Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

JULY 31-AUG. 4


U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, and Linda R. and Gerald F. Kearns sold property at 1043 North St., Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank, N.A., Trustee, $125,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP and Erica L. Keeley sold property at 94 Bay State Road, Pittsfield, to MTGLQ Investors LP, $124,000.

Joseph C. Castoldi Jr. sold property at 21-23 Patricia Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher J. Cuevas, $148,000.

U.S. Bank Trust NA, Trustee, sold property at 17-19 Brown St., Pittsfield, to Marc Bellora, $20,000.

Benjamin T. and Holly J. Hunter sold property at 115 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Donald P. and Carol A. Fontaine, $165,870.

Leona R. Serafino and Edmund L. Ferriter sold property at 119 East Park Terrace, Pittsfield, to Barbara A. Bohle and Carolyn Y. Brown, $95,000.

Kathleen M. Tatro sold property at 449 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Thomas C. Goggia, $275,000.

Thomas Boynton, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Rita D. Boynton, Susan M. Boynton and Joan Daignault sold property at 627 Lakeway Drive, Pittsfield, to Linda Barber, $243,000.

Woodmont Development Corp. sold property at 14 Eastbrook Lane, Pittsfield, to Edward and Christine M. Nowlan, $550,000.

K. Brian Kulig sold property at 1244 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Philip Rachwal, $131,500.

Thomas E. and Susanna C. Keefe sold property at 40 Leroi Drive, Pittsfield, to Michael A. and Jena Furforo, $295,000.

Joshua J. Newton and Caitlin E. Newton f/k/a Nickerson sold property at 272 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Lynda S. Cheda, $129,500.

Lynda S. Cheda sold property at 9 Weston St., Pittsfield, to Catherine M. Anderson, $154,000.

Bauman Real Estate LLC and Hall Real Estate LLC sold property at 116 North St., 29-41 Fenn St. and North Street, Pittsfield, to The Cooper Center LLC, $2,100,000.

Diane Israelite Weinstein sold property at 31 Lexington Parkway, Pittsfield, to Chantell R. McFaland-Rodriguez, $240,250.

Madison Ave LLC sold property at 549-555 North St., Pittsfield, to North Madison LLC, $503,291.10.

Francese Family Realty LLC sold property at 1821 East St., Pittsfield, to Meaghan A. Shepard and Rene G. Barahona, $135,000.

John F. McLaughlin Jr and Mitchell W. Boraski, Trustees of the 36 Maplewood Realty Trust, sold property at 36 Maplewood Ave., Pittsfield, to Carriage Funeral Holdings Inc., $97,500.

Mark and Alexandria M. Sniezek sold property at 226 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to USAA Federal Savings Bank, $109,172.25.

Lawrence P. and Jean C. Molleur sold property at 45 Ventura Ave., Pittsfield, to Brian Boudreau, $102,500.

Michael F. McNeil sold property at 15 Williamsburg Terrace, Pittsfield, to Mark D. Davis, $175,000.

Dario B. Arace sold property at 54 Alfred Drive, Pittsfield, to Maria E. Salatino, $260,000.

Michael F. McNeil sold property at 158 Meadowview Drive, Pittsfield, to Jenna L. Kruger, $125,500.

Alda Sorrentino sold property at 41 High St., Pittsfield, to Bryan P. Jones, $98,800.

Jennifer Wergland Lyon sold property at 67 Hazelwood Terrace, Pittsfield, to Ronald Reda Jr., $183,900.

Tallage Lincoln LLC sold property at 90 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to Lori McHugh, $18,000.

Wendy T. Hubbard sold property at 138 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Lazare A. Tayi, $189,000.

Geoffrey P. Patti sold property at 14 Broad St., Pittsfield, to Executive Rentals LLC, $225,000.

Keith A. and Lisa A. Hill sold property at 55 Meadow Ridge Drive, Pittsfield, to Joseph Yared and Abigail Carter, $546,000.

Francis S., Paul F. and Brian D. Skowronski sold property at 326 Highland Ave., Pittsfield, to Timothy R. and Gail E. Lyons, $63,000.

Frederick W. III and Nancy Jocelyn Hall sold property at 80 Nancy Ave., Pittsfield, to Rita A. Hubbard, $211,000.


Peter Anthony Karle and Carole Lyn Ackerman sold property at 15 Beech Road, Richmond, to Seth R. and Julia Thomas Pitman, $280,000.


Alice B. Boyd sold property at 12 South Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield, to Karen F. Haines and William C. Haines, $660,000.


Mountain Stream LLC sold property at Main Road, Savoy, to Kenneth Monty, $62,000.


Donald Larkin, Trustee of Mary Ellen McNeil Nominee Trust, sold property at 43 Main St., Sheffield, to Jonathan Bruno and Emilie Bruno, $315,000.

