalom and GS because that's what I do. I love watching Mikayla Shiffrin because she's an American and she's skiing so well. I also really like some of the younger girls, like Resi Stiegler.

Abby Kate Caproni

BE: Obviously, a lot of skiing is about the glory and trying to get to the winner's podium. But, in skiing, wipeouts happen. What's your worst wipeout?

AKC: Two or three years ago, I was at Berkshire East at my home mountain, and I was super excited for the race and I had a really great first run and I was going for my second run, so I was like, 'I'm going to go for it and go as fast as I can.' And I get to the third gate, and my ski pops off and I spin around and I hurt my knee.

BE: Hopefully not seriously though?

AKC: I had to go to physical therapy, but it's fine now.

BE: When you're not racing, what type of terrain do you most like to ski on, and what's your favorite trail in the county?

AKC: I love tree skiing, when it's a powder day and you can get in the trees, it's so much fun. Berkshire East has a really cool trail called Blizzard Island, which is a tree trail.

BE: What's your go-to Apres meal?

AKC: When we're coming home from my Lenox practices, we're driving through Pittsfield because it takes me a while to get home, and my dad and I like to stop for Five Guys.

BE: The high school season, the three GS races are done for the season and you switch over to slalom next; which discipline do you prefer and why?

AKC: I don't really prefer one discipline over the other. I just love ski racing so much. They're both really different. GS is speed and you have to get down fast — you just want to be the person who's down the fastest. Slalom is more rhythmic and kind of like a dance — it's more technical. They're both so different, but I like them both.

BE: Shifting away from the skis: It's cold now, but before we know it summer is going to be here. What do you do in the warmer months when you can't ski?

AKC: So I love going to the beach; my grandmother has a beach house, so I spend some time with her. I run a lot in the summer. I don't know, I spend a lot of time with my family in the summer.

BE: In school, you're an athlete and participate in sports, but what's your favorite activity that's non-sports related?

AKC: In the fall, I do our school's musical.

BE: What attracts you to the musical?

AKC: My grandmother used to be a theater person, and so I saw a lot of plays growing up and musicals growing up, and I was like, 'oh, that can be something I can do.' And then I got to Drury and I did it.

BE: Finally, you're being interviewed by a newspaper right now and you have to get the news from somewhere; where do you go when you want to read about the news that's either happening around here or happening around the world?

AKC: I think social media influences a lot of what I see and the kind of news I get. Of course, you see a lot of stuff on Facebook and Instagram. My teachers actually send us a lot of news to read about what's going on the world.


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