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JAN. 6-10


Richview Properties LLC sold property at 22 Bellevue Ave., Adams, to Jason E. Lillie, $80,000.


Charles M. Ivey, III, trustee of the Estate of Clementine Virginia Waller, sold property at Yokum Pond Road, Becket, to Arthur B. Powell Jr., $5,000.

W. David MacWilliams III and Deborah S. MacWilliams, Daniel P. and Jessica A. MacWilliams, Steven R. Simmons, and Heidi L. MacWilliams sold property at 3512 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Zachary and Jillian Anderson, $259,000.


Thomas J. Betit sold property at 94 Braeburn Road, Dalton, to Lynn E. Wesley, $241,000.


Kennard E. and Janet L. Sherman sold property at 68 Central Shaft Road, Florida, to Christopher E. Sherman, $136,200.


Patricia Higham sold property at 580 South Main St., Building 2, Unit 5, Lanesborough, to Lamar L. and Laurie A. Smith, $70,000.

James J. and Stephanie M. Parise sold property at 27 Orchard Ave., Lanesborough, to Yessica Soriano-Martinez and Eufrocina Martinez Bernal, $242,500.


Kevin C. Charlton sold property at 82 Dublin Hill, Lee, to Alicia Asceves-Gaspar, $85,500.


Daniel R. and Paula M. Lewis sold property at 25 New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Terence E. Cronin, $355,000.

Daniel W. O'Brien sold property at 84 Main St., Lenox, to Casa Boema LLC, $350,000.


Stone Hill Farm LLC sold property at 909 Norfolk Road, New Marlborough, to Stephen G. Hentschel and Anne Hentschel, $1,750,000.


Anita A. Avery, trustee of the Avery Family NT, sold property at 139 Ashland St., North Adams, to Thomas W. Rumbolt, trustee of the Red Marker NT, $50,000.

Marissa Barschdorf, personal rep. for the Estate of Claire Marie Barschdorf a/k/a Claire M. Barschdorf, sold property at 911 Church St., North Adams, to Richard Fleury, $190,000.


Brian D. and Kelly J. Bessey sold property at 45 Old State Road, Otis, to Kenneth R. and Dawn M. Brophy, $460,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union and Frank A. Masdea Sr. sold property at 242-244 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Greylock Federal Credit Union, $50,000.

Damasse J. and Rebecca J. LaFlamme sold property at 40 Fort Hill Ave., Pittsfield, to Vivian F. Clark, $225,500.

Bonnie M. Sondrini sold property at 99 Lyman St., Pittsfield, to Angela J. Borden and Thomas R. Lynch, $150,000.

Robert M. Pollock sold property at 19-21 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield, to Nelson O. Castillo and Jaimee Christinat, $232,900.

Theodore Kozlowski, trustee of the 61 Union Street Realty NT, sold property at 61-63 Union St., Pittsfield, to Michael T. and Kimberly Langley Parks, $93,700.

Paul J. and Laurie J. Galok sold property at 75-77 Second St., Pittsfield, to First on 2nd LLC, $235,000.

Timothy J. O'Donnell, trustee of the Timothy J. O'Donnell 2018 FT, sold property at 19-21 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, to Ledgewood Team LLC, $140,000.

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Kathy J. Ferreira, personal rep. of the Estate of Ruth Margaret Miller, sold property at 39 Atmer Ave., Pittsfield, to Hermits of Jesus the Eternal Priest Inc., $198,000.

Catharine B. Deely, individually and as trustee of the Catharine B. Deely 2008 FT, sold property at 1136 Barker Road, Unit 14, Pittsfield, to Geri S.W. and Christian C. Fuhrmann, $395,100.

Peter A. and Michelle A. Myers sold property at 1506 East St., Pittsfield, to T&D Rental Properties Inc., $115,000.

Thomas R. Beuth sold property at 153-155 First St., Pittsfield, to Anthony J. Cimini, $124,946.46.

Dawn Allen, personal rep. of the Estate of Roberta McLean Allen, and Charles P. and Sally Allen, heirs of the Estate of Roberta McLean Allen, sold property at 66 Wood Ave., Pittsfield, to TMR Realty LLC, $55,000.

Marguerite A. Reil sold property at 40 Churchill Crest, Unit 40, Pittsfield, to James C. Messana Jr. and Linda F. Messana, $150,000.


Alma Blafield and Kari Dupuis sold property at 58 Church Lane, Richmond, to Colleen A. Catalano, $215,000.

Joseph P. and Donna M. Bettis sold property at Swamp Road, Richmond, to Gary E. and Catherine Symanski, $57,500.


Maybelle Jacquemin sold property at New Hartford Road, Sandisfield, to Alexander Bowman and Jessica Cofrin, $85,000.


Brandon C. Somes and Emily B. Scarpa sold property at 430 Clayton Road, Sheffield, to Mark Dilday Barnett, $165,000.

Sara Combes Leahey and Richard E. Combes, trustees of the Abbott C. Combes Family Trust, Sara Combes Leahey, Richard E. Combes a/k/a Richard F. Combes, Deraismes Combes, and Andrea Combes sold property at 1050 Berkshire School Road, Sheffield, to Victor J. Biasin III and Juliana L. Klein-Biasin, $200,000.

Janet Griffith Stanton sold property at Shunpike Road, Sheffield, to Sarah Lauren Duryea, $30,000.

Mildred Wu Chan sold property at 719 Rannapo Road, Sheffield, to Brian Simon and Susan Norkin, $780,000.


Michael Shapiro sold property at 14 Ice Glen Road, Stockbridge, to Jonathan A. and Amy Lyons, $1,250,000.

Maciej W. Linde and Dorota B. Kaminska sold property at 8 Castle Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Arlin Seth and Penelope Wasserman, $610,000.

Albert L. and Sheila D. Sturmer sold property at 3 Massasoit Road and Osceola Road, Stockbridge, to Paul Anthony and Lucy Seham Malatesta, $247,000.


Kathleen Ann Breen sold property at 71 North Washington State Road, Washington, to USA HUD, $181,500.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper sold property at 130 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Pensco Trust Company LLC, $41,350.

Deborah Ketai and Jonathan Krupp, individually and as executors of the Estate of Margo Krupp, sold property at 408 North Hemlock Lane, Williamstown, to Lucie C. Polk, trustee of the Lucie C. Polk 2016 RT, $210,000.

Bonita Sue Deraway, Harold E. Thomas Jr., Marcia J. Moon and Ronald D. O'Dell Jr. sold property at 1206 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Alan J. and Marcia A. Tessier, $170,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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