Berkshire Country Real Estate Transactions for Oct. 1-5


OCT. 1-5


Mark and Timothy Ziemba sold property at East Road, Adams, to New England Power Co., $225,000.

49 Glenn Street NT and Michele Purcell sold property at 49 Glenn St., Adams, to Christopher and Shannon Perin, $163,000.

George B. and Ann M. Robinson sold property at 16-18 Grove St., Adams, to Marcus V. Leake, $165,000.

Diane M. Koczela and Lisa J. Provost sold property at 11 Pearl St., Adams, to Arielle M. Poirot, $166,400.

Marby Theresa M Est and Armand L. Charland sold property at 53 Spring St., Adams, to Nathan Mcguire, $18,000.


Janos Feoli Keseru sold property at Old Village Road, Alford, to Hillel Bachrach and Liliana Bachrach, $85,000.


Mary C. Maloney sold property at 42 Berkshire Road, Becket, to Jeffrey W. Carmel Jr., $73,000.

Debora Latvaitis sold property at 153 Sir Walter Court, Becket, to Robin Mathiesen, $142,000.

Frank J. and Rhonda B. Gelbwasser sold property at 325 Bonny Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to David Moss and Lauren Rosenblum, $335,000.


Citibank NA Tr sold property at 99 Meadowview Drive, Cheshire, to Michele Purcell.


Wells Fargo Bank NA sold property at 9 Millard Ave., Clarksburg, to Kevin P. Herbst and Jeannie L. Landrie, $65,000.

Dolle J Theresa Est and Thomas M. Kondel sold property at 525 West Road, Clarksburg, to Stephen A. Simon, $165,000.


James F. Chadbourne sold property at 261 High St., Dalton, to Jeffrey F. Warren and Sarah A. Peppe, $185,000.

Erwin A. Kuni Jr. and Ann C. Kuni sold property at Kirchner Road, Dalton, to Michael and Courtney Addy, $65,600.


Eloise E. Stevens sold property at 30 Phelps Road, Florida, to 137 Mohawk Trail T and James M. Pedro, $35,000.

Eloise E. Stevens sold property at 32 Phelps Road, Florida, to 137 Mohawk Trail T and James M. Pedro, $35,000.

Ranney Jennie S S Est and John S. Ranney sold property at 160 Tilda Hill Road, Florida, to Alexander O. Michalenko, $49,950.


Beverly S. Kaplan sold property at 72 Castle St., Great Barrington, to Douglas E. Kutney and Katherine J. Kutney, $530,000.

81 Division Street LLC sold property at 81A Division St., Great Barrington, to Kathleen M. McCormick, Trustee of Lulu Nominee Realty Trust, $150,000.

Judith L. Waldman and Cliff M. Feldman, Trustees of Judith L. Waldman Revocable Trust, sold property at 165 Maple Ave., Unit D, Great Barrington, to Anne G. Murphy, Trustee of Anne G. Murphy Revocable Trust, $359,000.

Dale B. Finkle and Wayne B. Finkle sold property at 418 Monterey Road, Great Barrington, to Jake Fink and Tanya Fink, $140,000.


Mary A Roller RET and Christine A. Emerson sold property at 1032 Beaver Pond Mdws Unit 1032, Hancock, to James and Sharon Penny, $107,000.


Joseph A. Renzi sold property at 14 Park Drive, Lanesborough, to Natalia M. Renzi and Sean M. Savitsky, $220,000.

Petricca Development LLC sold property at Partridge Road, Lanesborough, to Gregg A. Petricca, $20,038.


William Oliver and Rachel E. Welch sold property at 160 Chanterwood Road, Lee, to Meridith Roy, $340,000.

Paula Valenti, Michael J. Baccoli and Letitia A. Leprevost, Trustees of the Mary R. Baccoli RVT, sold property at 121-123 East Center St., Lee, to Ross D. Jolly, $255,000.

Matthew M. Burgess sold property at 290 Summer St., Lee, to Charles G. Van Ausdall, $195,000.


CR Lenox Residences LLC sold property at 165 Kemble St., Unit 3, Lenox, to John J. Roche and Robert A. Clarfeld, Trustees of the John J. Roche RVT, $1,295,000.

