Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, March 11-15


MARCH 11-15


Marion C. Wandrei sold property at 13 East Hoosac St., Adams, to J. Crew Properties LLC, $95,000.

Big Y Foods Inc. sold property at 11 Myrtle St., Adams, to Myrtle Street Development, $348,995.

Isaac Abishour sold property at 234 Columbia St., Adams, to Aaron J. and Kristine V. Charbonneau, $46,000.

Krystal Safa sold property at 55 Highland Ave., Adams, to Eric F. Betsold, $262,500.

Thomas E. and Wendy A. Dubis sold property at 19-1/2 Quality St., Adams, to Thomas A. and Heather R. Dubis, $125,000.

Dennis and Joanne Wandrei sold property at 6-8 Smith St., Adams, to Joseph J. and Marla L. White, $138,000.

Nazeerah A. Sookey Trust and Nazeerah A. Sookey sold property at 35 Spring St., Adams, to Greenridge Enterprises, $300,000.


Joseph G. Ward sold property at 110 Green River Road, Alford, to Thomas Canning and Katinka Jaszai, $125,000.


Darlene G. DeMarest and Juliane Hiam, Co-Trustees of the Darlene G. DeMarest Revocable Trust, sold property at 160 YMCA Road, Becket, to Kevin J. Smith and Kristen L. Snyder, $180,000.


J.D. Building Company Inc. sold property at Raymond Drive, Dalton, to Therese Michaud, $70,000.

Gordon P. and Marguerite B. Bailey sold property at 50 Eleanor Road, Dalton, to Robert A. Lamay, $132,400.

Kenneth B. Streeter sold property at 80 Lake St., Dalton, to C. Jade a/k/a Courtney Jade and Karsten J. Nicholas, $170,000.

Daniel F. Walsh Jr., Trustee of the DAGAKA Family Living Trust, sold property at 21 Maple St., Dalton, to Kim E. Lavelle, $184,400.


Katherine DeLaRosa and Estate of Dana J. DeLaRosa sold property at 211 Oak St., Great Barrington, to Ari Meyerowitz, Jordyn L. Cormier, Kimberly Cormier, and Paul J. Cormier, $296,000.


Richard P. and Norma J. Randall sold property at Prospect Street, Lanesborough, to Lisa B. Duda, $15,000.

Duane D. Sargent sold property at 1 Balance Rock Road, Lanesborough, to Buckhead Development LLC, $25,000.


Ana G. Garcia and Fabio L. Zapata sold property at 310 Bradley St., Lee, to Matthew D. and Ann M. Tyer, $239,000.

Thomas E. Touponce, Trustee of the AJT Realty Trust, sold property at 625 Cape St., Lee, to Mohamed Zabian, $397,958.

Lenox Development LLC sold property at 715 Columbia St., Lee, to Leetown Development Inc., $3,800,000.


Kathleen D. Friend and Armin H. Sternberg sold property at 39 Elm St., Lenox, to Audra L. Burns and Jordan Meyer, $321,000.

Barbara Louise Sheldon Garfield a/k/a Barbara L. Garfield sold property at 2 Jennifer St., Lenox, to Glenda G. and Antonia V. Alfaro, $150,000.

Susan Kaplan sold property at 236 Kemble St., Lenox, to Michael B. Greenwald and Ronna C. Bach, Trustees of the Greenwald-Bach Family Trust, $1,515,000.


First Congregational Church of Monterey, d/b/a United Church of Christ, sold property at 478 Main Road, Monterey, to Heather L. Ball, $265,000.


Inna I. Gertje and Pauline Davis sold property at 181 Rich St., North Adams, to Matthew R. Davis, $163,000.


Michael Caryofilles sold property at 57 North Road, Peru, to Ross Oppenheim and Hildegard Hoeller, $268,850.

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Alicia Smith sold property at 5 Weeks Road, Peru, to Joshua M. Simeone, $172,500.


Jacob Trudeau sold property at 217 Bradford St., Pittsfield, to Z and Z Properties LLC, $19,000.

Peter Dexter Mason Jr. sold property at 80 Spadina Parkway, Pittsfield, to John J. and Linda L. O'Brien, $238,000.

Ryan B. Lucier sold property at 180 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Peter Dexter Mason Jr., $164,900.

Therese Michaud, Trustee of the Gaetan M. Michaud Revocable Trust of 2010, sold property at 42-44 John St., Pittsfield, to Norman S. Smoller, $93,900.

Robert C. and Paula M. DeForest sold property at 345 Hungerford St., Pittsfield, to Corey A. and Stephanie A. Aiello, $235,000.

Jack A. Elliott sold property at 35-37 Montgomery Ave., Pittsfield, to Jose H. Verastegui, $188,000.

Richard A. Dupree Sr. and Donna M. Dupree sold property at 29 Daytona Ave., Pittsfield, to Kenneth Harold Rock Jr., $226,000.

Patricia M. Kilmartin sold property at 125-127 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to T & D Rental Properties Inc., $77,000.

Lauren Bowerman and David W. Bowerman, Co-Trustees of the Lawrence Edward Bowerman and/or Angela Conte Bowerman Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 366 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Lucas J. Mancari and Lindsey J. Hunt, $175,000.

David K. Massey, Mark A. Massey, Daniel G. Massey, Sue Massey Piermarini, Donna J. Slade, Nancy K. Massey sold property at 20 Andover St., Pittsfield, to Michael R. Hart, $153,900.

Paul R. and Maria E. Clark sold property at 4 Eastbrook Lane, Pittsfield, to Ibrahim Zia and Muhammad Zia, $700,000.

Chad R. and Elisha M. Poirier sold property at 108 Jason St., Pittsfield, to Frank I. Fajardo, $227,000.

Latoya Frugie, Trustee of the Parker Kellogg Trust, sold property at 11-13 Kellogg St., Pittsfield, to Kellogg Properties LLC, $111,800.

Latoya Frugie, Trustee of the Parker Kellogg Trust, sold property at 7-9 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Napster Properties LLC, $148,200.


Steven A. Levine sold property at 10 Rannapo Road, Sheffield, to Kenneth C. Schopp and Rebecca A. Schopp, $200,000.

Sheffield Land Trust Inc. sold property at Silver Street and Bull Hill Road, Sheffield, to DG Mountain Realty LLC, $245,000.

Kathryn B. Moritz, f/k/a Kathryn B. Greene sold property at 654 Shunpike Road, Sheffield and New Marlborough, to Alexander Norton and Svetlana Eltsin, $440,000.


Thomas L. Fennelly, Everett S. and Mary Ann Fennelly sold property off Webster Road, Tyringham, to Mason Challinor, $69,100.


Michele Ann Carver sold property at Pittsfield Road, Washington, to Scott C. and Kristina G. Hayward, $127,500.


William M. Merelle and Maggie C. Merelle sold property at 53 Maple Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Orion Davidoff and Dennise Garcia Sevilla, $565,000.


William W. and Tara L. Olney sold property at 674 Main St., Williamstown, to Mason B. Williams and Alexis Schaitkin, $620,000.

Kira M. Breard sold property at 156 Luce Road, Williamstown, to Wade S. Hasty, $210,222.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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