Athlete Spotlight: McCann Tech's Aubrey Tetlow


The McCann Tech softball team is off to a strong start to the 2019 season, and from her view behind the dish, catcher Aubrey Tetlow knows this team is capable of something special. The senior captain stopped by The Berkshire Eagle offices last week to chat about her Hornets as part of the Athlete Spotlight series. Tetlow touches on catching for co-captain Meg Goyette, overcoming stereotypes at a vocational school, her college plans and how last year's loss in the Western Massachusetts Division III semifinals is fueling her team's drive in 2019.

THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE: Your team is unbeaten through the first few weeks of the season, did you think this was a group that could be special?

AUBREY TETLOW: Last season we made the State Vocational Tournament for the first time in school history, so I knew only losing one senior, Aimee Dowling, we were going to have a really good season. I knew we could go far this year.

EAGLE: What it it like being a second-year captain for coach Robyn Finnegan?

TETLOW: We have a great relationship. Meg Goyette and I are the captains of the team for the second straight year and we just try to set the tone for the game, lift each other up. Sometimes our girls get down on themselves, but we just have to lift. We can't have everyone down, because it's a domino effect.

EAGLE: What's it like catching for Meg?

TETLOW: I've been catching her for two years. We were on the team together as freshmen and sophomores, but I was at third base. She's a great pitcher, hardly ever walks or hits anyone. She is so controlled and confident in the circle. It's great to have someone so serious about pitching, and she's a great teammate.

EAGLE: How did you become a catcher?

TETLOW: It was always the plan by junior year. I enjoyed third base, but I love catching. Back in third grade, playing with the Littles, I saw the catchers gear and it was bright red, and I wanted to try it. I looked so goofy back then, looking at the pictures now, but I tried it and just never stopped.

EAGLE: What does it take to be a varsity catcher?

TETLOW: I play for a lot of travel teams over the summer, playing summer ball, fall ball, just putting in the work. I lift sometimes, run cross-country in the fall to stay in shape. You just keep going to be ready. I've built up my arm strength and gotten a lot more vocal. There are a lot of catchers who are kind of quiet, but that's not who I am. I like to yell, be loud and be heard.

EAGLE: Who's the toughest pitcher you've had to face?

TETLOW: Mount Greylock's Lily Lesieur is a really great pitcher, she no-hit us last year. She just has a bunch of different pitches.

EAGLE: What made you decide to attend McCann Tech?

TETLOW: I was at Mount Greylock in middle school, and wasn't going to switch because of the stereotypes of McCann being a tech school and people saying I wouldn't get as good of an education, but I decided I wanted to do something else. I wanted to have another degree. I switched, and it's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.

EAGLE: What types of classes are you taking?

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TETLOW: I'm in all the AP classes, just like any other high schooler, but every other week I'm in carpentry, which I absolutely love. We have Skills USA, which is a national competition, and I just made gold at states, so I get to go to nationals at the end of June.

EAGLE: That's awesome. What did you have to build for states?

TETLOW: It was about six feet with three walls. It tests all your different strengths; metal walls, windows, octagon windows, stuff like that. It's such a great experience, going for my trade.

EAGLE: What are you looking to do after graduation?

TETLOW: I plan on attending Castleton University, and I'm going to try and play softball and rugby.

EAGLE: How'd you land on rugby?

TETLOW: I don't play right now, but the coach came up to me at one of my basketball games and introduced himself and we stayed in touch. He encouraged me to give it a try.

EAGLE: Speaking of McCann Tech basketball, what was it like getting that program back into the postseason after such a long drought?

TETLOW: It was amazing, the feeling of doing something that hasn't been done in such a long time at your school. You always hear that McCann doesn't have great sports, but our sports teams have come such a long way. The girls who have heart and who put in the practice time in the offseason, that is what gets us to these postseason tournaments.

EAGLE: Last year's Western Mass. tournament came to a tough end for you in a 3-2 semifinal loss to Mount Everett, has that weighed on your mind at all entering this spring?

TETLOW: It was a 3-2 game, one run cost us it. It was bittersweet, though, because it made you realize that McCann can get that far. It just made me want to come back and try harder. That's the goal this year, Western Mass. It's a big goal, but at least now we know we can do it.

EAGLE: You're from Williamstown, so what's your go-to spot for food?

TETLOW: Well I work at Moonlight Diner. I don't eat there a ton, though. I don't mind traveling, so I'd say Chee's in Adams is my favorite place to eat.

EAGLE: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

TETLOW: I go up to camp at Lake Champlain, and we fish and jet ski and have campfires. It's awesome. So, I just want to go up there and settle in and enjoy the summer before I go off to college.

This interview was conducted, edited and condensed by Mike Walsh.


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