Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, April 1-5




Robert R. Rumgay Estate and Joanne S. Wandrei sold property at 52 Columbia St., Adams, to Johnathan A. Rumgay, $69,500.

Carol Estes sold property at 13 Grant St., Adams, to Michael J. Casteel and Megan D. Buness, $75,000.

Kurt Leclair and Debra L. Chilson-Leclair sold property at 185 West Road, Adams, to Kathryn A. Foley, $373,333.


Joyce C. Klein, Trustee of Mary Joyce Erickson Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 15 Rowe Road, Alford, to Charles Thomas and Judy Ullrich, $476,530.


Nathan G. Sondrini sold property at Old Abbey Lane and Long Bow Lane East, Becket, to NVK Industries LLC, $5,000.


David Rancourt and PNC Bank NA sold property at 494 River Road, Clarksburg, to PNC Bank NA, $27,880.


Mary Ellen D. Shea and Michael J. Shea Jr. sold property at 21 Curtis Ave., Dalton, to Michael J. Cachat Sr. and Linda L. Cachat, $200,000.


Bear Swamp Power Company LLC sold property at 283 River Road, Florida, to Michael J. Robins and Jennifer L. Pavlak, $150,000.


Michael H. Smith, Trustee of Howard W. Smith Revocable Trust of 2000 and Valerie L. Smith Revocable Trust of 2000, sold property at 32 Cooper Beech Lane, Unit 4, Building E, Great Barrington, to Martha A. Meier, $462,000.

Louis A. Moscatello and Barbara Haubold sold property at 3 Copper Beech Lane, Unit 2, Building H, Great Barrington, to Jay E. Gold and Joan K. Gold, $460,000.

Timothy J. Lee and Janet Lee a/k/a Janet R. Lee sold property at 7 Knob Lane, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Louis Forouhar-Graff and Heather Forouhar Graff, $300,000.

Peter R. Bailly and Barbara L. Bailly sold property at 57 Van Deusenville Road, Great Barrington, to Richard B. Atwood and Heather J. Atwood, $120,000.


Kathryn A. Foley sold property at 3 Park Drive, Lanesborough, to Gary A. Creasey, $220,000.


David M. and Beverly L. Bissell sold property at 38 Railroad St., Lee, to Richard F. Shields, $325,000.

John W. Murray Jr. and Michele M. Maguire sold property at 150 Greylock St., Lee, to Robert H. Jones Jr. and Karen Larocque, $249,000.


William F. Els and Kimberly A. Stout f/k/a Kimberly A. Els sold property at 45 Hubbard St., Lenox, to Michelle N. Pranger, $307,000.


Scott C. Burch and Joan A. Burch sold property at Mill River Southfield Road, New Marlborough, to James Gerard Koneazny and Sharon Ann Koneazny, Trustees of James and Sharon Koneazny Living Trust, $65,000.


Tallage Lincoln LLC sold property at 14 Charles St., North Adams, to Jason M. Strainer, $27,500.

Kimberly A. Bissaillon sold property at 4 Beech St., North Adams, to Charles D. and Ashley J. Thompson, $168,000.

Alan Tabachnikov sold property at 351 East Main St., North Adams, to James Haggerty, $101,750.

Centerville Sticks LLC sold property at Massachusetts Avenue and 15 Mill St., North Adams, to Blackinton Backwoods LLC, $118,882.


Crossroads Property Investors LLC sold property at 118 Telephone Road, Otis, to James and Lynn Brandolini, $490,000.

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Francis P. Schillinger and Lori A. Braga-Schillinger f/k/a Lori A. Braga sold property at 146 Ridge Ave., Otis, to Dana and Maryellen Williams, $299,000.


Laelia LLC and Alberto Jr. and Yvette C. Pires sold property at 22 Wilson St., Pittsfield, to Laelia LLC, $118,700.

Marguerite T. Corrinet sold property at 76 Shore Drive, Pittsfield, to James E. and Suzanne M. Homan, $390,000.

Jose M. Heisecke and Christina Herrera-Heisecke sold property at 4 Southbrook Lane, Pittsfield, to George C. Whaling and Karen C. Gomula, $400,000.

Michael Hart sold property at 51 Essex St., Pittsfield, to Matthew A. Scace and Morgan L. Jones, $158,000.

JBELL Sound LLC sold property at 24 South John St., Pittsfield, to Benjamin M. Campsey, $185,000.

Matthew and April Merriam sold property at 25 Cobblestone Cove, Pittsfield, to Nicholas Neme, $277,000.

Ryan E. Mauer sold property at 44 Waverly St., Pittsfield, to Hope Rose Kelly, $217,250.

Abbas Raja sold property at 11 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Napster Properties LLC, $375,000.

Lori J. Bashour and Michael B. Lee sold property at 29 Linden St., Pittsfield, to 26 Linden LLC, $156,500.

Dawn C. Knysh, Trustee of the Sci Nominee RT, sold property at 54-60 Grove St., Pittsfield, to Jay Gaudette, $32,500.

Lori LeFevre Cherry, Trustee of the Benjamin E. LeFevre RVT, sold property at 58 Churchill Crest, Pittsfield, to Neil J. Von Flatern, $150,000.

Amy L. Rayner and Julie A. Clukey, co-trustees of the Paul R. Sherman 2014 Trust and as Personal Reps. of the Estate of Paul R. Sherman, sold property at 39 Morin St., Becket Street and Alford Street, Pittsfield, to Joseph E. and Susan J. Nawazelski, $199,000.

239 West Street LLC sold property at 8 Briggs Ave., Pittsfield, to Bruce E. Meiswinkel, $125,500.

Alexander Arbour and Margaret Steuerwald sold property at 35 Morewood Drive, Pittsfield, to Nathan C. and Shannon R. Davis, $294,900.


Curtis W. Bohner and Kari Giordano sold property at 518 Swamp Road, Richmond, to Elizabeth A. Kozik, $232,500.


Gary Siegel sold property at Route 57, New Boston Road, Sandisfield, to Dana Beardsley and Tara Beardsley, $45,000.

William Crandall sold property at Route 57, New Boston Road, Sandisfield, to Dana Beardsley and Tara Beardsley, $55,000.


Jeffrey Briggs and Teresa D. Briggs sold property at Berkshire Lake Estates, Unit 1, Lots 21, 23, 25, Block 3, Oak Street, Sheffield, to Tyler Hils and Haley Hils, $12,000.

Charles Thomas sold property at 775 North Main St., Route 7, Sheffield, to Ten-Ten LLC, $480,000.

Pamela R. Beckett, Trustee of Elaine S. Romaine Revocable Trust, sold property at 136 Kellogg Road, Sheffield, to BCWC LLC, $900,000.


Richmond Financial LLC sold property at 64 State Line Road, West Stockbridge, to Jesse Self and Matthew Barnard, $217,600.


John T. Topper and US Bank NA sold property at 187 Bates Road, Windsor, to US Bank NA, Trustee, $176,261.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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