AUG. 27-31ADAMSShawn R. Smith sold property at 19 Burns Lane, Adams, to Brian D. Hall, $205,000.Hillary E. Maselli and US Bank NA of Adams sold property at 29 Burt St., Adams, to Trevor W. Crombie, $72,000.Birch Hollow LLC sold property at 205 East Road, Adams, to Austin M. Felter and Erin M. Therrien, $168,000.Thomas P. Kalisz and Bette Rubesam-Kalisz sold property at 17 Highland Avenue, Adams, to Trevor P. Obryan, $175,000.Francis S. and Nancy A. Kruzel sold property at Meadow Street, Adams, to Troy A. Shafer and Bonnie L. Lennon, $19,000.Tara A. Juif sold property at 63 Valley St., Adams, to Nicholas C. Lincoln, $115,000.BECKETElisabeth, Robert and Andrew Gladstein sold property at 194 Beech Tree Lane, Becket, to Stanley A. Wisniewski, $175,000.Herbert Bothwell a/k/a Thomas Herbert Bothwell and Kyra Bothwell sold property at 416 Silver Leaf Drive, Becket, to Linda McGuine, $222,900.Susan Davies sold property at 33 Chippewa Drive, Becket, to Michelle De La Guardia and Omar Machado, $257,000.Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at Lane Road a/k/a Old Becket Town Road a/k/a Old YMCA Road, Becket, to Matthew J. Hnatio, $99,800.DALTONWilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB d/b/a Christiana Trust, Trustee, sold property at 17 High St., Dalton, to Martha and William Thompson, $140,000.Robert C. Royce sold property at 895 Main St., Dalton, to David L. Cassalia, $199,900.EGREMONTRonald Kazi and Julie Kazi sold property at 18 Hilltop Road, Egremont, to Robert Sandor and Louise Weingrod, $405,000.GREAT BARRINGTONFannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 406 Monterey Road, Great Barrington, to David Sotnick, $262,500.Berkshire Bank f/k/a Berkshire County Savings Bank and Michael S. Rozowicz sold property at 10 Maple Ave., Great Barrington, to Ian Rasch, $1,396,500.Linda M. Shafiroff, Trustee of Blackwater Realty Trust, sold property at 5 Hillside Ave., Great Barrington, to Stories LLC, $340,000.Julie Lewit Nirenberg sold property at 15 and 17 Berkshire Heights Road, Great Barrington, to Michael E. Fuchs and Beth G. Fuchs, $860,000.HANCOCKStanley A. and Ruth L. Greenleaf sold property at 143 Lebanon Mountain Road, to Michael E. Bushey and Melissa Rennie, $282,000.HINSDALEDorothy J. Tower sold property at 56 Church St., Hinsdale, to Frederick R. Gillette, $163,900.LANESBOROUGHMark A. Fischetti and Joanne Redding-Fischetti sold property at 97 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, to Donald J. Greeley, $500,000.LEEElizabeth J. Quigley, Trustee of the Lindsay Real Estate Trust, sold property at 30 Debra Ave., Lee, to Nancy B. Donovan, $227,000.Fox Real Estate Inc. sold property at 120 Fox Run, Lee, to Michael Schaeffer and Brianna K. Sporbert, $362,203.Donald R. and Susan Roeder sold property at 175-177 Laurel St., Lee, to Laura T. Lembo, $296,000.David C. and Leonard H. Forrest, Trustees of the Forrest Nominee RT, sold property at 445 East St., Lee, to Ruda and Amber Fabiano, $261,100.LENOXJohn E. Toole sold property at 117 Main St., Lenox, to Mark A. and JoAnne Redding Fishetti, $427,500.CR Lenox Residences LLC sold property at 165 Kemble St., Unit 9, Lenox, to Jeffrey L. and Barbara G. Berger, $1,995,000.Francesca M. Biggart sold property at 75 Roaring Brook Road, Lenox, to Shayne A. Daggett Jr., $275,000.Michael A. and Gary F. Pignatelli and Albert N. Pignatelli Jr. sold property at 65 Taconic Ave., Lenox, to Michael A. and Debora Pignatelli, $200,000.Michael S. Bandes, Trustee of the Constance H. Bandes 2016 Family Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 20 Meadow Lane, Unit 6, Lenox, to Eric R. and Ursula van Heel, $197,000.MONTEREYJoan A. Macvicar sold