Ross D. Jolly sold property at 82 Golden Hill Road, Lenox, to Clifford and JoAnn Flynn, $274,400.

Margaret A. Stone sold property at 3-8 Morgan Manor, Unit 8, Lenox, to Bruce A. Deloyle, Nancy Alaniz and Deborah Navarro, $123,000.

William J. Flaherty sold property at 6-11 Morgan Manor, Unit 11, Lenox, to Claudia A. Pepper, $143,000.


William D. Schillinger sold property at 116 Hupi Road, Monterey, to Gregory Scott Glassman and Megan Suzanne Brown, $406,000.


Gregory Klee and Amy Klee sold property at 787 Canaan Southfield Road, New Marlborough, to Kathryn P. Mesirow, Trustee of Kathryn P. Mesirow SP Trust, $310,000.


DSM Properties LLC sold property at 585-a&b State Road, North Adams, to Shaun P. Kelleher-Nagorski, $96,500.

John E. and Donna M. Daub sold property at 121 Versailles Ave., North Adams, to John N. Daub, $100,000.


Michael F. McNeil sold property at Greylock Circle, Peru, to Steve and Rose Wojtkowski, $29,900.


Specialized Loan Servicing LLC and Kenneth L. Turner sold property at 44 Marcella Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert M. Fuster Sr., Trustee of the 122 Longview Terrace NT, $79,000.

Quicken Loans Inc. and Khalil Yacteen sold property at 124 Windsor Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael McNeil, $150,000.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank and Alec J. and Jamie R. Foisy sold property at 107 West Union St., Pittsfield, to Christopher Robillard, $22,500.

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., Trustee and Elmer W. Johnson sold property at 15 High St., Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Trustee, $109,029.88.

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Donna Dastoli Garey and Michael Wayne Garey sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 204, Pittsfield, to Timothy Ewart, $147,000.

Natalia M. Renzi and Sean M. Savitsky sold property at 41 Unkamet Park Drive, Pittsfield, to Cornelius and Kathleen McMahon, $202,000.

Del P. Virgilio Jr., Bernard D. Virgilio and Doreen L. Vincent, Trustees of the Virgilio Family Nominee RT, sold property at April Lane, Pittsfield, to Joseph W. Dalo, $29,500.

Linda A. O'Brien, trustee of the Linda A. O'Brien NT, sold property at 4 Beaumont Drive, Pittsfield, to Kristen M. Negrini, $130,950.

Luis and Susan J. Coelho a/k/a Coehlo sold property at 14 Clifford St., Unit 4A, Pittsfield, to Michael Andrew Coelho, $77,000.

WTW Realty LLC sold property at 22-24 Depot St., Pittsfield, to GCC Real Estate Inc., $100,000.

Richard M. Loftus and Michaele Loftus Trzcinski, Personal Reps. Of the Estate of Lois T. Loftus, sold property at 57 Asci Drive, Pittsfield, to Richard E. Loftus, $190,000.

Michael S. Merriam and Patricia S. Merriam f/k/a Patricia A. Speth sold property at 66 Alcove St., Pittsfield, to Megan C. Tardibuono, $88,000.

Marian S. Dufresne, Trustee of the Marian S. Dufresne NT, sold property at 112 Blythewood Drive, Pittsfield, to Eric S. and Sari B. Berkowitz, $679,000.

Joan M. Dafarra sold property at 136-138 Brown St., Pittsfield, to Joseph M. and Kathleen L. Reed, $143,000.

P.J. Legacy Inc. sold property at 38 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to SPMKB LLC, $115,000.

H. Arlena Wood, Trustee of the Westbrook Farm NT, sold property at Cascade Street and Brickhouse Mountain Road, Pittsfield, to Pittsfield Forests LLC, $800,000.

Muriel Raimer Hoczela f/k/a Muriel Raimer sold property at Onota Street, Pittsfield, to Tallage Lincoln LLC, $10,000.

Raanan A. and Holly M. Hartman sold property at 98 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to Oanh H. Nguyen, $138,500.

Debra Arasimowicz sold property at 110 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Erin K. Latimer, $160,000.

