Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Aug. 17-21

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AUG. 17-21


Michael J. Votruba sold property at 30 Notch Road, Adams, to Rebbecca Ann Cohen, $182,000.

William A. Gronvall sold property at Highland Avenue, Adams, to Michael A. Banks and Amanda K. Ramsdell, $15,000.

William A. Gronvall sold property at 43 Highland Ave., Adams, to John H. and Anna B. Senecal, $175,000.

David S. Birrell sold property at 36 Melrose St., Adams, to Amar K. and Courtney A. Rajwani, $245,000.

Joyce G. Nowicki, trustee of The Joyce G. Nowicki NT, sold property at 9 Bobs Hill, Adams, to Keith F. and Rebecca A. Michalski, $112,500.


Kenneth R. Hird a/k/a Richard Hird and Carolyn L. Hird, trustees of Kenneth R. Hird Revocable Trust, sold property at 88 Green River Road, Alford, to Charles V. Kinsley and Suzanne C. Kinsley, $815,000.

Janos F. Keseru and Olivier Keseru, co-personal representative of the estate of Adriana Feoli Keseru, sold property at Boice Road, Alford, to James Ketchen and Susan Ketchen, $290,000.


Arnold A. Offner and Ellen S. Offner, trustees of the 395 Bonny Rigg Hill Trust, sold property at 395 Bonny Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to David A. and Marjory J. Karlin, $335,000.

Marvin S. and Sheila B. Goldklang sold property at 1089 Main Road, Becket, to Ike and Ablen Amrod, $432,500.

Brett T. and Jenna Bessey, formerly known as Jenna Wade, sold property at 39 Becket West Road, Becket, to Eileen Howard, $185,000.

NVK Industries LLC sold property at Old Abbey Lane West, Becket, to Christina DeNardo, $17,000.

Edward and Holly Audet sold property at 345 Friar Tuck Drive, Becket, to Donna M. DiCarlo, $15,000.

Martin and Janet G. Kaplan sold property at Jacobs Hollow Road, Becket, to John Gerson and Rachel W. Bush, $17,000.

Vinton J. Withers sold property at 3582 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Jason T. Matthews and Sarah C. Hoecker, $177,000.


Celeste Bolte, personal rep. of the Estate of Liana Anna Marie Knox, sold property at 65 River Road, Clarksburg, to William C. and Colinda M. Cole-French, $250,000.

George W. Fischer sold property at 910 Daniels Road, Clarksburg, to Scot R. LeVasseur, $34,000.


Joseph N.M. Poirier sold property at 126 Pine St., Dalton, to Hilary M. Meltz, $193,500.


Robert J. Furlong and Elyse D. Furlong, trustees of the Robert J. Furlong Revocable Living Trust, dated March 30, 2015, and of the Elyse D. Furlong Revocable Living Trust, dated March 30, 2015, sold property at 204 Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Nicholas A. Morse and Natalia Castro, $940,000.


Phoebe Ungerer sold property at 45 Christian Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Bradley Eric Roblin, $338,000.

Wilmington Trust NA, trustee for MFRA Trust 2015-1, sold property at 348 Long Pond, Great Barrington, to Marion P. Ceanga and Shawn N. Ceanga, $450,000.

Janet Stanley sold property at Oakwood Inn Condominium, Unit 14, 80 Taconic Ave., Great Barrington, to Deborah Karl, $459,000.

Richard M. Arnold and Ruth Levine Arnold as trustees of 13 Copper Beech Lane Realty Trust, sold property at Country Village Condominium, Unit 3, Building G, 13 Copper Beech Lane, Great Barrington, to Jeffrey D. Bettinger and Ruth S. Bettinger, trustees of the Ruth S. Bettinger Revocable Living Trust Dated May 30, 2020, $505,000.

Joseph L. Grochmal and Ann M. Grochmal sold property at 359 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Robert Plotz and Susan Plotz, $11,250.

John E. Mallory Jr. sold property at 30 Hillside Ave., Great Barrington, to Dylan F. Huck and Emma K. Blair, $240,500.

Ann Canning sold property at Southworth Condominium, Unit 5B, 281 Main St., Great Barrington, to Jeremy Rawitz, $300,000.


Coreane A. Salvini sold property at 85 Forest Hill Drive, Hinsdale, to Daniel W. O'Brien and Brenda A. Durant, $365,000.

Kenneth G. Klopfer and Anne H. Klopfer, trustees of the 2017 Revocable Indenture of Trust of Anne H. Klopfer, sold property at 32 Tamarack Road, Hinsdale, to Matthew J. McCusker, $320,000.

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Kenneth L. and Mary P. Knepper, trustees of The Knepper Realty Trust, sold property at 44 Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Brian McGuinness, $470,000.


Patricia D. Carlino, trustee of the Patricia D. Carlino Living Trust, sold property at 145 Main St., Lee, to SJL Property Investments LLC, $172,500.

Raymond P. Gaynor sold property at 135 Golden Hill, Lee, to James and Joann Cahillane, $570,000.

Jose Saldana sold property at 590 East St., Lee, to Raymari Aurora Rodriguez, $380,000.

Gerald J. and Mary A. Cahalan sold property at 45 Theresa Terrace, Lee, to Marc and Samantha A. Lovett, $232,500.


Debra J. Kielman a/k/a Debra Jean Courtney, Christopher C. Gian and Cara M. McKnight sold property at West Dugway Road, Lenox, to William and Rebecca Cushing Gop, $94,500.


22 Blue Hill LLC sold property at 22 Blue Hill Road, Monterey, to Melissa Gellert Neulander, $500,000.


Arthur Nedvin and Carole G. Nedvin, trustees of the Nedvin Family Nominee Trust, sold property at 19 East Hill Road, New Marlborough, to Miguel Andres Mir, $352,500.