property at 131 Tyringham Road, Monterey, to Charles Gary Gibson, $350,000.Matthew Lee Breuer and Barbara Ann Breuer sold property at 19 Fox Hill Road, Monterey, to Timothy Douglas Oberg and Rachel Anna Oberg, $295,000.Deborah A. Gangemi f/k/a Deborah Reed sold property at 258 Main Road, Monterey, to Richard J. Banducci and Pauline G. Banducci, $265,000.Pamela Dupuis sold property at 7 Art School Road, Monterey, to Stephen Gilbert and Susan Gilbert, $575,000.NEW MARLBOROUGHDouglas J. MacKenzie sold property at Aberdeen Lane, New Marlborough, to Andrew C. Ryan and Jordan D. Archey, $100,000.Catherine M. Riva a/k/a Catherine Vandeusen-Riva a/k/a Catherine M. Vandeusen sold property at 1090 Cross to Canaan Valley Road, New Marlborough, to Robert H. Johnston and Jennifer L. Johnston, $70,000.NORTH ADAMSFrancis E. and Phyllis A. Gaule sold property at 164 Catherine St., North Adams, to Samuel T. Boyden and Tiffany L. Aldous, $159,900.Jason J. Zustra sold property at 651 E. Main St., North Adams, to Tyler D. Lefebvre.Samantha G. Tanner sold property at 13 East Ave., North Adams, to Nicholas A. Stall and Jillian A. Avery, $174,900.Jennifer A. St. Germain sold property at 69 Frederick St., North Adams, to Julie A. Griffin, $149,500.Christopher S. Durley sold property at 46-48 Liberty St., North Adams, to Michael Walsh, $19,000.Cheryl A. Downing sold property at 88-90 Liberty St., North Adams, to Phoenix Haynes and Sky Esquivel, $109,000.John A. and Sandra J. Raymond wold property at 100 Rich St., North Adams, to Joshua J. Meczywor and Stephanie J. Bosley, $180,000.OTISJames C. Legrand and Amy L. Ruiz, Trustees of the Carl and Barbara Lagrand Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 12 North Lake Ave., Otis, to Peter O. and Patricia M. Labranch, $129,000.Melvin and Beverly Schnoll sold property at 79 D'Wolfe Drive, Otis, to Daniel M. and Elizabeth J. Murray, $311,000.John J. Schoenrock Jr. and Susan E. Schoenrock sold property at 29 South Bay Road, Otis, to Gail Ann Beauregard, $740,000.PITTSFIELDDeutsche Bank National Trust Company, Trustee, and Roberta Lavalley sold property at 212 First St., Pittsfield, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Trustee, $116,000.Academy Mortgage Corp. and Sherry L. Gale and Barbara J. Rahilly sold property at 104 Bossidy Drive, Pittsfield, to Academy Mortgage Corp., $100,860.Charleen M.C. Bridgman, Annette C. Crawford-Harris and Morrell and Maurice K. Crawford sold property at 44 Mountain View Drive, Pittsfield, to Martha Agbeli, $301,000.David R. Cianflone, Trustee of the Francis T. Laurin Trust, Wendy A. and Thomas F. Laurin and Patricia S. Trotti sold property at 1259 West St., Pittsfield, to Michael D. Hashim Jr., Trustee of the 1259 West Street NT, $450,000.Brandon M. Bushey sold property at 8 Trova Terrace, Pittsfield, to Terra Lampiasi, $290,000.Austin R. Alibozek and Kelsey M. Ryan sold property at 157 Leona Drive, Pittsfield, to Catherine Lampiasi and Pellegrino A. Vona, $259,900.Joshua L. Breindel and Stephanie L. Bennett sold property at 51 Sampson Parkway, Pittsfield, to John W. and Deborah J. Ciullo, $260,500.Elizabeth A. Chludzinski sold property at 541 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Donald M. Barbour Jr. and Maryann Lambert-Barbour, $280,000.Apartments R US LLC sold property at 758-770 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Bogota Properties LLC, $767,796.64.Barbara Rinaldi sold property at 894 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Sergio A. DiGirolamo and Katie-Ann Doucette, $80,000.Daniel T. Soldato and Donna M. Kushi, Personal Reps. Of the Estate of Patricia A. Soldato, sold property at 22 Cleveland