Berkshire County real estate transactions for May 27-31



Tanner C. Bird and Courtney R. Bussiere sold property at 19 Newark St., Adams, to James R. White Jr. and Roxana Moulton, $153,500.

Andrew Goyette sold property at 87 Orchard St., Adams, to Tanner C. Bird, $239,900.

Dennis J. Kingsbury, Jocelyn A. Schlagetter and Dana H. Kingsbury sold property at 8 School St., Adams, to Bobbie Jo Briggs, $104,000.


Eric J. and Nancy L. LaRoche sold property at 129 Dean St., Cheshire, to Christopher J. and Whitney E. Flynn, $175,000.

Steven M. and Tarryn L. Raimer sold property at 28 Maple Drive, Cheshire, to Thomas G. Kolodziejczyk, $227,000.


Joseph and Colleen F. McCasland sold property at 73 Lindsay Drive, Dalton, to Ethan Oberwager, $310,000.

Nicole M. Diehl sold property at 550 South St., Dalton, to Darren James Garrity and Laura Beth Crafts, $196,500.


Daniel W. Duryea and Michelle F. Ives sold property at 68 Main St., Egremont, to Profiteroles LLC, $215,000.


Ronald F. Kujawski and Patricia Kujawski sold property at 121 Hurlburt Road, Great Barrington, to Correy E. Denihan, $400,000.

John M. Polizzi III and Ashley L. Polizzi f/k/a Ashley L. Hannigan sold property at 15 Manville St., Great Barrington, to Matthew Barlow and Patricia Barlow, $333,000.


Leonard Forrest sold property at 90 Park View Terrace, Lee, to Courtney Lee Donahue and Delphia Ann Foley, $205,000.

Joyce C. Digrigoli, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Louis J. Digrigoli, sold property at 284 & 285 Antelope Drive, Lee, to Jeffrey H. Klarsfeld and Elka Wolloch-Klarsfeld, $370,000.

James S. and Penelope H. Bewick, Trustees of the James S. Bewick and Penelope H. Bewick Joint Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 81 Fox Run, Lee, to John M. III and Ashley L. Polizzi, $440,000.

Homeworks Construction Company Inc. sold property at 589 West Road, Lee, to Jeffrey P. Cella and Michelle N. Dupont, $125,000.


Bernard Berofsky, Trustee of the Bernard Berofsky 2006 Family Trust, sold property at 639 East St., Lenox, to Neil V. Jr. and Nina R. Deluca, $435,000.

Jeffrey A. Carpenter sold property at 12 East New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Gary and Heather Blazejewski, $285,000.

Earl W. and Lesley B. Albert sold property at 42 Main St., Lenox, to BWFJ LLC, $500,000.


Heather S. Kashner sold property at 17 North Church St., Unit 11, Flatiron Condominium, North Adams, to Katherine Waldman Madrigal and Jose Norberto Madrigal Castro, $65,100.

Michael R. Grogan sold property at 4 Lamoureaux Place, North Adams, to Jason D. and Kathryn R. Murphy, $80,000.

Gloria J. Martel sold property at 266-268 Houghton St., North Adams, to Carlos E. Sanchez Herrera and Maria Carmela Perez Ayala, $123,000.

Grant C. Staublin and Julie D. Choquette a/k/a Julie Choquette sold property at 645 Barbour St., North Adams, to Corey W. and Nicole L. Troop, $230,000.

Ross A. Vivori and Michele A. Boyer-Vivori sold property at 123 Francis St., North Adams, to Roberick S. Stanbrook and Ulrike Nagel, $111,000.


Leana D. Kearin and Lorn E. Miller sold property at 1056 North Main Road, Otis, to Leonard Forrest, $125,000.


U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, and Debra Larkin sold property at 58 West Housatonic St., Unit 3, Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, $93,215.35.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. and Dale A. Jr. and Kimberly A. Surbaugh sold property at 72 Nancy Ave., Pittsfield, to Timothy M. Hart, $124,000.

Ethan Oberwager sold property at 15 Charisma Drive, Pittsfield, to Suehiko and Emily Ono, $411,400.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 57 Chickering St., Pittsfield, to Jacob Trudeau, $80,000.

DNC Real Estate LLC sold property at 588 Fenn St., Pittsfield, to T & D Rental Properties Inc., $61,000.

