Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, June 17-21

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JUNE 17-21


Victor A. and Patricia A. Lampiasi sold property at 5 Columbia St., Adams, to Dronvya LLC, $405,000.

Martha J. Stohlmann sold property at Upper East Hoosac Street, Adams, to Commonwealth of Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation, $225,000.

Thaddeus G. Gwozdz sold property at Old Florida Road, Adams, to Commonwealth of Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation, $66,500.

Dereck and Karriann Darling sold property at 103 North Summer St., Adams, to George H. and Carol M. Tedford, $150,000.


Sherrie A. Tower sold property at 231 Jenks Road, Cheshire, to Donald J. and Michele G. Pause, $170,000.


PNC Bank National Association sold property at 494 River Road, Clarksburg, to Briggsville Water District, $26,555.


Liliana M. Gutierrez and Daniel H. Kaufman, Co-Trustees of the Liliana M. Gutierrez Revocable Trust of 2010, sold property at 111 Hemlock Hill, Dalton, to Karen R. Lavoie and Senta L. Brodeur, Trustees of the PGM Nominee Trust, $353,500.

Steven J. and Mary G. Turo sold property at 74 Frederick Drive, Dalton, to Ryan J. and Shelby K. Stengl, $325,000.

Ronald J. Marcella Jr. and Diane C. Marcella sold property at 70 Lake St., Unit D, Dalton, to Gennevieve M. LeVasseur, $120,000.

Charles J. Ferryall and David E. Ferryall, Individually and as Co-Personal Reps. of the Estate of Margaret S. Ferryall, sold property at 54 Dalton Division Road, Dalton, to Jonathan Cann, $213,975.

Robert Berkeley Carter Jr. and Amy Elizabeth Pagano sold property at 90 Chalet Road, Dalton, to Stephen J. Yuill, $360,000.


Stephen Bennett sold property at 317 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Thomas A. Knox and Kristin E. Knox, $1,320,000.


Benjamin W. Prew sold property at 28 Canterbury Lane, Hinsdale, to Ryan and Abby Lyn Williams, $111,000.


Sandra C. Wheeler sold property at 472 North Main St., Lanesborough, to Daniel French, $154,900.

Clear Water Creek LLC sold property at Lot 9, North Main St., Lanesborough, to David Manning, $75,000.

B&E Land Development LLC sold property at Lot 4, The Meadows, Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to John A. and Jennifer M. Trivette, $50,000.

Faith I. Scofield sold property at 22 Juleann Drive, Lanesborough, to John A. and Jennifer M. Trivette, $203,315.

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Christine Hunt sold property at 88 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Anthony Jamula, $40,000.

William W. and Janice M. Shirley sold property at 55 Imperial St., Lanesborough, to Michael F. McNeil, $225,000.


Kathleen A. Glenar sold property at 97 Old Pleasant St., Lee, to Kevin T. Collins, $25,000.


Paul G. and Franki L. Mahoney f/k/a Franki Lynn Allen sold property at 10 Ash St., Lenox, to Felix K. Dulle and Charlene Rosen, Co-Trustees of the Felix K. Dulle Inter Vivos Trust and the Charlene Rosen Inter Vivos Trust, $385,000.

David W. and Pamela J. Mackie sold property at Walker Street, Unit 1-5, Lenox, to Leo W. Mahoney, $132,000.

Stephen D. and Natalie Axelrod sold property at 40 Clifden Court, Unit 6, Lenox, to Alain and Joan Sasson, $420,000.

Katherine Allentuck sold property at 84 West Mountain Road, Lenox, to Daniel Myers, $355,000.


Thomas L. Andrews and Jackie L. Andrews sold property at 9 Central Ave., North Adams, to Corey J. Gardner, $60,000.

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Albert and Jody Parziale sold property at 515 Ed Jones Road, Otis, to Erin B. Gallagher, $380,000.


Ryan J. Stengl and Shelby K. Casella Stengl sold property at 258 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Katrina A. Schott and Hunter R. O'Neill, $195,000.

Richard E. Flood sold property at 25 Crosier Ave., Pittsfield, to Bethany Mishk, $88,500.

Paula J. Morris, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Lauri Elizabeth Klefos, sold property at 5 Putnam Ave., Pittsfield, to Akira and Sonia Devereaux, $229,900.

Keith A. and Christine M. Verge sold property at 42 Overlook Road, Pittsfield, to Jay and Ashleigh E. Melendez, $189,500.

Alan J. Rilla, Trustee of the Rilla Family Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 146-148 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Michael T. Boyle III and Kniesha M. Tarjik, $147,000.

Anthony P. Doyle Esq., as Commissioner, sold property at 165 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael T. Kiley and Tammie A. Kerr, $150,000.

Seth G. Stambovsky and Emily E. Sadlowski sold property at 39 Edward Ave., Pittsfield, to Kelly J. Sadlowski, $160,000.

NS162 LLC sold property at 47-49 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, to Jugpal Singh, $42,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trustee, and Christina Ziter sold property at 28-30 Monroe St., Pittsfield, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trustee, $92,650.

Fifteen-O-Five West Housatonic LLC sold property at 1505 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Premium Waters Inc., $3,024,982.

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Ice River Springs USA Inc. sold property at Callahan Drive, Pittsfield, to Premium Waters Inc., $215,400.

David and Laurie Crocker sold property at 5 Marco Drive, Pittsfield, to Kaitlyn E. LeBarnes, $130,939.75.

Bank of America N.A. sold property at 253 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Jugpal Singh, $32,430.

David M. and Alexis R. Keeler sold property at 45 Hancock Road, Pittsfield, to John Brannigan Jr., $132,900.

Gary P. and Lisa C. Herland sold property at 20 Juliana Drive, Pittsfield, to Daniel C. Righi and Kelsey Hanlon, $326,000.

Craig L. and Lisa M. Werhan sold property at 36 Trova Terrace, Pittsfield, to Jamison J. and Kim I. Kelly, $301,400.

Red Points Enterprises LLC sold property at 68 Spadina Parkway, Pittsfield, to Roger and Shauna Houle, $276,000.

Jay Hui sold property at 181 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Kenneth D. Gibson, $208,000.


Deborah Frankel Bancroft sold property off Cronk Road, Sandisfield, to Michael Philip Kaufman and Louise S. Kaufman, $1,000.

M&R White Properties LLC sold property at 119 Sandy Brook Turnpike, Sandisfield, to Marlene Burke, $250,000.

Gregory Ruskin, Elizabeth Ruskin and John Ruskin, Trustees of Joyce Ruskin Family Trust, sold property at 316 Tamarack Trail, Sandisfield, to Jennifer C. Schoen and Janet M. Bagley, $230,000.


Donald deB. Beaver, as Trustee of the Donald deB. Beaver 2001 Revocable Trust, sold property at 100 Southworth St., Williamstown, to Thomas Craig and Jennifer Rork, $415,000.

Michael R. Diodati and Robert J. Diodati Jr. sold property at 182 Bridges Road, Williamstown, to Kate L. Flower, $200,000.

President and Trustees of Williams College sold property at 224 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, to Katherine Wachala, $435,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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