Berkshire County real estate transactions, July 29-Aug. 2, 2019



Kylie Andrews sold property at 182 North Summer St., Adams, to Jason P. Willey, $110,000.

Corrina Bouthilette and Dasha Kalisz sold property at 35 Enterprise St., Adams, to Robert E. and Sybil B. Bourdon, Jennifer Rose, Tammie Shafer and Robert Bourdon, $125,000.

RSB Properties LLC sold property at 76 Friend St., Adams, to Leon & Robalino LLC, $22,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property at 11-13 Meadow St., Adams, to PB Summer Street LLC, $43,850.

Suzanne G. Boyle f/k/a Suzanne G. Beliveau and Denise L. Sadlowski sold property at 21 Morningside Ave., Adams, to Michael and Cassandra Keil, $169,900.


Victile C. Donahue and Mark A., Stephen F., David F. and Christopher G. Capeless sold property at Bancroft Road, Becket, to Roy M. Hayes, $85,000.

Marc Z. Brettler sold property at 92 Pill Drive, Becket, to Frederick W. Perkins, $335,000.

Calvin E. Mooney and Lauren M. Raia sold property at 180 Gentian Hollow Road, Becket, to Colin D. Carabetta and Brianna E. Lloyd, $349,430.

John P. and Susan J. Ahearn sold property at Sherwood Forest, Becket, to Frederick S. Looney, $1,500.

Jean M. LaForest sold property at 1246 Jacobs Ladder Road, Becket, to Michael A. and Louise M. Kirchner, $300,000.


Michelle Renee Perrier sold property at 50 Stonehedge Road, Cheshire, to Bonnie A. Hunt, $159,900.

Francis A. Waterman Jr. sold property at 2 Railroad St., Cheshire, to Jeffrey S. and Jennifer L. Brown, $100,000.

Patricia A. and Peter Francoeur sold property at 880 Notch Road, Cheshire, to Adam J. Poplaski, $218,000.


Steven P. Gamari sold property at 31 Belmar Drive, Clarksburg, to Traylen T. and Katrina M. Chalmers, $410,000.


Bruno M. Dias sold property at 55 Norwich Drive, Dalton, to Derek J. Johnson, $135,000.


Kyle A. Kemp and Jaime A. Kemp sold property at 66 Creamery Road, Egremont, to Brian Ross and Jacqueline Labonte, $249,000.


Bruce Smith sold property at 33 Central Shaft Road, Florida, to Holly L. Solak, $160,000.


Edward Delmolino IV, personal representative for the estate of Gail P. Delmolino, sold property at 19 State Road, Great Barrington, to S & M Root LLC, $275,000.


Richard W. Lavariere sold property at 2153 Hancock Road, Hancock, to Corey Wentworth and Emily Kilcer, $269,000.


Gladys Lofink sold property at 101 Adams Road, Hinsdale, to Ryan Brooking and Jennifer Walz, $293,500.


Robert B. and Prudence W. Barton sold property at 155 Kessler Road, Lanesborough, to Sharon Karp, $565,000.


Nicole M. Negata f/k/a Nicole M. Yon sold property at 290 Therese Terrace, Lee, to Eliot Stier, $287,000.

George W. and Barbara Ann Thomson, Michael Angelo DiGrigoli and Peter James DiGrigoli sold property at 165 and 167 Main St., Lee, to Hayden M. Kuhn, $408,000.

Ruby Realty LLC sold property at 130 Tamarack Ave., Lee, to Vincent J. and Meghan M. Garofoli, $280,000.

Michael F. Miskinis and Kathleen M. Bartlett, Trustees of the Miskinis Family NT, sold property at 465 Devon Road, Lee, to Evan S. Laudon, $285,000.

Richard F. Shields sold property at 95 and 105 Canal St., Lee, to Peter L. Puciloski, Trustee of the West Center Street Trust, $50,000.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion Mortgage Company sold property at 93 Crystal St., Lenox, to Timothy J. and Allison L. Kearns, $104,021.

