Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, July 1-5

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JULY 1-5


Tammy Chaperon and Tiersa Bazo, trustees of the Claire L. Adams 2018 RT, sold property at 125 Commercial St., Adams, to Paul A. Trzcinski, trustee of the Paul A. Trzcinski RT, $115,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property at 8 Ruel St., Adams, to Luisa Volpi, $36,500.


Michael R. Gillespie sold property at 10 Mallard Drive, Becket, to Levi and Sarah Martindale, $192,500.

Virginia A. Makis sold property at 37 Shore Road, Becket, to Jason Lacourciere, $2,700.

Randy L. and Maria A. Thomas sold property at 199 Pill Drive, Becket, to Michael L. and Vanna E. Maffuccio, $370,000.


Mark T. Brennan, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Margaret B. Brennan and Katherine E. Brennan, Personal Rep. of the Estate of James Joseph Brennan, sold property at 73 Daly Ave., Dalton, to Noel J. Goldberg and Misty N. Corio, $154,000.

Gigliotti Enterprises LLC sold property at 17-19 Johnson Place, Dalton, to Andre Lussier, $100,000.

William M. Topping sold property at 30 & 40 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Dalton, to Samuel Lincoln Thomas Henry and Allison E. Henry, $344,000.


Peter Goldberg and Robin Goldberg sold property at 11 Miller View Road, Egremont, to James Jerome Dipisa and Elizabeth M. Wilson, $470,000.


Robert M. Beusman sold property at 9 Seekonk Road, Great Barrington, to David M. Spungen and Aliana Spungen, $3,000,000.

Blue Hill Commons LLC sold property at 6 Rose Court West, Unit B-3, Great Barrington, to Evelyn Cunliffe de Melker and David Cunliffe, $225,000.


Jonathan W. and Jamie L. Boehm sold property at 580 South Main St., Unit 2, Building 1, Lanesborough, to Michael S. and Jennifer E. Nykorchuck, $78,000.

William L. Schafer sold property at 9 Irwin St., Lanesborough, to William P. Gray, $169,950.

Michael L. Maffuccio sold property at 106 Miner Road, Lanesborough, to William H. Berryman III and Darlene C. Berryman, $321,000.

Amber L. Winslow sold property at 580 South Main St., Unit 5, Lanesborough, to James M. and Julie L. DeLucia, $146,000.


Garth E. Story Jr. and Karen N. Story sold property at Chapel Street, Lee, to Jane M. LePrevost, $10,000.

Rachel E.B. White, Rebecca Gutierrez and Bruce C. Birch, Co-Personal Reps. of the Estate of and Co-Trustees under the Will of Dolores W. Birch, sold property at 205 Theresa Terrace, Lee, to Thomas M. and Kati-Sue A. Scheurer, $320,000.

Sylvia Contessa sold property at 140 Beaver Dam Road, Lee, to Linda Shafiroff, $48,000.


David and Joanne S. Keator sold property at 360 Housatonic St., Lenox, to James A. Leonhardt and Annie O'Daly, $365,000.

John Karnath, Trustee of The Pine Ridge Trust, sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit A11, Lenox, to Kerri A. White, $100,250.

James O. and Valerie S. Herrick sold property at 411 Walker St., Lenox, to Terrence A. Moore and Faith Parker, $485,000.


John J. Delmolino Jr. sold property at 527 Main Road, Monterey, to Marcy Pontell, $1,250,000.


Zevi Bar Ze'ev sold property at 0 Plantain Pond Road, Mount Washington, to James Filkins and Virginia Filkins, $82,500.


Bosworth Family Partnership LLP sold property at 772 Norfolk Road, Sandisfield, to BHSC Real Estate LLC, $2,060,000.


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City of North Adams sold property at 227-245 Ashland St., North Adams, to Cumberland Farms Inc., $575,000.

Sydney V. and Michelle L. Jensen sold property at 243 Union St., Unit 202, North Adams, to Rebecca Perea-Kane, David Kessel and Martha B. Kane, $235,000.

Judith A. Poirot, trustee of the J&E Realty Trust, sold property at 22-24 School St., North Adams, to Brendan W. Longe, $143,000.

Eileen M. Norton sold property at 1272 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Centerville Sticks LLC, $80,000.


David H. Healy sold property at Tolland Road, Otis, to Keith E. and Rogina A. Modestow, $70,000.


Linda A. Talbott, Trustee of the Antoinette T. Schiavone 2013 Family Trust, sold property at 42 Ashley St., Pittsfield, to Anthony N. Marino, $154,000.

Robert G. and Ann C. Lucas sold property at 220 High St., Pittsfield, to Warren B. and Wendy J. Smith, $335,000.

Roberta A. Cohen sold property at 275 Eleanor Road, Pittsfield, to William M. Topping and Deborah A. Burris, $187,000.

Valerie G. Tiller sold property at 4 Aspen Way, Unit 44, Pittsfield, to Peter F. and Rosaline I.R. Granoff, $77,052.

David R. Cianflone, Trustee of the LC Nominee Trust sold property at Peck's Road, Pittsfield, Charles P. and Ellen K. Ramsey, $65,000.

Isabel Lenihan sold property at 18 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, to David Williams Neal and Ana Luisa Cabrales Neal, $250,000.

Joseph Nadeau sold property at 64 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Marissa Villacis, $155,000.

William C. and Theresa C. Trainor sold property at 101 Harryel St., Pittsfield, to Jerrold Marino, $185,000.

HIS Management LLC sold property at 55 Church St., Pittsfield, to 55 Church LLC, $440,000.

Eric G. McIntosh sold property at 103 Maple Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Jonathan Boehm, $150,000.

Raymond F. Cochran sold property at 233 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, to Kelly A. Marion, $115,000.

Anne Rocheleau sold property at 46 Waverly St., Pittsfield, to Charles J. Schweigert and Drew M. Herzig, $232,500.

Cheryl B. Sandy sold property at 206 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Fatima S. Adiatou, $145,000.

David L. Dickhaus, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Lawrence H. Dickhaus, sold property at 107 Harryel St., Pittsfield, to Eric J. Dickhaus, $163,400.

William H. Berryman III and Darlene C. Berryman sold property at 55 Cleveland St., Pittsfield, to Leonid and Ciera Rose Yantovsky, $221,000.

Bruce M. Hugabone, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Elaine Grace Hugabone, Albert W. Hugabone and Judith M. Carnavale, sold property at 370 Fort Hill Ave., Pittsfield, to Gloria J. Berne, $51,500.


Edwin Carr and Barbara Carr sold property at 954 Boardman St., Sheffield, to Edward W. Smith and Jorge Avila, $497,000.

Carl Bartow Jr. sold property at 171 Silver St., Sheffield, to Catherine M. Riva, $160,000.


Gary W. Leopold sold property at 15 Willows Lane, Williamstown, to Alastair B. Revell and Tracy E. Moore, $390,500.

John J. and Carol A. Filiault sold property at 106 Roaring Brook Road, Williamstown, to Jon-Joe Filiault, $180,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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