Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Aug. 28-Sept. 1

AUG. 28-SEPT. 1


Patrick A. Alvarez sold property at 77 East St., Adams, to Robert S. and Megan J. Pytko, $236,000.

Adam J. and Erin M. Wright sold property at Hoxie Brook Road Lot, Adams, to Thomas R. and Cheryl D. Perry, $70,000.

Paula M. Filiault sold property at 5 Pine St., Adams, to Alicia M. Benoit, $130,000.

Norman S. Haas sold property at 6 Powers St., Adams, to John J. and Lori B. Murphy, $110,000.


Rinaldo J. Mele sold property at 103 Sir Edwards Way, Becket, to Juan Guzman Salazar, $45,000.

Joseph and Barbara Kula sold property at 1730 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Timothy D. LePrevost Jr., $200,000.

Lori D. White and Vera R. Savage sold property at 27 Long Bow Lane Circle, Becket, to Matthew S. and Sharon R. Cutler, $235,000.


Sheri A. Biasin sold property at 118 Meadowview Drive, Cheshire, to Aaron and Kelly Singer, $244,000.


Citibank NA sold property at 418 North Houghton St., Clarksburg, to Jason P. Smith, $15,000.


Brian T. Poopor, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Eileen G. Quinn, sold property at 430 North St., Dalton, to Mark A. Franklin, $257,500.

Frances C. Pelletier sold property at 17 Sunnyside Drive, Dalton, to Nicholas D. and Shannon M. Lovallo, $200,000.

Lori A. Houlihan sold property at 1 Haworth St., Dalton, to Scott H. and Heather J.G. Wade, $215,000.

Richard A. and Deborah A. White sold property at 20 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Dalton, to Matthew G. and Sarah B. Fontaine, $350,000.

Ann C. Kuni and Judith Jarrett Lamke f/k/a Judith A. Luhrmann sold property at 711 Kirchner Road, Dalton, to Maguerdech F. and Ann D. Pashalian, $170,000.


Rosemarie D. Siegel, Trustee of Rosemarie D. Siegel Living Trust of July 25, 2003, and Trustee of David D. Siegel Living Trust of July 25, 2003, sold property at Egremont Plain Road, Egremont, to Kifar Zaydee Corp., $600,000.

James Chevarie sold property at 68 Creamery Road, Egremont, to Briggs Capital Management LLC, $195,000.


David A. Ward, Trustee of Cottages at Barrington Brook Nominee Trust sold property at 15 Burning Tree Road, Unit 22, Great Barrington, to Robert Friedman and Laura Friedman, $587,500.

Lynne Kaplan, Trustee of Susan J. Pevzner Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 1 Haley Road, Great Barrington, to David Lowell Redbeard Simmons, $425,000.

Suzanne M. Bump sold property at North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Housatonic Holdings II LLC, $50,000.

Edward J. Cook sold property at 41 VanDeusenville Road, Great Barrington, to Tom O'Leary and Kathleen O'Leary, $215,000.

Guenther G. Stockfisch and Laura L. Stockfisch, Trustees of County Enterprises Realty Trust, sold property at 51 East St., Great Barrington, to Thomas James Burnham and Sarah Beth Percival, $190,000.

Robert M. Jenen and Marjorie Gillette Conner sold property at 1066 Main St., Great Barrington, to Stephen A. Olans, $375,100.


James E. Dowling sold property at 262 George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to Constance Scott, $168,000.

Robert J. Zsofka sold property at 307 George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to James and Cheryl Lyman, $350,000.


Claude Gordnier sold property at 67 Swamp Road, Lanesborough, to Susan Amuso, $149,900.

Glenn R. and Christine Carr sold property at 7 Wabasso St., Lanesborough, to Andy Pauker and Elaine Handel, $91,500.


Julie F. Faulstich sold property at 208 High St., Lee, to Jamie Marie Naughton, $131,000.

Jarrod B. Blache sold property at 208 East St., Lee, to J. Todd and Gail A. Briggs, $215,500.


Gerald P. and Joanne J. Murray sold property at 40 King William Road, Lenox, to Lisa Hansen, $429,500.

Allan H. Weitzman, Trustee of the Saul G. Kramer Declaration of Trust, sold property at 5 Wexford Court, Unit 4, Lenox, to Allan Edgar Gehring and Carole Reed Strong, $389,000.


Timothy Burke sold property at 39 New Marlborough Road, Monterey, to John Delmolino Jr., $37,000.


John H. Miller sold property at 57 Hartsville-New Marlborough Road, New Marlborough, to Eric L. Krueger and Robin H. Krueger, $190,000.


Todd L. Jarvis sold property at 105 Johnson St., North Adams, to Brad A. and Kimberly A. Sacco, $105,000.

Grange Hall Realty LLC sold property at 31 Temple St., North Adams, to Michael P. and Anna M. O'Neill, $58,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union and Gerald F. McCluskey sold property at 68 Yokun St., Pittsfield, to Jacob Trudeau, $3,000.