Robert E. Edwards and Lydia K. Lake sold property at 7 Birchwood Lane, Lenox, to Beverly Ardinger Brown, Trustee of BAB 2011 RVT, $315,000.

Michael F. and Susan Moyle Lynch sold property at 37 Morgan Manor, Unit 7, Lenox, to Marc J. Maurino, $170,000.

Sheri Cohen, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Betsy J. Zarucki, sold property at 165 Kemble St., Unit 16, Lenox, to Guardian-Mountain LLC, $2,000,000.


Cynthia A. Francis and Christine Francis Dakers f/k/a Christine M. Francis, co-trustees of the George G. Francis Revocable Trust, sold property at 134C West St., Mount Washington, to Kate K. Hamilton, trustee of the Kate K. Hamilton Revocable Trust and Michael S. Hamilton, trustee of the Michael Stevens Hamilton 1999 Trust, $410,000.


Linda Ann Hamilton, trustee of the Linda Ann Hamilton Trust, sold property at 38 West End Terrace, North Adams, to Julie K. Blake and Gregory P. Shook, $190,000.

Jaycee M. Pero sold property at 51 Frederick St., North Adams, to Jacob S. Burdick, $138,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 16 Frederick St., North Adams, to Vicente Nivelo, $18,000.

Laura A. Smalarz sold property at 32 Holden St., Unit 32, North Adams, to John and Michele A. Gottung, $272,000.

Traylen T. and Katrina M. Chalmers f/k/a Katrina M. Valotta sold property at 124 Barth St., North Adams, to Steven P. Gamari, $245,000.


Marcia Bennett Williams, Trustee of Bennett Family RET, sold property at 434 Lion Hill Road, Otis, to James G. Shirley III, $700,000.

Andrew R. Beaudry, Trustee of the Priscilla M. Beaudry RT, sold property at Latimer Hill Road, Otis, to Amanda J. and Andrew R. Beaudry, Trustees of the Amanda J. Beaudry RVT, $54,000.


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Eric J. Schwener sold property at 1 David Drive and Hilltop Drive, Peru, to Nico Romano, $126,500.

David M. Forrest sold property at 110 Curtin Road, Peru, to Keith A. and Christine M. Verge, $347,000.

Nicholas R. DiSantis sold property at Route 143, Peru, to Jeremy S. and Lindsay M. Petkus, $20,000.

Boguslaw S. and Jane Mach sold property at 92 Curtin Road, Peru, to Christopher Hogan and Pamela Kapinos, $243,000.


Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, d/b/a Christiana Trust, Trustee, and Timothy Owen and Stephanie R. Dayton, sold property at 28 Anita Drive, Pittsfield, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, d/b/a Christiana Trust, Trustee, $126,490.24.

Walter A. and Rena L. Rose sold property at 15-17 Scammell Ave., Pittsfield, to Patricia Ann Dewey, $170,000.

Michael A. and Louise M. Kirchner sold property at 88 Emerson Ave., Pittsfield, to Donald K. Pettenger, $190,000.

Shaun O'Neil sold property at 157 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Francoise McCoy, $275,000.

Joseph A. Renzi sold property at 46 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Plunkett Residences LLC, $150,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC sold property at 92 Circular Ave., Pittsfield, to Land Equity Group LLC, $31,600.

Joseph D. Hashim sold property at 607 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Marcos Santos, $173,000.

Anthony J. and Christine A. Riello sold property at 88 Birch Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Anne-Mary Riello, $147,000.

ZC Group LLC sold property at 1035 South St., Pittsfield, to Mint Real Estate LLC, $1,500,000.

Ellen J. Latakas, Trustee of the Ellen J. Latakas 2014 FT, sold property at 83 Kenwood St., Pittsfield, to Rebecca S. Slick, $160,000.

John Gottung and Michele Franklin sold property at 12 Applewood Lane, Pittsfield, to Jane Gentilini and Constantine W. Papas, $272,500.