Ethan S. Oberwager and Rebecca L. Weeks sold property at 17 Pinehurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael F. and Eva Buono, $184,900.

Donald A. Edwards sold property at 94 John St., Pittsfield, to Leydet Properties LLC, $6,500.

Leydet Properties LLC sold property at 45 Circular Ave., Pittsfield, to 45 Circular LLC, $130,000.

Melissa Jean Dimanche f/k/a Melissa Jean Hubbard sold property at 82 Wilson St., Pittsfield, to Skyler C. and Nathaniel W. Karns and Donna E. Cesan, $86,000.

Mary Ellen Daury sold property at 14 Argyle Road, Pittsfield, to Kendra Cookis, $162,500.

Myla J. Blum sold property at 70 Westchester Ave., Pittsfield, to Heather L. Gancarz, $133,000.

Joshua R. Tierney and Lauren E. Robinson n/k/a Lauren E. Tierney sold property at 97 Gamwell Ave., Pittsfield, to David Toomey, $160,000.

E.A. Carnevale sold property at 606 Elm St., Pittsfield, to IBT Investments LLC, $50,000.

Mae Properties LLC sold property at 329 Columbus Ave., Pittsfield, to Frantz G. Norbrun, $163,000.

Katie L. Sutton sold property at 9 Lanark Road, Pittsfield, to Anthony M. Lizotte, $180,000.

Michael C. and Erin P. Duffy sold property at 55 Lexington Parkway, Pittsfield, to Joshua and Lauren Tierney, $245,700.


Iwan I. Baan sold property at 101 Tannery Road, Sandisfield, to Ayesha Mayadas, $270,000.

Steve Peperis sold property at 63 Roberts Road, Sandisfield, to Bear Meadow LLC, $93,000.

Nicholas Hryckvich and Doris Lincovich Hryckvich sold property at Sears Road, Sandisfield, to Dominic Konstam, $42,500.


Linda Wayne, Trustee of Linda Wayne 2015 Revocable Trust, sold property at 1194 Bow Wow Road, Sheffield, to Regina Paula Schwarz, $415,000.

Nadine A. Hawver sold property at 400 South Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to Susan V. Jenks Feuer, $374,000.

Julie Vayer and Michelle Vayer sold property at 176 Maple Ave., Sheffield, to Joseph Crawford-Kelly and Diane Crawford-Kelly, $454,000.

Daniel H. Galpern, Trustee of David H. Galpern Personal Residence Trust and Louise Galpern Personal Residence Trust, sold property at 199 Hickey Hill Road, Sheffield, to Julie A. Vayer and Michelle L. Vayer, $625,000.

Hickey Hill Partners LLC sold property at Hickey Hill Road, Sheffield, to Julie A. Vayer and Michelle L. Vayer, $125,000.


Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trustee, and James F. and Anna M. Wheeler, sold property at 106 East Main St., Stockbridge, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trustee, $180,000.

Martha and Stanley Scibek, Personal Reps. of the Estate of Linda Busse Day, sold property at 3 Quiet Knoll Road, Stockbridge, to Misha Forrester, $385,000.

David F. McCarthy sold property at 41 Main St., Unit 9, Stockbridge, to Douglas Herbert Wilkins and Laura Montgomery Wilkins, $127,000.

Malcolm R. and Barbara T. Busch, Trustees of the Rattlesnake Five RT, sold property at 7 Rattlesnake Mountain Road, Stockbridge, to William F. Loutrel and Thomas M. Fynan, $674,100.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper and Keith and Brenda Bigelow sold property at 1303 Lovers Lane, Washington, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $186,533.

Jean E. Perrea sold property at 489 South Washington State Road, Washington, to Danielle M. Fisher, $184,000.


Jeffrey Fogelson and Janet Fogelson sold property at 85 Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to James H. Shimberg and Elizabeth T. Shimberg, $895,000.


Sharon F. Lavin sold property at 608 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Paul R. Lovegreen and Barbara I. Gill, $354,000.

John R. and Beth S. Stomberg sold prpoerty at 287 Luce Road, Williamstown, to David A. and Ashley N. Rice, $390,000.

Sandra M. Steuer sold property at 1148 N. Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Jo E. Harrison, $198,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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