St., Pittsfield, to Donna M. Kushi, $120,000.Apartments R US LLC sold property at 646-648 and 654-656 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Right on Tyler LLC, $242,704.82.Joseph A. Riello Jr. and Theresa E. Riello sold property at 64 Churchill Crest, Unit 64, Pittsfield, to Alan Bassman and Mary Chris Bassman, $161,000.Nancy P. Roux and Barbara P. Dufour, Trustees of the Mary E. Palano Irrevocable Trust of 2011, sold property at 44 Saratoga Drive, Pittsfield, to Damian F. Giardina, $190,000.Apartments R US LLC sold property at 39, 43-45 and 47 Forest Place, Pittsfield, to Forest Place Residences LLC, $375,232.18.Apartments R US LLC sold property at 636-640 Tyler St. and 52-54 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Warsaw Properties LLC, $467,266.36.Anthony Marchetti sold property at 609 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Michael D. and Melissa L. Marchetti, $160,000.Thomas J. Scherben Jr. and Ashley M. Scherben sold property at 50 Bellmore Drive, Pittsfield, to John T. and Valerie J. Ireland, $267,000.KLS Corporate Investments LLC sold property at 794 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to David Wittmer and Mario Aragon, $109,800.Marissa Stevenson sold property at 52 Clydesdale Drive, Pittsfield, to Shawn Robert Smith and Christine Dilorenzo-Smith, $290,000.Cedeno Pittsfield LLC sold property at West Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, to Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Inc., $1,000.Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 70 South John St., Pittsfield, to Elizabeth and Richard Zucco, $74,000.Martha Gaynor sold property at 77 Alpine Trail, Unit 16-C, Pittsfield, to Barani Mayilvaganan and Saikavitha Krishnan Natesan, $425,000.Sydelle Cantor sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 205, Pittsfield, to Henry Christopher Gauthier and Gisela Siegmund, $160,000.John T. Ireland sold property at 605 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Steven A. Mottor, $199,900.Andrew D. Pompi sold property at 35 Hampshire St., Pittsfield, to Stephen Keiderling, $152,000.RICHMONDElio and Patricia Forte sold property at 240 Shore Road, Richmond, to Brian and Friederike Grebeldinger, $400,000.Irwin M. Arias and Lyuba Varticovski, Trustees of the Arias Berkshire Realty NT, sold property at Turkey Trot Road, Richmond, to Susan E. Sutton Dorrell and Alan D. Dorrell, Trustees of the Susan E. Dorrell RVT, $167,000.Sarah E. Marcus f/k/a Clagett, Emma M. Canarick f/k/a Clagett and Jennifer A. Sommers f/k/a Clagett sold property at 27 Maple Road, Richmond, to Samuel J. and Kim M. Tomashek, $170,000.SAVOYDavid J. and Ashley R. Chapman sold property at 1304 Main Road, Savoy, to Keenan J. Phillips and Jennie F. Wolf, $183,000.STOCKBRIDGENancy Hoffmann and Amy Bleecker sold property at 6 Mahkeenac Heights, Stockbridge, to Rick Esposito, $52,500.Helen Costello sold property at 15 Christian Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Frederick S. Panetto and Tanya J. Krochta, $530,000.WASHINGTONKaren A. Miner sold property at 477 North Washington State Road, Washington, to Ronald E. Jones, $255,000.WILLIAMSTOWNLinda J. Perry sold property at 392 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to David J. and Ashley R. Chapman, $185,000.Michael L. and Carissa Gerard sold property at 907 N. Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Ninah Pretto, $258,000.FT - Family TrustLLC - Limited PartnershipLT - Life TrustNT - Nominee TrustRET - Real Estate TrustRT — Realty TrustRVT — Revocable TrustReprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.



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