Elizabeth M. Ross sold property at 592 Polikoff Road, Sheffield, to Samuel G. Stolzar and Tara L. Stolzar, $243,000.

William J. Egerton and Donna S. Egerton sold property at 707 South Main St., Sheffield, to Louis T. Aragi Sr. and Louis T. Aragi Jr., $260,000.


Michael and Licia P. Conforti sold property at 1382 Main St., Williamstown, to Sterling & Francine Clark, $575,000.

Alexander M. and Elizabeth M. Carlisle sold property at 526 Water St., Williamstown, to J. Patrice Smith, $442,540.

AUG. 7-11


Connie J. Wittig sold property at 1 Apremont St., Adams, to Victoria R. Halsted, $142,000.

Astrid M. Halten sold property at 7 Elm St., Adams, to Richmond Financial LLC, $75,000.

Joann C. Gagne sold property at 27-29 Elm St., Adams, to Michael J. Oleskiewicz, $86,200.


Anthony G. Silvanic sold property at 134 East Road, Alford, to David N. Tancredi and Deborah M. Tancredi, $650,000.

Larry M. Chernicoff and Billie A. Chernicoff sold property at 15 West Road, Alford, to Colin S. Nissan and Emily B. Nissan, $895,000.


U.S. Bank National Association, Trustee, sold property at 43 & 44 Pleasant St., Becket, to Artur Muszykski, $22,500.

Bernadette Birk and John Parisella sold property at Long View Drive, Becket, to Mannie J. and Carol E. Sipress, $15,000.

Susan E. Volk-Weiss, Trustee of the Second Restatement of the Susan E. Volk-Weiss Trust Agreement, sold property at 1048 Benton Hill Road, Becket, to Juan F. Jado-Encalada and Exilandra Osorio, $85,000.

Rene and Christyna M. Laubach sold property at 10 Mallard Lane, Becket, to Michael R. Gillespie, $180,000.


Edward F. Chilson and MountainOne Bank sold property at 741 Lanesborough Road, Cheshire, to Sean F. Lydon, $350,000.

Karmen B. Field-Mitchell and Rodger P. Field sold property at 612 West Mountain Road, Cheshire, to Mark F. Warner, $150,000.

Kenneth A. and Susan J. Egnaczak sold property at 913 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Jason and Erica Turner, $185,000.

Kenneth A. and Susan J. Egnaczak sold property at 923 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Jason and Erica Turner, $185,000.


Charles and Katherine Swabey sold property at 851 East Road, Clarksburg, to Christopher M. and Jennifer L. Bullett, $45,600.


Theodore W. and Jenna M. Bremner sold property at 38 Renee Drive, Dalton, to Todd J. Daigneault and Christine A. Roughley, $338,500.

Berkshire Building & Development LLC sold property at 475 West Housatonic St., Dalton, to DTK LLC, $152,000.


Margaret R. Vanpeterson sold property at 31 Moores Road, Florida, to Ronald W. and Jill M. Hurley, $187,000.


Kathleen N. Dolan sold property at 12 Manville St., Unit 4, Great Barrington, to Christopher E. Ryan, $233,000.

Joseph N. Pothul, Richard J. Pothul, Anthony F. Pothul and Deanna A. Tennison f/k/a Deanna A. Dolby sold property at 27 Lake Ave., Great Barrington, to CG Grace Properties LLC, $338,800.

David A. Ward, Trustee of Cottages at Barrington Brook Nominee Trust, sold property at 16 Burning Tree Road, Unit 12, Great Barrington, to Howard N. Kudler and Beatrice Kudler, $547,500.


Michael A. and Jena Furforo sold property at 16 Grove Ave., Lanesborough, to Samantha K. Barbarotta, $175,000.


Benjamin B. IV and Amanda L. Towne sold property at 210 Greylock St., Lee, to Alan M. and Laura E. Cummings, $210,000.

Dean I. and Dorinda H. Shaw sold property at 165 Orchard St., Lee, to James and Amanda Rankin $355,000.


309 Pittsfield Road Realty LLC sold property at 309 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, to Presta Holdings LLC, $539,000.

James B. and Jennifer M. Cryan sold property at 120 Walker St., Lenox, to Timothy J. and Laura A. Collins, $417,500.

Lee and Laura S. Munder sold property at 151 Walker St., Lenox, to Jeffrey W. Davis, Trustee of the Jeffrey W. Davis Living Trust and Michael T. Miller, Trustee of the Michael T. Miller Living Trust, $3,575,000.

Mary Talbot sold property at 18 Meadow Lane, Unit 8, Lenox, to Susan L. Martino, $215,000.


