Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Dec. 18-22

DEC. 18-22


Noah S. and Nicole L. Choquette sold property at 44 Maid Marion Lane, Becket, to Joshua W. Sheldon and Taylor L. Negri, $141,500.

Nicholas and Sue Ellen Behun sold property at Laurel Lane, Becket, to Sheila B. Goldklang, $17,000.


U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, and Paul M. and Pamela J. Lester sold property at 1119 South St., Dalton, to U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, $161,910.

Lawrence J. Doughty sold property at 70 Pleasant St., Dalton, to Gregory Lawrence and Linda Mae Garneau, $147,500.

James A. and Grace E. Rawson sold property at 130 High St., Dalton, to Joshua and Shauna Bennett, $190,500.

Kay F. Hall sold property at 288, 264 & 244 Johnson Road, Dalton, to Mark T. and Allison L. Bedard, $314,400.

Darren Reiter sold property at 10 Hubbard Ave., Dalton, to Sean and Alicia Sloman, $184,000.


Neal R. Tepper and Nancy M. Tepper sold property at Bott Hill Road, Egremont, to Michael Lebowitz and Marilyn Lebowitz, $25,000.


Gretchen Mann Fritch and the Estate of Matilda S. Mann, aka Matilda Mann sold property at 160 Castle Hill Ave., Great Barrington, to Y. Judd Shoval and Susan W. Shoval, $660,000.

Jenifer L. Gallagher sold property at 12 Cottage St., Great Barrington, to Peter Schulte, $180,000.

Theodore Piontek sold property at 1091 Main St., Great Barrington, to Gabriel Properties LLC, $200,000.


Israel S. Hurwitz sold property at 880 East St., Unit 8B, Lee, to Allen L. and Elizabeth Mayer, Trustees of the Allen L. Mayer Revocable Living Trust, $208,000.

Christopher J. Collins sold property at 271 Bradley St., Lee, to Tyler Swicker and Sadie Sylvester, $153,000.

Suzanne K. Salinetti and Robert M. Kelly, Trustees of the Five Summer Street Realty Trust, sold property at 5 Summer St., Lee, to Sean Charles McFarlane, $200,000.


Eric George and Carol Forsyth Haythorne sold property at 9 Cliffwood St., Lenox, to James Jay Kistler and Christine Conklin, Trustees of the Conklin Kistler FT, $1,800,000.

Jeanne M. Cimilluca, Richard M., John B. and Dennis T. Glavin and Mary M. Holtzman sold property at 2-1 Rolling Hills, Lenox, to Franklin C. Lewis, Trustee of the Franklin C. Lewis Revocable Trust, $175,000.

Rose Foster, Trustee of Rose Foster Living Trust, sold property at 24 New Lenox Road, Unit 3, Lenox, to Willa I. Lewis and A. Edward Moulin, $405,000.


Nancy E. Dean sold property at 86 Blue Hill Road, Monterey, to Sharon Loy, $90,000.


George D. Ferris Jr. sold property at 425 and 438 Hotchkiss Road, New Marlborough, to Ann Sweeney, Trustee of the First Amendment and Restatement of the Ann Sweeney Trust-2004, $579,000.


William M. Hines, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Daniel M. Hines, sold property at 239 East Windsor Road, Peru, to Darlene M. Scelsi, $138,000.


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC and Simon Marin sold property at 161 Seymour St., Pittsfield, to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, $142,000.

Alexander Marin and Scarlet Patti sold property at 73-75 Lyman St., Pittsfield, to Washington J. Gonzalez, $155,000.

Maryann, Joseph A., Anthony G., Gerard D., James N. and Paul F. Penna and Elizabeth D. Dinicola sold property at 36 State St., Pittsfield, to Gary N. Dalton and Louise A. Dibeneditto, $142,500.

Charles J. and William T. Custer and Teresa E. Campbell sold property at 43 McKinley Terrace, Pittsfield, to Cynthia L. Hanson, $138,000.

