Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, March 5-9



William R. Minardi Estate and Maria A. Lahey sold property at 65 Orchard St., Adams, to John J. and Carla L. Stewart, $225,000.

Francis A. and Jennifer L. Waterman sold property at 22 Prospect St., Adams, to Cloud City Properties LLC, $125,000.


Scott E. Levy sold property at 376 Long Bow Lane West, Becket, to Anthony M. Orcutt, $192,000.

Ruby Realty LLC sold property at 115 Huckleberry Lane, Becket, to Christopher J. James and April R. Gardner, $196,000.

John V. Wing and Marcelle H. Spurosky sold property at Bonny Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to Susan Mondesi, $20,000.


Bryan A. Millard and Carrie Kondel sold property at 285 Cross Road, Clarksburg, to Kristie Henderson, $91,000.

Arlene P. Prevost and US Bank NA sold property at 353 West Road, Clarksburg, to US Bank NA, Trustee, $167,300.


Ryan T. Smith and Chelsea M. Fahey sold property at 45 Hale St., Dalton, to Stefan C. and Katie L. Ogle, $237,000.

William Loh and Michael James Wasuk sold property at 65-67 East St., Dalton, $123,500.

U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, sold property at 1119 South St., Dalton, to Michael McNeil, $84,000.


Stuart A. Miller and Kristina I. Miller sold property at 26 Egremont Heights, Lot 7, Egremont, to Tyler A. Spofford and Elizabeth Spalding, $555,000.

Peter J. Fasano and Elizabeth Hamilton, Trustees of the Peter J. Fasano Revocable Trust of 2011 and Elizabeth Hamilton Revocable Trust of 2011 sold property at 98 Baldwin Hill Road, Egremont, to Richard W. Beatty and Kathleen S. Beatty, $1,300,000.


Educational Consultants Inc. a/k/a Educational Consultants sold property at 389 Main St. Rear, Great Barrington. to Powerhouse Square II LLC, $1,100,000.


Thomas A. and Melissa A. Davidson sold property at 875 JJ's Lodge, Unit 875, Corey Road, Hancock, to Lee Buffington and Elisabeth Wolf, $525,000.


Colleen S. Sullivan sold property at 165 Maple St., Hinsdale, to Tracy A. Moore, $143,500.


Jane Elizabeth Bove sold property at 45 West Pine St., Lee, to Jan Poklad, $40,000.

Jeffrey L. Caruso and Melissa M. Weiksnar, Trustees of the Weiksnar-Caruso Realty Trust, sold property at 880 East St., Unit A, Lee, to Philip J. and Ann Barber, $182,500.


Eloise Richards sold property at 71 Taconic Ave., Lenox, to Robert M., Timothy M. and Michael Hart, $132,000.


Marie C. Cane, Trustee of Marie C. Cane 2006 Revocable Trust, sold property at 49 West St., Mount Washington, to Mount Washington Realty LLC, $1,100,000.


Paul H. Genesi sold property at 54 Francis St., North Adams, to Lawrence G. and Sarah M. Lake, $110,000.

David C. Atwell and Deanna Salvagni-Atwell sold property at 73 North Holden St., North Adams, to Robin First and Dovy Fuchs, $121,000.

John M. and Jaime L. Dohaney sold property at 11-13 Orchard Terrace, North Adams, to Karisa Miranda-Ruiz and George J. Roy, $140,000.

William P. Girard sold property at 28 Spring St., North Adams, to Very Good Properties LLC, $42,500.


Caryl E. Diengott and Evan S. Pressman sold property at 18 Faucett Lane, Pittsfield, to Justin A. and Caitlin E. Casey, $354,750.

Santander Bank N.A. sold property at 75-77 Boylston St., Pittsfield, to Christopher Robillard, $68,000.

Gordon C. and Roberta L. Smith sold property at 56 Wood Ave., Pittsfield, to Stacy Lynn Carmon, $110,000.

Robert M. and Timothy M. Hart sold property at 180 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, to Kaitlyn B. and Maribel Giron, $185,000.

Maryanne K. Boenitz sold property at 49 McArthur St., Pittsfield, to Ryan W. Winters, $120,430.

Valerie L. Whaling sold property at 1136 Barker Road, Unit 74, Pittsfield, to Paula J. Kurasch, $299,000.

Cavalier Holdings LLC sold property at 2 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to John R. and Kathryn R. Kearns, $27,000.

Richard A. and Lynn M. Penna sold property at 17 Rose Terrace, Pittsfield, to Kriste and Marilyn Kleiner, $266,000.

Christine J. Wilsey, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Timothy P. Wilsey and Denise M. Wilsey-Daugherty, and Timothy S. Wilsey sold property at 48 Donna Ave., Pittsfield, to David and Amanda Frye, $190,000.

Sara and Martin Ferris, Jane Rogers, Ellen Ferris Rawson, Meg Poulos, and Nanette Jurgelewicz sold property at 838 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Christian Assembly Church Inc., $161,000.

Maxine Bookless and Nancy Bookless f/k/a Nancy Bookless Eagleson sold property at 33-35 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield, to Nancy Bookless, $84,750.


Wilmington Trust National Association as Trustee and Citibank N.A. as Trustee for Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, Series 2006-HE5 sold property at 20 Roberts Road, Sandisfield, to Wayne Keller and Kathleen Keller, $132,825.

Karl Schwarzfeld and Lauren Schwarzfeld sold property at 10 Stump Road, Sandisfield, to Cecilia Elizalde Bulanti and Silvio Alberto Sielski Falcon, $307,500.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion Mortgage Company and John Wesley Warren Jr., sold property at 100 Maple Ave., Sheffield, to Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2017-2 and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB as Trustee, $128,000.

Elissa P. Terry and the Estate of Arlene Maree Funk a/k/a Arlene M. Funk sold property at 153 East Main St., Sheffield, to Michael Farrell, $172,500.


James A. Giansiracusa sold property at 321 North Washington State Road, Washington, to Robert G. Jarvie Jr., $104,000.


Morgan and Sarah F. McGuire sold property at 24 Talcott Road, Williamstown, to Thomas B. Kivney and Sally Counts-Kivney, $500,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Revocable Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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