Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, June 5-9

JUNE 5-9


Michele Purcell sold property at 19 Apremont St., Adams, to Amy M. Kaczowski, $144,900.


Arnold H. Modell and Lora H. Tessman sold property at 167 Bonny Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to Patrick T. and Angela S. Grumley, $275,000.


Raymond J. and Robin L. Kellermann sold property at 32 Old State Road, Cheshire, to Whitney E. and Martin J. Farrell, $183,400.


James Keifer sold property at 57 Jennings Ave., Dalton, to Michael C. and Marina M. Burris, $127,500.

William M. Breymann and Bailey A. Sheran sold property at 52 Glennon Ave., Dalton, to Pierre C. Goyette Jr., $205,000.

Edwin E. and Lois J. Steele sold property at 8 Myrtle St., Dalton, to Douglas Hand, $123,000.

Mountain Stream LLC sold property at Grange Hall Road, Dalton, to Geoffrey P. and Karen Patti, $48,500.


Daniel W. Martin and Sandra B. Martin sold property at 4 Boice Road, Egremont, to Katherine Jane Tighe, $75,000.

Sandra B. Martin and Daniel W. Martin sold property at 8 Boice Road, Egremont, to Douglas Roger Tighe and Katherine Jane Tighe, Trustees of Tighe Living Trust dated March 2, 2017, $1,100,000.


Jeanne M. Roy sold property at Phelps Road, Florida, to Margaret L. Barrett, $10,000.


Majestic Oak Estates LLC sold property at Division Street, Great Barrington, to Charles B. Holleran and Kathryn E. Holleran, $30,000.

David A. Ward, Trustee of Cottages at Barrington Brook Nominee Trust, sold property at 21 Burning Tree Road, Unit 16, Great Barrington, to William S. Casper and Cheryl P. Casper, $499,000.


John Hatgis sold property at 1063 Beaver Pond Meadows, Unit 1063, Hancock, to Joseph M. and Gail Mahoney, $115,000.

Linda R. Walsh sold property at 4 Cranberry Circle, Hancock, to Benjamin D. Pearce, $545,000.


Dawn L. Frissell, Trustee of the Dawn L. Frissell Nominee Trust, sold property at 13-15 Main St., Hinsdale, to Virginia L. Fairbank, $140,000.


Mary L. and James Boschetti sold property at 14 Glassworks Road, Lanesborough, to Robert M. and Kathy A. Hart, $125,000.


No Place Like Home Properties LLC sold property at Spring Street, Lee, to James W. and Anne Pinhas Lees, $80,000.

Richard J. Cleaver sold property at 322 Landers Road, Lee, to Sharon and David Dekadt, $415,000.

Joseph and Jane Kavanau sold property at 485 Devon Road, Lee, to Elizabeth R. Strickler, $276,000.


Citizens Bank NA and Duane Ross, Individually and as Trustee of the Duane Ross Revocable Trust, sold property at 3 Delafield Drive, Lenox, to Citizens Bank NA, $311,982.

Jason C. Labelle sold property at 114 Holmes Road, Lenox, to Susan M. White, $239,000.

Margaret C. Rzeznikiewicz, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Marie F. Connelly, sold property at 52 High St., Lenox, to Stephanie Kelly, $275,500.

Ellen Brodbar, Trustee of the Ellen Brodbar Revocable Trust, sold property at 351 Housatonic St., Lenox, to Thomas J. Cornwell and Brigette L. Fowler-Cornwell, $315,000.

Mark S. Buddle sold property at 4 Evergreen Trail, Unit 4, Lenox, to Sophie V. Breton, $362,500.


CML Berkshire Land LLC sold property at 327 New Marlborough-Southfield Road, New Marlborough, to Thomas M. Brazie, $400,000.

Raymond Joseph Dunn Jr. and Lisa B. Dunn sold property at 373 Aberdeen Lane, New Marlborough, and Aberdeen Road, Sheffield, to Kevin Liba and Carrie Liba, $392,500.


26-28 East Quincy NT and Keith Abuisi sold property at 26-28 East Quincy St., North Adams, to TBL Properties LLC, $200,000.

Katherine J. Quirk sold property at 86 Meadow St., North Adams, to Jared W. and Alicia M. Sprague, $75,000.

