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Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019

Good morning, foodie friends.

Happy New Year! Let’s skip right over the new year, healthy eating January trend (though, this tahini dressing sounds delicious!) and get to the good stuff: Instant Pots. I got an 8-quart all-in-one contraption for Christmas that promises to do everything in my kitchen just shy of washing dishes. I fought the craze long and hard, (I’m seriously in love with my slow cooker, like, a deep, real love, folks), but food writer Francesca Olsen’s column on the gadget’s amazing ability to make short ribs in just 35 minutes made me cross over to the dark side.

Here’s the thing, once you take it out of the box it can be, well … intimidating.

My guys trying to figure out the Instant Pot.

“What are all these buttons for?” My husband asked, peering at the stainless steel dashboard. We poured over the user manual and the cookbook we got just for this occasion. After sweating it out for a while, I decided to jump right in. Everything I read basically says to respect the process, but show no fear. Amazingly, it cooked raw sausage in 12 minutes flat (after a 10-minute build up of pressure, of course.) I made a few mistakes, so far (the slow cooker function is still not making sense to me). But I have high hopes and a grocery list full of ingredients for Instant Pot success.

I plan on making this recipe for pickled pepper pull-apart beef this week, and maybe this beginner recipe for chicken dijon. What’s your go-to Instant Pot recipe? Drop me an email at and I’ll share your recipes next week.

Until then, don’t crack under the pressure. Get it?

Happy 2019!
Lindsey Hollenbaugh
Managing Editor of Features


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