148 Brooklyn Street LLC sold property at 148 Brooklyn St., North Adams, to Ian A. Stewart, $167,500.

Darrick Wood and Raymond LaValley sold property at 19 Prospect St., North Adams, to Robert R. Zuben, $74,000.

Susan G. Bushika, Brian G. Bushika and Christopher J. Bushika sold property at 23 Goodrich St., North Adams, to Gregory J. Howard and Jennifer R. Stevens, $149,000.

Louis J. and Susan B. Chalifoux sold property at 109 Maple St., North Adams, to Marcie Jo Liebenow, $241,000.

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Pamela J. LeFaver, individually and personal rep. of the Estate of Linda L. LeFaver, sold property at 189-191 Franklin St., North Adams, to Kristie Ann Feder, $165,000.


Pine Road LLC sold property off Kibbe Road, Otis, to Mark A. and Susan Tansey, $2,600.

Pine Road LLC sold property off Kibbe Road, Otis, to Todd and Gail Ann Brouillette, $1,700.

Roy G. Bachinsky, trustee of the Margaret D. Bachinsky Trust, sold property at 1304 West Center Road, Otis, to Izabela Marczyk, $425,000.

Pine Road LLC sold property off Pine Road, Otis, to Donald C. Quinn, $13,500.

Fern Perlman Schwartz and Joshua Perlman sold property at 52 Deer Run, Otis, to Andrea Bein Stone, $359,000.


Thomas LeRose and Joseph LeRose sold property at North Road, Peru, to Mountain Stream LLC, $51,000.

Edward T. and Betsy J. Blair sold property at 8 Lafayette Drive, Peru, to Tina L. Rubin, $342,500.

L. Michele Schermerhorn sold property at 5 North Road, Peru, to Rico Traversa and Justine Marie Goonan, $353,000.


Diana M. Vallone sold property at 42 Greenings Ave., Pittsfield, to Jonathan G. and Alicia L. Swigart, $260,000.

Meredith Jackson Haas and Jennifer Ann Jackson sold property at 114 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, to Jonathan P. and Amanda K. McGregor, $220,000.

Alicia L. Swigart, formerly known as Alicia Castagna, sold property at 39 Elmhurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Jessica L. Moulton and Jennifer L. Bixby, $165,000.

James E. O'Brien sold property at 297 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to Kristina Brooke Hallock, $165,000.

Lori A. Lincoln sold property at 39 Day St., Pittsfield, to Jessica R. Boulais, $170,000.

Alyssa M. Piacenti sold property at 54 Strong Ave., Pittsfield, to Connor M. Ryan and Gabrielle Gustavis, $174,000.

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Pontoosuc Lake Country Club Inc. sold property at 38 Kirkwood Drive, Pittsfield, to Pittsfield Forests LLC, $895,000.

Deborah B. Horth sold property at 490 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Thomas R. and Sarah Genton, $460,000.

Mark E. and Laura K. Montemagni d/b/a Baldwin Hill Realty sold property at 71 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Marina Dominguez, $150,000.

Claudia English sold property at 81 Dartmouth St., Unit 306, Pittsfield, to Roland and Nancy Morin, $155,000.

Louis M. Shogry III and Jayne E. Shogry sold property at 55 Strong Ave., Pittsfield, to Kathleen Kraft, $224,000.

Richard C. Millis Jr. and Amy Kristen Millis, formerly known as Amy Kristen Bakay, sold property at 51 Ontario St., Pittsfield, to Anand Sudakaran and Vinita Rajasekhar, $186,000.

William and Susan A. Seely sold property at 9-11 Myrtle St., Pittsfield, to Robert F. Sitzer, $140,000.


Peter A. Dus sold property at 114 Cross Road, Richmond, to Robert J. Martell, $295,500.


Bruce A. Beyer and Elva J. Beyer sold property at 11 South Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield, to Michael D. Beck and Iris Tsemin Ng, $277,000.

Babenama Realty LLC sold property at 114 Hammertown Road, Sandisfield, to Christina Chan and Alex Horowitz, $410,000.

Beryl B. Birch sold property at 13 Jamie Lane, Sandisfield, to Nicholas D. Giardino and Michele B. Lederberg, $31,000.

Beryl B. Birch sold property at 11 Jamie Lane, Sandisfield, to Nicholas D. Giardino and Michele B. Lederberg, $525,000.


Gregory J. Batch sold property at 93 Hillside Lane, Sheffield, to Stephen G. Emerson and Jennifer A. Punt, $800,000.

Lusha Martin sold property at 126 East Main St., Sheffield, to Michael Ward, $210,000.

Benjamin E. Wax and Farrah S. Wax sold property at 25 Cross Road, Sheffield, to Robin Perry, $365,000.


Susan Rowan Philbin, trustee of the Susan Rowan Philbin RVT, sold property at 20 Church St., Stockbridge, to 20 Church Street House LLC, $495,000.


Peter A. Dus sold property at 114 Cross Road, West Stockbridge, to Robert J. Martell, $295,500.

Michelle Hanna Raszl, formerly known as Michelle Raczkowski and Michelle Gutleber, sold property at 43 High Street, Lot 2, West Stockbridge, to Paul D. Adler and Heidi M. Miller, $70,000.


Harry M. Montgomery, trustee of the Harry M. Montgomery RT - 2013, sold property at 610 Water St., Williamstown, to Samuel A. Jennings, $630,000.

180 Water LLC sold property at 2 River Run, Unit 2, Williamstown, to Patricia A. Tusa and Robert L. Civitello, $950,000.


Terry R. Malloy sold property at 274 Bates Road, Windsor, to Mary R. Morrison and Luke Derby, $204,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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