Susan A. and Matthew A. Fisher sold property at 89 Wells Ave., North Adams, to Denis M. Hurley and Barbara J. Alexander, $125,000.


Lee F. Tavernia and Tammy Saloomey-Taverina a/k/a Tammy S. Tavernia sold property at 27 Kibbe Point Road, Otis, to Kevin P. and Juanita O'Rourke, $480,900.


Wells Fargo Bank NA and Donald E. and Susan M. Wood sold property at 261 East Windsor Road, Peru, to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $180,400.


Santander Bank NA and Berkshire Common Corp. and Shireberk Corp. as Trustee of the Shireberk Realty Trust, sold property at 1 West St., Pittsfield, to Berkshire Hospitality Group LLC, $1,100,000.

U.S. Bank Trust NA, Trustee, and Craig F. Depson sold property at 31 Albermarle Road, Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank Trust NA, Trustee, $115,200.

Victoria V. King sold property at 68 Howe Road, Pittsfield, to Dennis P. Astore and Madison McNulty, $192,500.

Theodore D. Handerek, Christine L. Handerek Peralta, Diana T. Ranotto sold property at 20 Howard St., Pittsfield, to Michael E. and Cynthia L. Baxter, $159,000.

Christian H. Dribusch, Trustee U.S. Light Energy LLC sold property at 13-15 Betnr Industrial Drive, Pittsfield, to Light Energy Asset Management LLC, $4,500.

Andrew J. Duda, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Carmella T. Duda, Jonathan W. Duda, Jennifer Ann Duda-Imamura, and Mary-Lee Ryba sold property at 192 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to James Muschett, $168,000.

Mae A. Heyer, Scott C. Tilton, Kerry P. Tilton, Jacquelyn L. Hunsberger f/k/a Tilton, and Brandi A. Tilton, f/k/a Brandi A. Andreas sold property at 1450 North St., Unit 302, Pittsfield, to Nanik Ram, $151,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, sold property at 111 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Core Capital Properties LLC, $10,000.

Marie Ellen Condry sold property at 85 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Dalton Center Block LLC, $90,000.

Elizabeth W. Zaccari sold property at 65 Circular Ave., Pittsfield, to Rita M. Goodno-Nicola and Theresa M. Nicola, $48,000.

Federico Realty Corp. sold property at Federico Drive, Pittsfield, to Bart Industries Inc., $83,500.

Kirt C. LaForest and Nathan G. Sondrini sold property at 43-45 West Union St., Pittsfield, to 120 Onota Street LLC, $120,000.

Bonnie E. Heisler f/k/a Bonnie E. Perreault sold property at 41 Emerson Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher L. Lynch, $137,125.

Jason A. Rosenberg, Trustee of the Burton Elliott Trust R, sold property at 33 Maplewood Ave., Unit 304, Pittsfield, to Cynthia A. Ross and Linda Hessel, $99,000.

Edward J. and Linda G. LaPointe sold property at 39 Wellesley St., Pittsfield, to Carl K. Zartman and Deanna L. Ruffer, $272,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 87 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, to Michael McNeil, $111,600.

Nancy W. Ringer and Jennifer L. Travis sold property at 152 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Josh A. Bennett, $198,250.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 96 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Nubia E. Ospina, $85,400.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 107 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul Saldana, $75,000.

David P. and Cheryl P. Reilly sold property at 215 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Lindsi Hanson, $169,500.


Daniel T. Katzen and Carol A. Stewart sold property at 350 Stevens Glen Road, Richmond, to Michael J. and Lauren W. Winter, $247,000.


Jean Chapin f/k/a Jean Chapin Emberlin sold property at 38 Bridgeview Lane, Sheffield, to Catherine S. Chapin, $120,000.

Peter Ghitman and Nancy Ghitman sold property at 245 East Main St., Sheffield, to Roger Cohn and Patricia Leigh Brown, $355,000.


Parker Quillen sold property at 2 Brace Road, Tyringham, to Roderick Lyons Kickey III, Trustee of the 2 Brace Road Nominee Realty Trust, $2,100,000.


Janet C. Winn sold property at Simonds Road, Williamstown, to Cynthia and Stephen W. Culver, $25,000.


Jonathan C. Schaefer and Maria L. Chaloux-Schaefer sold property at 733 North St., Windsor, to Joseph F. and Emily Boucher, $324,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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