Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, June 19-23

JUNE 19-23


Timothy S. and Carlene C. Smith sold property at 62 Center St., Adams, to Michelle Robidoux, $58,000.


Paul Aldo Jr. and Cindy Lee Faggioni sold property at 26 Tyringham Road, Becket, to David A. Johnson and Karen M. Bump, $345,000.

Linda N. McPhail, individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Christopher J. Nielsen, sold property at 138 Mystic Isle Way, Becket, to Nancy Chassman, $294,500.


Laura A. Moquin and Cathy A. Tenney sold property at 136 Ingalls Road, Cheshire, to Jennifer L. Madewell, $182,000.

Deborah A. and Samantha D. Dallaire sold property at 277 Shadowland Cove Road, Cheshire, to Ronald N. and Arlene D. Ouimet, $60,000.


Martin L. III and Robyn P. Huban sold property at 47 Richard Drive, Dalton, to Thomas Adjei, $280,000.


Abbey Rubinstein sold property at 94 Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Stephen Suplita III and Hope Shiyrah Suplita, $325,000.


Jeanne M. and Arthur J. Roy sold property at 68 Greylock Estates Road, Lanesborough, to Paul M. Maloy and Ursula King-Allen, $257,000.

USA HUD sold property at 12 Irwin St., Lanesborough, to Alma NT and Donna Landers, $77,100.


Gerald E. Drake Jr. sold property at 1235 Pleasant St., Lee, to Robert J. and Letishia Daley, Trustees of the Bad Boys Realty Trust, $275,000.

Christopher Hiebuhr sold property at 140 Marble St., Lee, to Rhet Amos and Hollie Bowshell, $106,000.


Leo E. and Margaret M. Mahoney, Co-Trustees of the Leo E. Mahoney Revocable Trust of 2010, sold property at 220 Kemble St., Lenox, to Stephen Daniell and Ellen Farris, $480,000.

David A. Lipsius sold property at 30 Clifden Court, Unit 5, Lenox, to Jacqueline Galusha, $265,500.

Ralph E. and Lucille J. Decelles sold property at 1-3 Morgan Manor, Unit 3, Lenox, to Mary A. Farrell, $155,000.

Steven N. McDermott, Trustee of the Deborah J. McDermott Nominee Trust, sold property at 46 Bentrup Court, Lenox, to Justin Allen and Michelle Arseneau-Allen, $420,000.


Patrice M. Grossman sold property at 111 Hupi Road, Monterey, to Mark A. Seligman and Karen P. Seligman, $525,000.


Scott A. Farrell and Melissa W. Farrell sold property at 20 Brewer Hill Road, New Marlborough, to Bruce L. Pretty and Rita M. Schumacher, $450,000.

Leslie J. Marcus sold property at Clayton Mill River Road, New Marlborough, to Ronald Frohne, $50,000.


Iris Management LLC sold property at 15 Mill St., North Adams, to David York, $90,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 337 Walnut St., North Adams, to Guy R. Cariddi, $20,000.


Noel A. Wicke and Donna L. Kelly, co-Trustees of the Wicke Nominee Trust, sold property at 1898 Monterey Road, Otis, to Cheryl Linda Howitt, $140,000.


Ditech Financial LLC and Michele A. and Marshall G. Kysor sold property at 10 Albermarle Road, Pittsfield, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $112,000.

U.S. Bank NA, Trustee, and Thomas S. and Kristy L. Moriarty, sold property at 77 Dickinson Ave., Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank NA, Trustee, $83,631.53.

Carol M. Falcone sold property at 1298 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to David P. and Page A. Houser, $283,500.

Wesaline and Hattie M. Gadson, Co-Trustees of the Gadson Realty Trust, sold property at 11 Francis Ave., Pittsfield, to Alliance Properties LLC, $10,000.

David P. and Page Houser sold property at 200 California Ave., Pittsfield, to Troy J. Ziter and Katie E. Kiernan, $135,000.

Mary Ann Harding, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Joseph Teti Sr., sold property at 231 Columbus Ave., Pittsfield, to AJA Pittsfield Realty LLC, $23,000.

Edward J. and Diana P. Filiault sold property at 19 Ashley St., Pittsfield, to Dennis J. and Linda A. Furlano, $166,000.

Sheila Catalfamo, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Donna Merwin, sold property at 595 Lakeway Drive, Pittsfield, to James E. Lane and Jennifer L. Tarozzi, $265,000.

Madison Ave. LLC sold property at 198 Linden St., Pittsfield, to Katie Lynn Snooks, $22,000.

Charles R. Wasnewsky sold property at 50 Newton Ave., Pittsfield, to Hannah A. Gajda, $165,000.

Maria Martin-Arenas f/k/a Maria Lewis and Sandra E. Moody sold property at 14-16 Marcella Ave., Pittsfield, to Nancy W. Ringer, $140,000.

William M. Maher, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Rosemarie A. McLaughlin, sold property at 73 Donna Ave., Pittsfield, to Maria Martin-Arenas, $170,000.

Milton Lestz and Neil Irick sold property at 614 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Liza M. Valenti, $193,000.

Jason M. Clark sold property at 271 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to Justin R. Lyon, $155,000.

Carla C. Dedolph sold property at 161 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Bonnie R. Anderson, $152,000.

U.S. Bank Trust NA, Trustee, sold property at 31 Albermarie Road, Pittsfield, to Mark and Virginia Messina, $67,900.

Constance V. Cooper, Trustee under the Will of Stuart Annin Keith, sold property at 1736 State Road, Richmond, to Hedley Stone and Bridgette A. Moore-Stone, $337,500.


Phillip J. and Deborah L. Koamaya sold property at 181 Windsor Road, Savoy, to Troy C. Hartlage, $175,000.


Carole M. King sold property at 214 Silver St., Sheffield, to Marion F. Stokes Jr. and Miriam L. McKibben, $345,000.

William J. Wandall and Linda C. Wandall sold property at 205 East Stahl Road, Sheffield, to John Connor Nagy and Victoria L. Nagy, $180,000.


Littleville Power Co. Inc. sold property at 33 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Hitchcock Hydro LLC, $1,900,000.


Betty J. Naventi, Trustee of George J. Naventi Revocable Trust, and Betty J. Naventi Revocable Trust sold property at 22 Moscow Road, West Stockbridge, to Casey L. Gaul and Zachary J. Wilton, $152,000.


Sarah E. Coelho sold property at 53 Charles St., Williamstown, to Alexander and Tami Smith, $192,000.

Long Acre NT and Sherwood Guernsey sold property at 134 Hopper Road, Williamstown, to Michael Card, $165,000.

Williamstown PT and David Mandelbaum sold property at 430 Main St., Williamstown, to 430 Main Hotel LLC, $950,000.

Carolyn B. Umlauf sold property at 83 Sloan Road, Williamstown, to John N. Umlauf, $500,000.

Robert Jackall and Janice M. Hirota sold property at 47 Stratton Road, Williamstown, to Ryan C. and Patricia V. Tainter, $259,000.

Dixie Cortner-Brooke sold property at 596 Water St., Williamstown, to David A. McGowan and Kelly L. Ryan, $272,000.

Bonnie R. Anderson sold property at 203 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Philip J. and Deborah L. Koamaya, $319,000.


Pringle FT and Irene Pringle sold property at 7 Windsor Bush Road, Windsor, to Kif Thacker, $275,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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