Martin H. and Constance E. Welling sold property at 5 Caratina Ave., Pittsfield, to Brandon I. Beldengreen-Karas and Julia I. Kurtz, $267,500.

R. Becca Britt, Trustee of the R. Becca Britt Intervivos Trust, sold property at 29-31 Fern St., Pittsfield, to Conor C. Meehan and Marissa A. Dubecky, $151,000.

John E. Martin and June Roy-Martin sold property at 83 Pine Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Beau Bernatchez and Emma Rothenberg-Ware, $157,000.

Mari L. Sevey sold property at 32 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield, to John S. Sevey, $166,000.

Strategic Realty Fund LLC sold property at 71 Adelaide Ave., Pittsfield, to Jeffrey P. King, $145,501.

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Trustee, sold property at 82 West Union St., Pittsfield, to Deborah Bliss, $34,000.

William M. and Anne Marie Palmer sold property at 26 Hazelwood Terrace, Pittsfield, to Kurt K. Vogt, $175,500.

Darlene W. White f/k/a O'Neal sold property at 50 Cleveland St., Pittsfield, to Patrick J. and Melissa M. Carhart, Trustees of the Carhart Family Nominee Trust, $90,000.

Barbara T. and Joseph P. Magnifico and Lynn M. Senecal a/k/a Lynn A. Magnifico sold property at 86-88 Bay State Road, Pittsfield, to Jesus M. Chairez, $65,500.

Brittney L. Wright sold property at 50 Revilla Terrace, Pittsfield, to Angela M. Hunt and Michael J. Kearns, $180,000.

Nancy Lee Tully, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Barbara Jeanne Tully and Deborah J. Tully, sold property at 210 Partridge Road Pittsfield, to Fabia R. Atherton, $224,500.

Marcie-Jo Cimini, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Ronald F. Hammond, sold property at 30 Beacon Ave., Pittsfield, to Jennifer Ruopp, $75,000.

Joshua W. Burch sold property at 81 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, to Beverly Bolden and Linsey Burch, $23,331.

Sava Svirskiy and Ekatherina Svirskaya sold property at 14 Endicott St., Pittsfield, to April D. Suid-Gossman, $173,000.

John L. Paris sold property at 40 Stoddard Ave., Pittsfield, to James Chevarie, $140,000.

Mark T. Ferry sold property at 27 Lucia Drive, Pittsfield, to Del P. Virgilio Jr. and Shanda M. Virgilio, $205,000.

Peter B. Raiff and Heidi M. Weber sold property at 63 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to John Koomson Mensah, $214,900.

James H. Allison III and Cheryl M. Allison sold property at 20 Bishop Parkway, Pittsfield, to William K. and Dorota J. Farrell, $217,000.


Donald G. Turek and Mary Linda Turek sold property at Stump Road, Lots 8.1 & 8.2, Sandisfield, to Andrew Allen and Marci Allen, $219,000.

Dennis D. Sullivan and the Estate of Ivy May Lambour a/k/a Ivy M. Lambour, sold property at River Road, Sandisfield, to G.J. Pease Company Inc., $85,000.


William A. Power and Lynn K. Power sold property at 194 Miller Ave., Sheffield, to Edwin H. Carr and Barbara A. Carr, $370,000.

Thomas D. Neumann and Susan K. Neumann sold property at 49 Park Lane, Sheffield, to Alan B. Piccin and Leslie A. Svilokos, $430,000.


Brian P. Brennan and Juliana C. Brunell n/k/a Brennan sold property at 68 Cross Place Road, Washington, to Keith R. Hendershot, $290,000.


Gary Tenney, Trustee of Tenney Family Nominee Trust, sold property at 14 Smith Road, West Stockbridge, to Keith F. Schindler and Alicia M. Shampang, $299,000.

Marc Davies, Trustee of Herbert J. Stein Living Trust, sold property at 51 Maple Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Erica Tuchman and Elise Weiss, $1,275,000.


Robert & Jo Ann Emmons RET and Robert Emmons sold property at 245 Bee Hill Road, Williamstown, to Janette Marie Kessler RET and Janette M. Kessler, $520,000.

Sidney R. and Sarah Werkman sold property at 44 Linden St., Williamstown, to Donald E. Washburn, $200,000.

Janette M. Kessler sold property at 61 School St., Williamstown, to Erin L. and Noelle D. Sullivan, $595,000.

Peter J. Ticconi and Rebecca Carver-Ticconi sold property at 20 Summer St., Williamstown, to Kendra C. Isbell, $226,000.


Donald and Lisa Marcotte sold property at 710 Flintstone Road, Windsor, to Christopher J. and Tara L. Carlow, $415,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society sold property at 253 Shaw Road, Windsor, to Marc Volk, $45,500.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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