Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Dec. 3-7


DEC. 3-7


JP Morgan Chase Bank NA sold property at 21 Murray St., Adams, to Thomas A. Jeffway and Elizabeth A. Prevost, $46,675.

Linda J. Alibozek sold property at 30 Valley St., Adams, to Nathan D. Alibozek and Amanda C. Meczywor, $137,000.


Live Well Financial Inc. and Diane M. and Albert E. Theriault sold property at 337 Wells Road, Becket, to Jeffrey Waite, $86,050.


Jalaram Realty LLC sold property at 1613-1639 South State Road, Cheshire, to Sonal Patel LLC, $650,000.


Congregational Church and Society of Egremont, a/k/a Congregational Church and Society of South Egremont, a/k/a First Congregational Church of South Egremont sold property at 32 Main St., Egremont, to Janet M. Poor, $172,000.

William F. Barrett III and Patricia R. Barrett, Trustees of Barrett Family Trust, and William F. Barrett III and Margery B. Barrett a/k/a Jill Johnson, and Peter S. Barrett and Benjamin C. Barrett sold property at Pumpkin Hollow Road, Egremont, to Kifar Zaydee Corp., $225,000.

William F. Barrett III and Peter S. Barrett sold property at Sky Farm Road, Egremont, to Kifar Zaydee Corp., $150,000.

Nancy B. DuVall sold property at 3 Main St., Egremont, to Sara R. Keene and Anna Guilhamet Hageman Teeley and Nicholas Keene, Trustees of Sara R. Keene Trust A, $200,000.


Linda M. Shafiroff, Trustee of Blackwater Realty Trust, sold property at 3 Hillside Ave., Great Barrington, to Robert J. Ostellino and Catherine K. Ostellino, $207,000.

Heidi H. Handel sold property at 69 Castle St., Great Barrington, to Joseph Chernila and Alana Chernila, $278,500.


Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 170-172 Main St., Hinsdale, to Robert D. Sumner, $99,900.


Roytan LLC sold property at 83 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Thomas J. and Amanda F. Monahan, $169,900.


Wenda E. Ramos sold property at 1 Stockbridge Road, Lee, to Jason M. and Kati J. Hopkins, $252,500.

L.B. Corp. sold property at 100 Valley St., Lee, to Patriot Armored Systems Holding LLC, $150,000.

Judith L. Peterman, Trustee of Peterman NT, sold property at 175 Summer St., Lee, to Robert Lee and Maria Sheena S. Bernard, $185,000.

Raymond Kushi, Trustee of the Thomas R. Garrity and Barbara L. Garrity 2012 Irrevocable Trust, sold property at Valley Street, Lee, to Patriot Armored Systems Holding LLC, $2,850,000.


John E. and Josephine V. Anderson sold property at 4 Elm St., Lenox, to Robert and Jane Sheena, $250,000.

CR Lenox Residences LLC sold property at 165 Kemble St., Unit 7, Lenox, to Michael and Barbara Fishbein, $1,440,000.


Paula M. Lewis and the Estate of Catherine S. Mielke sold property at Route 23, Main Street, Monterey, to Paula M. Lewis and Daniel R. Lewis Sr., $10,800.


Terry L. Gunzinger, trustee of Gunzinger Family Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 1604 Hartsville-New Marlborough Road, New Marlborough, to Nahum Burstein and Cheryl H. Burstein, $125,000.


Robert V. Malloy sold property at 65 Hall St., North Adams, to Eric Gordon, $62,000.

Thomas R. Welch Estate and Kevin Coakley-Welch sold property at 75 Johnson St., North Adams, to Chelsey Ciolkowski and Robert W. Green, $113,000.

Jennifer M. Blair sold property at 21 Tyler St., North Adams, to Charlene M. Prince, $75,000.

Charles L. Louison Estate and Susan K. Nolan sold property at 372 West Main St., North Adams, to Corin and Kelley Prendiville, $47,900.


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Steven R. and Joyce M. Pyenson, Trustees of the Pyenson Family NT, sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Cheryl May Whiteley, $70,000.

Robert A. Mencel sold property at 40 Fern Drive, Otis, to Marie A. and Joseph M. Csom, Trustees of the Joseph M. and Marie A. Csom RVT, $30,000.

Gary S. Stone, Trustee of the Gary Stone Exempt Trust, sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Cheryl May Whiteley, $25,000.

Ellen L. Heffan sold property at Otis Wood Lands, Otis, to Zenon and Janet Bojko, $255,000.


Joseph and Kimberly Kaminski sold property at 105 Middlefield Road, Peru, to Cody M. Mizula, $235,000.

Craig R. and Lauren J. Bolio sold property at 4 Rita Road, Peru, to William T. Prout Jr., $175,000.

Susan Louise Kuehnl, Trustee of Dorothea B. Kuehnl RVT Agreement, sold property at 24 Andes Road, Peru, to David D. Price and Deborah L. Shapiro, $252,000.


Norman A. and David J. Leitch and Susan D. Persson sold property at 242 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Brandon and Hwi Yeong Jeong Engle, $135,000.

Jessica Krochmal sold property at 290 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to Donna McBurney and Moira Brophy, $295,500.

Thomas R. DiNicola Jr., Walter R. DiNicola and Louise M. Pickett sold property at 67-69 Curtis Terrace, Pittsfield, to Brian C. Huber and Ellen Hibbard, $112,000.

Jeffrey D. and Kathryn V. Hassett sold property at 43 Lebanon Ave., Pittsfield, to Justin and Julianne Hinckley, $245,000.

Jeanne M. and Paul M. Boudreau sold property at 56 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, to Herbert H. Heath Jr. and Deborah J. Heath, $189,000.

Cheshire Green LLC sold property at 81 Wellington Ave., Pittsfield, to Wellington Legacy LLC, $82,000.

Adelia Pellegrini sold property at 180 Cloverdale St., Pittsfield, to Dorina L. El Saddik and Brian T. Filiault, $280,000.

Edward C. McMahon sold property at 100 Essex St., Pittsfield, to Winthrop D. Kie Jr., $30,000.

Jessica Baumgarten, Trustee of Jessica Baugarten RVT, sold property at 1136 Barker Road, Unit 25, Pittsfield, to Elaine Crosson, $345,000.

Jeri R. and Teresa M. Wilkinson sold property at 8 Donovan St., Pittsfield, to Sandra A. Hotte, $211,000.

Jason J. Slottje sold property at 59 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to Pamela J. Preston, $200,000.

E. Anne Pellerin sold property at 100 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, to John N. Ryan Jr. and Christine A. Pellerin, $233,000.

Erica Julie and Leonard Stephen Mindes and Janet Beth Mandelker, Personal Reps. of the Estate of Barry Matthew Mindes and Trustees of the Barry Mindes 1996 Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 41 Alpine Trail, Unit 10-C, Pittsfield, to Richard E. and Claudia F. Jensen, $432,500.


Susan Scott and Jeffrey Lawson sold property at 112 Town Hill Road, Sandisfield, to Sergey Kosyakov and Irina Kosyakova, $280,000.


Matthew A. and Susan S. Ward sold property at 1-A Bean Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Anthony N. Hollenberg and Judith A. Levenfeld, $920,000.

William and Marcia Koff sold property at 7 Hawthorne Road, Stockbridge, to Howard Eisler, $512,000.


Peter H. and Ann Marie Goucher sold property at Lower Valley Road, Washington, to Matthew J. White, $50,000.


Jeanne M. Roy sold property at 114 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Rita M. Karha, $185,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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