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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018

Good morning, foodie friends.

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but don’t worry, there’s still time for this make-ahead green bean casserole or perhaps this picture-perfect turkey (because really, if you don’t Instagram that bird, how will anyone know the glory of your feast?).

And if you’re already sick of looking at beautiful pies (shame on you!) we’ve got just the cure for that post-Thanksgiving hangover — homemade bagels. Our calendar editor Meggie Baker set out to find the perfect bagel recipe and I can personally attest that these are irresistible. I lived in Manhattan, and grew up on bagels made by bakers trained in the city; these are the real deal. She swears they are easy enough to make and I plan on following her step-by-step instructions this weekend.

But back to the meal of all meals at hand. If you’re charged with bringing the wine tomorrow, you may want to read up on wine and cheese pairings by our expert cheesemonger friend, Matthew Rubiner. Or, if you’re looking for a last-minute dish to bring to friendsgiving on Friday, put a little extra effort in your fruit salad game. This turkey-inspired fruit platter was a hit with my son’s preschool friends (though, my husband said it looked more like a festive peacock).

All you have to do is get your favorite fruit in a variety of colors and arrange in a fan around a pear “turkey.” I was able to attach some candy eyes, leftover from my Halloween cupcakes, with a little cream cheese. A sliver of cheese made the perfect nose.

Or, you could just bring beer. Everyone likes the guy who brings beer.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lindsey Hollenbaugh
Managing editor of features,


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Once that turkey goes in the oven, it's time to start thinking about our favorite time of year: holiday baking! Get a jump start on your cookie plans this year.

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