Cheshire Green LLC sold property at 62 Burbank St., Pittsfield, to Jason D. Berry, $78,800.

Gary L. Carthon sold property at 20 Southern Ave., Pittsfield, to Leydet Properties LLC, $23,000.

Robin Astore sold property at 366 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Tury S. Cruz Cespedes and Ivan A. Ospina Gutierrez, $144,000.

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Barbara Ann Richardson sold property at 67 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Craig Smith and Gillian Bianchi, $147,000.

Laura Crafts sold property at 3 Burke Ave., Pittsfield, to Jamie L. Jeske, $143,900.

Maura Kelly sold property at 35 Delancy Ave. Pittsfield, to Brittany M. Wetherell, $177,500.

Sharon A. McClellan sold property at 274 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Valery Poripski and Natalia Bolotova, $35,000.

Matthew P. Sloan and Heidi M. Germann sold property at 43 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Nicole Marcella Andrus, $162,000.

Fannie Mae sold property at 21 Crofut St., Pittsfield, to Ivan Saldana and Angel Jerez, $230,000.

Patrick A. and Christopher M. Harrington, Co-Personal Reps. of the Estate of Elizabeth A. Harrington, sold property at 100 Acorn St., Pittsfield, to Philip W. Wicker III, $145,000.

Kortney E. Gardner sold property at 159 Brighton Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul J. Procopio Sr. and Suzette R. O'Brien, $184,900.

Joseph E. Romano sold property at 20 Maple Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Ryan and Stephanie Conklin, $205,400.

Warren S. and Deborah M. Jaferian sold property at Blythewood Drive, Pittsfield, to Daniel Talmi, $65,000.

David L. and Aloha M. Winchester, Trustees of the David L. Winchester and Aloha M. Winchester NT, sold property at 35 Otis St., Pittsfield, to Michelle L. Stetser, $141,900.

U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, sold property at 77 Dickinson Ave., Pittsfield, to Robin Astore, $130,500.

Carrie Lynn Saldo sold property at 1003B North St., Unit 2, Pittsfield, to Daniel P. Simonds, $119,000.

Norma M. Probst sold property at 12 Cobblestone Cove, Pittsfield, to Brian G. and Dailin Adams, $190,000.

Ann M. Cole, Toni M. Massery, Michael A. Cancilla and Claudette L. Cancilla sold property at 69 Commonwealth Ave., Pittsfield, to Nathan J. Ahern and Elizabeth C. Bevilacqua, $278,250.

Sara Kelley f/k/a Sara Epstein sold property at 88 Taylor St., Pittsfield, to Matthew B. and Elizabeth Valenzuela, $165,000.

Karen Gomula sold property at 12 Denise Ave., Pittsfield, to Richard M. Chiu, $225,000.

Stephen and Helen E. Radin sold property at 139 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, to Katherine C. Demarco and Darren Swan, $298,000.

Timothy M. and Lisa Boyd sold property at 39 McAllister St., Pittsfield, to Tucker T. and Emily M. Blanchard, $80,000.


Lester H. Korobow and Carol Korobow sold property at 308 Shadow Lane, Sandisfield, to Bruce L. Miller and Melanie Z. Miller, $357,500.

Ronald Rynes and Mary Rynes sold property at 2 Easland Road, West Stockbridge, to Christina L. Wagner and Paul R. Brown, $1,875,000.

Sally H. Kahn sold property at 49 Sandisfield Road, Route 57, Sandisfield, to Ingrid Maidel Krohn, $190,000.


Ronald E. Owen and Catalina V. Caban-Owen sold property at 486 New State Road, f/k/a Lot 1, New State Road, Savoy, to J. Paul Sebring and Joan M. Wotkowicz, $175,000.


Richard A. Busch sold property at Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to YS Real Estate Holdings LLC, $10,000.

Kevin Michael Curtis sold property at 29 Spring Hollow Lane, Sheffield, to Martin J. Pastori and Rhonda F. Pastori, $215,000.


Jacob E. and Yvette Finkelstein sold property at 19 Hawthorne St., Unit 11A, Stockbridge, to Carol Telzak and Michael Henes, $565,000.


Ronald A. Chapman sold property at 100 Stratton Road, Williamstown, to Nicole M. Pervere, $215,000.

Presidents and Trustees of Williams College sold property at 261 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, to Jose A. and Candice R. Constantine, $415,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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