Berkshire County real estate transactions for June 3-10

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Dawn M. Milesi f/k/a Dawn M. Shepard sold property at 16 Pine St., Adams, to Leanne Beshaw, $145,000.

David P. and Catherine R. Stoddard sold property at 13 Leonard St., Adams, to John Fish, $45,000.

Michelle Grady Forth sold property at 182 East Main St., North Adams, to C & S Development LLC, $317,000.

Heith V. Hartman and Kristen Hartman f/k/a Kristen Lawson sold property at 33 Highland Ave., Adams, to Carrie Anne Laird, $150,000.

Megan Segrin, as personal representative of the estate of James Edward Potter a/k/a James E. Potter, sold property at 74 Maple St., Adams, to Kayla E. Farry, $108,000.


Francis J. Lauria II and Estate of Francis J. Lauria and Barbara B. Whelan f/k/a Barbara Whelan Rank sold property at 11 Jay Lane, Alford, to Robert E. Danz and Lydia A. Littlefield, $490,000.


Michael R. Greenstein sold property at Moberg Road, Becket, to Jeffrey A. and Consuelo F. Wilkinson, $5,000.


Steven Michael Stomski sold property at 525 Stafford Hill Road, Cheshire, to Alaina M. Garzone, $218,000.


Glen J. and Debra M. Cowdrey sold property at 1112 South St., Dalton, to Brent W. Sturm, $223,700.


Richard L. Stern and Stephanie Stern sold property at 0 Pine Crest Hill Road, Egremont, to Keith Warner and Kacy Warner, $82,000.

Robert Schaufelberger and Estate of Alwin Schaufelberger sold property at 76 Prospect Lake Road, Egremont, to Figrocker Berkshire LLC, $260,000.


Peter T. McNally sold property at 3 Lake Buel Road, Great Barrington, to Jared Shih and Yuan Jiang, $375,000.


Allys P. and John S. Macken sold property at Unit 149 (112), Country Inn Condo, Corey Road, Hancock, to GSDN LLC, $92,500.


Sheila A. Zamboni sold property at 48 Williamstown Road, Lanesborough, to Matthew and Michele Auriemma, $229,000.


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John F. and Michele S. Novotny sold property at 284 East St., Lenox, to Daniel W. O'Brien, $570,000.


David P. Morin sold property at 153 Corinth St., North Adams, to Mary S. Curns, $125,800.

Randall M. Ross sold property at 255 State Road, North Adams, to Thrifty Realty LLC, $300,000.


Maija Braunfelds sold property at East Otis Road, Otis, to Robert S. and Nancy M. Rondeau, $34,000.


John P. and Tina L. Kirchner sold property at 125 Middlefield Road, Peru, to Bryon and Meagan Mallett, $189,900.


PNC Bank N.A. and Sherwin M. Victor sold property at 47 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to PNC Bank N.A., $100,040.

Glenwood G. Smith sold property at 11 Jubilee Terrace, Pittsfield, to Wadsworth Capital LLC, $145,000.

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Walter Powell sold property at 28-30 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield, to Sabrina Powell, $70,000.

Melissa E. Letalien sold property at 209 Woodlawn Ave., Pittsfield, to Jacob Daniel Burke, $95,500.

Craig Crawford and Tracy Olsen Crawford, Trustees of the Crawford Family RVT, sold property at 4 Woodland Drive, Pittsfield, to Jeffrey David and Diana Marie Belair, $485,000.

Lamar L. and Laurie A. Smith sold property at 108 Broadway St., Pittsfield, to Decoweaver Enterprises LLC, $590,000.

23RD Century Corp. sold property at 14-16 Richardson St., Pittsfield, to Katherine and Christopher Goodno, $160,000.

David Frechette sold property at 595-597 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Anthony M. Booth Sr., $132,000.

Lesley Ann Robins and Amy Nina Salomon, Co-Trustees of the Shirley Posner Declaration of Trust, sold property at 12 Appletree Point, Pittsfield, to Lesley Ann Robins, $375,000.

Kathryn I. Hughes sold property at 113 Edward Ave., Pittsfield, to Krista Robinson, $175,000.

Herbert Littlejohn Jr. and Paul A. Dufour sold property at 14 Alcott Lane, Pittsfield, to Raymond F. and Ann M. Callahan, Trustees of the Raymond F. Callahan RVT, $212,500.

Joyce M. Raftery and Judith M. Martinelli sold property at 46 Rockland Drive, Pittsfield, to Philip C. Nelson, $166,600.

Joyce M. Raftery, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Stephen S. Haines, sold property at 46 Rockland Drive, Pittsfield, to Philip C. Nelson, $83,300.

Helene P. Robillard sold property at 21 Crosier Ave., Pittsfield, to Jacob Allan Eller and Heather Marie Bullock, $116,000.

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Paul M. Avanzato sold property at 62 Dickinson Ave., Pittsfield, to Carin Rhodes, $167,500.

Brittany M. Sumner f/k/a Brittany M. Clark sold property at 37 Wood Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael J. Stanton, $132,500.

CSB Service Corp. sold property at 1030-1040 West St., Pittsfield, to Craig and Tracy Olson Crawford, Trustees of the Crawford Family RVT, $750,000.


John F. and Debra M. Brower sold property at 318 State Road, Richmond, to Marina Bayeva, $357,500.


Ronald B. Durning Sr. sold property at 24 Norfolk Road, Sandisfield, to David Durning, Ronald B. Durning Jr. and Jennifer Durning, $65,000.


Ronald B. Durning Sr. sold property at Hulett Hill Road a/k/a Hewletts Road, Sheffield, to David Durning, Ronald B. Durning Jr. and Jennifer Durning, $43,750.


Randy Epstein Austin, Trustee of 46 Pixley Hill Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at Pixley Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Robert Davis and Lenore Davis, $235,000.


Laurie A. Marrs f/k/a Laurie A. Geannelis sold property at 85 Cobbleview Road, Williamstown, to Alexandre A. Millet and Anne R. Leonard, $399,000.


Pamela R. Green, as Successor Trustee of the Feigin Family NT, sold property on Bates Road, Windsor, to Stephen E. and Nancy G. Jadatz, $12,500.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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