Karen E. Marsdale sold property at 407 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Michael W. Drosehn, $147,900.

Darryle J. Harrington sold property at Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, to Matthew J. White, $125,000.

Mark T. and Allison L. Bedard sold property at 20 Revilla Terrace, Pittsfield, to Seth E. and Jamie L. Bonacquisti, $197,000.

Laura A. Brennan f/k/a Laura A. Wolf sold property at 433 North St., Unit 203, Pittsfield, to 433 North RE LLC, $140,000.

Robert M. and Debora L. Sullivan sold property at 21 Wellesley St., Pittsfield, to Michael Patrick and Alexia Trainor, $246,000.

Nathan and Sarah E. Tucker sold property at 46 Baldwin Ave., Pittsfield, to Chad N. Civello and Morgan Craft, $185,000.

Linda M. Dulye, Trustee of the Dulye NT, sold property at 1136 Barker Road, Unit 36, Pittsfield, to Patricia Begrowicz, Trustee of the Revocable Indenture of Trust of Patricia Begrowicz, $600,000.

Freight House Realty LLC sold property at 999 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to CPI PITT I LLC, CPI PITT II LLC, and CPI PITT III LLC, $1,800,000.

Christopher M. Johnson sold property at 34 & 34.5 North Pearl St., Pittsfield, to Cavalier Holdings LLC, $125,000.

Gerard E. Burke sold property at 11 Elaine Drive, Pittsfield, to Gregory D. Marchbanks and Danielle Giardina-Marchbanks, $167,000.

Joseph Paul Burke and Elaine Ruth Cancilla sold property at 311 Pecks Road, Pittsfield, to Elizabeth J. Gillette, $75,000.

Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Inc. sold property at 92 Clarendon St., Pittsfield, to William L. Sr. and Norma I. Delsonno, $173,000.

Leonard J. Abbisso Jr. sold property at 24 Southern Ave., Pittsfield, to Wesley J. and Joseph B. Hunt, $30,000.

Roman Catholic Church of Springfield sold property at 653-655 Tyler St. and 75 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to CT Equities 100 LLC, $500,000.

KLS Corporate Investments LLC sold property at 169 Peck's Road, Pittsfield, to Federico A. Balestrazzi, $162,000.

David M. Keeler, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Barbara M. Keeler, sold property at 444 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Steven F. O'Dell and Melissa Pixley, $184,000.

Maryann T. Sherman sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 105, Pittsfield, to Patricia A. Madamas, $170,000.

Jane R. Puhn, Trustee of the Jane R. Puhn Living Trust, sold property at 78 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, to Nathan A. Kurra and Audrey Raza, $189,900.


Michael P. Clary sold property at 132 Cross Road, Richmond, to Elia P. Del Melino and Hannah C. Goodnow, $225,000.


Jeffrey K. Foster and the Estate of Kenneth J. Foster sold property at 75 South Beech Plain Road, Sandisfield, to Stephen Peet and Roberta Peet, $35,000.

James N. Fowler and P. Lynn Fowler sold property at 107 Sandisfield Road, Route 57, Sandisfield, to Robert O'Brien, $100,000.


David A. Rood sold property at 405 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to James G. Bennett and Robin Bennett, $225,000.

Betsey Hallihan sold property at 150 Hillside Lane, Sheffield, to Michelle F. Morton, $461,000.


Southmayd Farm LLC sold property at 2 Glendale Middle Road, Stockbridge, to Jeryl L. Oristaglio, Trustee of the J&S Realty Trust, $6,250,000.


David E. and Jacqueline T. Benham, Trustees of the Benham Family NT, sold property at Matteau and Cross Place Road, Washington, to James S. and Mary A. Nannery, $9,000.


Montra II Inc. sold property at 3 Silvermine Lane, West Stockbridge, to Robert W. Trask, $535,187.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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