Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, April 22-26


APRIL 22-26ALFORDRobert B. Strassler sold property at 102 West Road, Alford, to Matthew Strassler and Karen Strassler, $5,610.BECKETBlanche O. Laforest sold property at 3860 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Juston R. Townson, $200,000.Glen A. Aloisi sold property at 24 Western Ave., Becket, to Timothy and Wendy Leahy, $50,000.CHESHIRELamar L. and Laurie A. Smith sold property at 69 Lake Shore Drive, Cheshire, to Louis V. Failla, $185,000.Todd J. Lampiasi sold property at Outlook Avenue, Cheshire, to Nicholas S. and Jennifer M. Mirke, $175,000.DALTONThomas J. Vaughan and John F. Burnham sold property at 33 North St., Dalton, to Thomas J. and Mary I. Vaughan, Trustees of the Thomas J. Vaughan RVT, $100,000.GREAT BARRINGTONMichael D. Ward, Trustee of Barrington Brook Realty Nominee Trust, sold property at 10 Thrushwood Lane, Lot-12, Great Barrington, to Bruce Goldwyn and Sandra Goldwyn, $749,000.Bonnie T. Jurgenson aka Bonnie Tedder sold property at 328 & 332 Park St., Great Barrington, to Jason LaForest, and Shelby LaForest-Egee and Doris Egee, $170,000.Lisa A. Loring sold property at Pothul Drive, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Richard H. Brousseau and Joyce M. Brousseau, $140,000.HINSDALEKenneth R. and Pamela E. Peters sold property at 421 Creamery Road, Hinsdale, to Douglas Peters, $150,000.John L. Smith and Lisa A. Smith f/k/a Lisa A. Carpenter sold property at 261 Maple St., Hinsdale, to Stephen V. and Katy M. Wixsom, $296,000.LANESBOROUGHJean-Roger C. and Sandra J. Parent sold property at 229 Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Joel C. Cantor and Beryl A. Koblin, $403,686.Daniel W. and Sandra L. Gaylord sold property at Bull Hill Road, Lanesborough, to Jessica Krochmal, $134,000.Jarett Mello sold property at 8 Ocean St., Lanesborough, to Cody C. and Olivia Martin, $158,000.LEERobert W. Seward Jr., Trustee of the B&M Nominee RT, sold property at 190 George St., Lee, to Caren S. and Shawn P. Kinne, $270,000.Caren S. Kinne f/k/a Caren L. Seward sold property at 210 George St., Lee, to Ian T. O'Leary and Lee-Ann Skowron, $282,000.Pamela Streeter, Trustee of the Joseph F. Puleri FT, sold property at 40 Debra Ave., Lee, to Jarett A. and Abigail L. Mello, $205,000.Marian Sason sold property at 285 Leisure Lee Road, Lee, to Betsy Sason, $200,000.LENOXLD Associates Inc. sold property at 55 Pittsfield Road, Unit 3, Lenox, to Inspired by Chocolate LLC, $575,000.NORTH ADAMSWayne Arnold sold property at 17 Phelps Ave., North Adams, to Nathan E. Hernandez, $137,900.PITTSFIELDBerkshire Bank and Rebecca A. Colvin sold property at 1030 Peck's Road, Pittsfield, to Jacquelyn C. Casey and David R. Granger Jr., $142,000.Douglas W. and Rosemary O'Brien sold property at 214 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, to Seth G. Stambovsky and Emily E. Sadlowski, $320,000.Mary A. Wright sold property at 211 Hancock Road, Pittsfield, to Kristofer V. Kohlenberger, $182,950.Cheryl M. Boudreau sold property at 3 Pondview Drive, Unit F-3, Pittsfield, to Nicholas M. Killeen, $136,500.Magni Properties LLC sold property at 322 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher A. and Maggie Lapine, $92,000.Charles A. and Elaine M. Trzcinka sold property at 25 Howard St., Pittsfield, to Jhon P. Hernandez Melchor and Nancy Eucaris Gomez Ramirez, $135,000.Ian T. O'Leary and Lee-Ann Skowron sold property at 160 Brighton Ave., Pittsfield, to Taylor Kelly, $161,500.Mary B. Adler sold property at 62 Briggs Ave., Pittsfield, to Marion Darrell and Louise Anne Johnson, $85,000.Jeannine E. McCarron and Lauren Bolio f/k/a Lauren McFadyen sold property at 732 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Ruth Anne Williamson, $71,500.USA HUD sold property at 28 Plastics Ave., Pittsfield, to Javier Aragon, $85,000.Peter A. and Nancy J. Trowill sold property at 555 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to John R. and Marjorie A. Hoke, $330,000.Robert L. Allessio and Maria D. Liccardi sold property at 25 Arlington St., Pittsfield, to Jaime Foster, $260,000.Derek C. Hansen and James E. Terryberry II sold property at 601 Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, to Jason J. and Tracy L. Zustra, $320,000.Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 31 Third St., Pittsfield, to Jacob Trudeau, $25,000.Richard A. Whalen Jr. sold property at 14 Dexter St., Pittsfield, to Devon Johnston and Chazity K. Stimpson, $157,000.IBT Investments LLC sold property at 28 Pleasure Ave., Pittsfield, to Gisselle M. Melendez-Mossetty, $110,900.RICHMONDDaniel M. Wronski sold property at Bridge Street, Richmond, to Eric L. and Linda S. Hanson, $300.Veronica J. Massey sold property at 160 Cheever Road, Richmond, to Marissa A. Dubecky and Conor C. Meehan. $300,000.SANDISFIELDNicholas Savola and Susan Savola sold property at 0 West St., Sandisfield, to Anne L. Mihalick, $22,000.SHEFFIELDOrchard View LLC sold property at 1474 South Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to Gretchen Mol and Tod Williams, $850,000.Benjamin McDonald, Nicholas Curtiss-Rowlands and Graham Curtiss-Rowlands sold property at 575 North Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to Asa Read Steady Hardcastle and Tracey Megan Steady Hardcastle, $91,000.FT - Family TrustLLC - Limited PartnershipLT - Life TrustNT - Nominee TrustRET - Real Estate TrustRT — Realty TrustRVT — Revocable TrustReprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.



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