Raymond F. Mahar & Mary E. Mahar NT and Thomas R. Mahar sold property at 91 Hathaway St., North Adams, to James E. and Mary E. Bardsley, $137,500.

High Street Condominiums sold property at 21-23 High St., Unit 3, North Adams, to Emily K. Hakkinen, $150,000.

Theresa Jenoure and Michael O'Bannon sold property at 28 Jackson St., North Adams, to Sean M. Treloggen, $87,000.

Thomas R. and Antoinette C. Hawke sold property at 101 Tremont St., North Adams, to Dave Bourassa, $150,000.


George E. and Marta S. Gabor sold property at 69 Evergreen Road, Otis, to Eric Bein and Jessica Doerr, $574,000.


John P. and Elizabeth M. Cifu sold property at 101 Colt Road, Pittsfield, to Philip M. and Helen Charbonneau, $390,000.

Christine Mullaney, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Roger J. Nilan Jr., sold property at 35 Lowden St., Pittsfield, to Michael P. Ouellette, $144,500.

Therese a/k/a Theresa M. Michaud sold property at 144 Madison Ave., Pittsfield, to Jeffrey B. Pratt and Jennifer Kehm, $136,500.

Donna Todd Rivers sold property at 87-89 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to Dustin A. Todd, $146,000.

Raymond R. and Maureen A. Henault sold property at 561 Pecks Road, Pittsfield, to Ralph S. Wendling Jr., $172,200.

Roland J. Latulip, Trustee, Roland J. Latulip Revocable Trust, sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 206, Pittsfield, to Howard B. Gottlieb and Susan B. Hirsch, $162,000.

James B. Nutter & Co. and Love Wood sold property at 23 Westover St., Pittsfield, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $96,000.

Dennis G. and Helen Wieand Hogan, Trustees of the Hogan Living Trust, sold property at 36 Aspen Way, Unit 28, Pittsfield, to Frederick A. and Pamela S. Ganz, $485,000.

Japp LLC sold property at 360 Pecks Road, Pittsfield, to Sonal Patel LLC, $900,000.

David Roberts sold property at 31-33 Buel St., Pittsfield, to Astrid M. Halten, $145,000.

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency sold property at 567 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Chelsea R. Suydam, $73,000.

John A. Fiorini sold property at 38 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Cory Evangelisto, $70,200.

Francis A. Curro Jr., Paul J. Curro, John R. Curro, and Susan Curro Richardson sold property at 141 and 143 Imperial Ave., Pittsfield, to Eric C. and Katrina E. Cahoon, $230,000.

Bradley C. and Sheila A. Stevens sold property at 118 Somerset Ave., Pittsfield, to Joanne M. Kellogg, $180,000.

Shannon M. Lovallo a/k/a Smith sold property at 188 California Ave., Pittsfield, to Jacob E. Locke and Lindsay H. Pedersen, $135,000.

Michael D. Ward sold property at 295 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, to Ryan A. and Kiersten S. Touponce, $242,500.

Laurence J. and Kelly M. Bird sold property at 1 Andrea Drive, Pittsfield, to John E. and Kristin E. Pedrotti, $400,000.

Jason W. Smegal sold property at 10 Dwight St., Pittsfield, to Bridget R. Keegan, $103,000.


Brya Faith Lee sold property at 30 Clark Road, Sandisfield, to Benjamin Fowler Lee, $150,000.


Kim R. Jr. and Yuriko O. Choate sold property at 55 Main St., Stockbridge, to Nicholas M. Rumin and Mary A. Langeron-Rumin, $840,000.

Diamond Cottage LLC sold property at 6 Brookside Lane, Stockbridge, to John I. and Diana S. Glendinning, $675,000.

Richard P., Lawrence P. and Anne P. Iemolini, Christine A. Congdon, Gail M. Heady, Linda J. Jennings sold property at 13 Goodrich St., Stockbridge, to Ryan E. Eckert and Paige J. Emerson, $275,000.


Peter Greenwald sold property at 62 Charles St., Williamstown, to Jean M. Queen, $130,000.

Amy M. Hubner sold property at 165 Luce Road, Williamstown, to Beechacre 2 LLC, $250,000.

Philippe Besnard RET and Philippe Besnard sold property at 398 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Francine F. Hartman, $200,000.

Marshall K. Creighton and E. Tilley-Creighton sold property at 787 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Scott A. and Elisa Henderson, $297,500.

Kathleen B. Fox sold property at 229 North St., Williamstown, to Jonathan P. Slyker, $137,500.


Patricia A. Boynton sold property at 520 Shaw Road, Windsor, to Robert Zaniboni and Glenn Wnukowski, $80,000.

FNMA sold property at 785 West Main St., Windsor, to Ronald J. Stebbins, $65,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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