Jacob Trudeau sold property at 31 Third St., Pittsfield, to Juan M. Auqui Barbecho, $89,900.

Jane E. Lyon, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Wesley J. Lyon, sold property at 60 Harryel St., Pittsfield, to Kyle A. Rocca, $185,000.

Raymond W. and Helen S. Milukas sold property at 72 Weller Ave., Pittsfield, to Sharell R. Frye, $134,500.

Brennan D. King sold property at 44 Palomino Drive, Pittsfield, to Ignacio Jr. and Rebecca Matos, $325,000.

Advance Machine & Tool Inc. sold property at 50 Greenway St., Pittsfield, to DKA Realty LLC, $425,000.

Robert J. Galvagni Sr. and Debra S. Galvagni sold property at 332-343 Merrill Road, Pittsfield, to Walter A. and Rena L. Rose, $225,000.

George C. Whaling sold property at 10 Amy Court, Pittsfield, to Linda Searles, $386,500.

John C. Tremblay sold property at 10 Underhill Place, Pittsfield, to Karen E. Sargent, $155,000.

Mary A. Andrews sold property at 819 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Timothy R. and Vanessa J. DeMarco, $269,900.

Ben J. and Lore G. Kaplan sold property at Cynthia Lane, Unit 13, Pittsfield, to Sally M. Soluri, $301,000.

Natalie M. Matus and Susan M. Hofstein sold property at 17 Walden Lane, Pittsfield, to Anthony R. and Loralee C. Talis, $194,000.

Richard T. and Candace H. Cadenelli sold property at 68 Oak Hill Road, Pittsfield, to David M. and Candice M. Forrest, $283,500.

Ignacio Matos Jr. and Rebecca Matos f/k/a Rebecca Roman sold property at 62-64 Grove St., Pittsfield, to Bradley Lopez, $198,000.

Kevin W. Loehr sold property at 989 Williams St., Pittsfield, to DNC Real Estate LLC, $40,000.

Albert J. Cimini, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Carlton W. Moore, sold property at 88 Cromwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert H. Moore, $55,000.

Shaun J. Gallagher sold property at 34 Harryel St., Pittsfield, to Johanna M. Sutliff, $205,000.


Wade Stephen Fiegel, Edward Mark Fiegel, Ralph Todd Fiegel, and Kurt Harvey Fiegel sold property at 252 Yokun Road, Richmond, to Jamie M. and Dominique D. Fiegel, $266,250.


Donald J. and Michele G. Pause sold property at 20 Old Dalton Road f/k/a Jackson Road, Savoy, to Amanda T. Zepka, $265,000.


Thomas Carmody and Patricia Pierro f/k/a Patricia P. Carmody sold property at 46 Parsley Lane, Sheffield, to Kyle A. Kemp and Jaime A. Kemp, $408,500.

Shirley Smithberg, individually and as trustee of Stuart B. Smithberg Revocable Trust, sold property at 204 South Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to Stuart J. Slavin and Hannah M. Bayer, $335,000.


June Pedersen sold property at 3 Castle Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Juan L. Guzman and Mariam E. Reyes, $227,000.

Robert L. Daley and Elisabeth Brown-Daley sold property at 4 Cove Lane, Stockbridge, to Mary Catherine Winslow, $825,000.


Fernside Properties LLC sold property at 130 Jerusalem Road, Tyringham, to Melissa A. Stewart and Mary Lynn Davis-Ajami, $384,000.


Kevin E. Bubriski, trustee of The Whole Wholesome Group NT, sold property at Stone Hill Road, Williamstown, to John W. Thoman Jr. and Lee Thoman Venolia, $238,000.

Michael O. and Megan J. Dostel f/k/a Megan M. Jennings sold property at 586 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Katherine Abbott, $201,000.

Barbara A. Bump sold property at 140-142 Bridges Road, Williamstown, to Stephen R. Bopp, $125,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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