Athlete Spotlight: Mount Everett hockey player and Lenox student Jake Corcoran


Fresh off a busy week on the ice, Mount Everett hockey player Jake Corcoran stopped by the Eagle office Sunday to chat about his career, being a three-sport athlete and what the future holds after graduation in the spring.

Berkshire Eagle: What's your favorite memory from your time on the Mount Everett hockey team?

Jake Corcoran: Definitely freshman year and making Western Mass. That was pretty cool, because I think they were 1-19 the year before. To make Western Mass. my freshman year, it was a good group of guys. It was fun.

BE: When did you first start playing?

JC: As long as I can remember. I think I was like four or something. Started with, actually the coach at Wahconah hockey, my uncle (Jeff Daury), he's kind of the first one that I started playing with. His son, my cousin (Brian), we played in Springfield all the time. I didn't really play around here until high school.

BE: All-time, even if it's back to the youth days, what's your favorite goal that you've ever scored or assisted?

JC: It was probably Chicago. We were playing in the Bauer tournament. We lost the game, but we were playing, at the time they were ranked No. 1 in the country, Belle Tire, and I scored the first goal of the game to make it 1-0. It was pretty cool. I didn't score much back then as a defenseman, so it was fun. Definitely my favorite goal.

BE: Part of the hockey thing is that you go all over the place to play; what's your favorite rink to play at?

JC: That's tough. I played in a couple pro rinks — I played in the Ottawa Senators rink, that was cool. I would say my favorite one is in Quebec. A peewee tournament. It's a hockey rink in the middle of the mall. That was pretty cool, I've never seen anything like that.

BE: It's not unusual for a kid to be a three-sport athlete in high school, but it's pretty uncommon to have all three of those sports be at different schools. What's that like, being a Lee football player, a Mount Everett hockey player and a Lenox baseball player?

JC: It's cool. You meet a lot of new kids. I'd say that's the biggest takeaway. You make friendships with kids from all over the place. Lenox, obviously, I have friends that go to school there. But a bunch of kids from Lee I'm really good friends with now, and Mount Everett, too. That's probably the biggest thing, just the friendships you make.

Jake Corcoran

BE: On the three-sport thing, even though it snowed last night, spring is slowly starting to come; are you excited for the prospects of baseball season?

JC: For sure it's always fun. As the season goes on, it gets a little old for each season, so it's fun to start something new. Baseball is always fun.

BE: Which of the three is your favorite sport to play?

JC: I'd have to say hockey because I've played it the longest, but I really started to like football. I didn't start playing until my sophomore year, but Coach T [Keith Thomson] is awesome and it was really fun, and I started to play a lot more this year which was fun.

BE: What's the plan for after graduation? Got college plans or anything yet?

JC: Yeah, I'm still waiting to hear from most of my colleges. But yeah, I'm definitely going to be going next year to college. Probably not playing right away. Might take a break for a year and then see what I'm doing next.

BE: If the college god came down right now and said you could go to whichever school you want to, which do you eye the most?

JC: It's tough. I applied to Cornell, so I'm still waiting on that. If I could get in there, that'd be awesome. But I'm not expecting to get in or anything. It'd be cool to go there.

BE: Where's your favorite place to go in Berkshire County?

JC: Sometimes we go hiking in Stockbridge at Ice Glen Road. We go there a couple times in the summer to hike. I guess I'd have to say that's a pretty cool place, I've been there with my friends a bunch.

BE: What's your favorite class you're taking right now?

JC: Right now, I like a lot of my classes. Probably advanced computer programming. It's my second year of it. My teacher [Brian Tolan] is really cool. He'll convince you that we live in a computer simulation.


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