Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, May 22-26

MAY 22-26


Thomas J. Tobin sold property at 33 Bobs Hill, Adams, to Peter M. Suriner and Christina M. Gero, $149,000.

David and Lynne Ramer sold property at 3 Cook St., Adams, to David C. and Heather A. Dexheimer, $50,000.

Travis J. Clairmont and Charlene M. Burke sold property at 61 Lime St., Adams, to Joshua and Meagan Lamb, $130,000.

Meagan A. Parker sold property at 2 Summit Ave., Adams, to Joanna H. Biros, $20,000.


Richard Stover and Barbara Stover sold property at 47 Green River Road, Alford, to Eric L. Tidd and Tina VanDeusen, $635,000.


U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Trustee, sold property at 79 Prince Jone Drive, Becket, to Nathan E. Morawiec, $83,000.

Travis J. and Nicole M. Miller sold property at 22 Wade Inn Road, Becket, to Shaylyn A. Sicard, $151,000.


Frederick P. and Lynn M. Gancarz sold property at Route 116 and Savoy Road, Cheshire, to Michael F. and Julia A. Morey, $42,500.


William S. and Harriet Meiklejohn sold property at East Road, Clarksburg, to Janice M. Biron-Foucher, $30,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 72 Norwich Drive, Dalton, to Earl M. and Julieann Van Rumund, $85,000.

Mary P. Smith sold property at 7 Wahconah Falls Road, Dalton, to Kimberly A. Mills, $95,000.

Episcopal Missions of Western Massachusetts sold property at 785 Main St., Dalton, to Jon and Caroline Irsfeld, $120,000.

Amy L. Sommers sold property at 1100 Main St., Dalton, to Joe W. and Roberta J. Stewart, $231,000.

Susan C. Tornatore, Trustee of the Persis B. Caverly 1997 Revocable Trust, sold property at 61 Patricia Ave., Dalton, to Amy L. Sommers, $210,000.


Lee Bank sold property at 71 Main St., Egremont, to Karner Brook LLC, $150,000.

Sherwood S. Sumner sold property at 14 Creamery Road, Egremont, to Alexander Y. Manning and Jessica L. Raymond, $304,000.


Scott R. Rockefeller and the Estate of Grace K. Rockefeller a/k/a Grace Katherine Rockefeller and Heather Sequeira and the Estate of Bruce Edward Rockefeller a/k/a Bruce E. Rockefeller and Margot L. Rockefeller, sold property at 3 Reed St., Great Barrington, to Erik T. Raymond and Amy D. Raymond, $191,000.

David M. Lockhart and Lydia S. Woodward, Trustees of Lockhart Woodward Family Trust, sold property at 321 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Timothy J. Kent and Lisa K. Kent, $882,500.


Jonathan S. Schneer and Margaret Hayman sold property at Whitman Road Lot, Hancock, to Wesley P. Lamore and April L. Durfee-Lamore, $155,000.


Randa a/k/a Randy and Robert Glasser sold property at 205 Ashmere Road, Hinsdale, to Christopher Ward and Dixie Malone, $321,000.


Shaun Lampro and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA sold property at 25 Orchard Ave., Lanesborough, to Sling LLC, $80,001.


Bank of America N.A. sold property at 235 East St., Lee, to C. Linda Howitt and Evan R. Williams, $97,000.

Richard S. and Rose M. Ford sold property at 1250 Pleasant St., Lee, to Rodney F. and Christine Clark, $175,000.

Rudy and Elaine J. Schott sold property at 770 Summer St., Unit 13-A, Lee, to Deborah A. Gray and Rachel L. Scherl, Trustees of the Florence S. Braun Revocable Living Trust Agreement, $449,000.


Ning Fu and Mingming Zhao sold property at 11 Jaynes Road, Lenox, to Robert H. and Cynthia M. Basdekis, $420,000.

Neubie Springs LLC sold property at 118 Plunkett St., Lenox, to Kendal Phipps, $230,000.

Scott A. and Elisa Henderson sold property at 16 Maple St., Lenox, to Virginia Guenette, $275,000.Phyllis M. Kiss and Karen M. Zinchuk, Trustees of the Phyllis M. Kiss Revocable Trust of 2012, sold property at 31 King William Road, Lenox, to Emilie L. Papa, $275,000.


Steven D. Truta and Kristine L. Truta sold property at 24 Laurel Banks Road, Monterey, to Jeffrey P. Rudnicki and Emily C. Dowling, $775,000.


Leslie A. Dupree sold property at 125 Barth St., North Adams, to Tyler G. Newsome, $46,500.

Dennis R. and Donna M. Seymour sold property at 116 Bonair Ave., North Adams, to Declan Cook and Paul Tremblay, $177,500.

Joanne Derose sold property at Chantilly Avenue, Lot 302, North Adams, to Karlis and Judith M. Ozolins, $42,000.

Lighthouse NT and David J. Kipp sold property at 284 Eagle St., North Adams, to Travis Miller, $33,000.

Rodney A. Prevey Estate and Kathleen V. Prevey-Levin sold property at 26 Hodges Crossroad, North Adams, to Dustin J. and Jennifer L. Kline, $169,900.

Enasin LLC sold property at 21 River St., North Adams, to Donna L. Felix, $82,000.

Northern Berkshire Habitat sold property at 813 West Shaft Road, North Adams, to Kelly Bordeau, $153,200.


Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 1522 Reservoir Road, Otis, to Paul B. and Robin K. Johnson, $60,000.

Bradford and Ashley Nelson sold property at 2373 Algerie Road, Otis, to James Crandall Jr. and Jenna Leavenworth, $229,000.


Gary Doyon sold property at Causeway Road, Peru, to Gyula and Amber A. Egervari, $89,900.

Citimortgage Inc. and William H. and Patricia K. Schilling sold property at 7 Bonny Lane, Peru, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $40,819.03.


Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB d/d/a Christiana Trust, Trustee and Thea A. Politis, sold property at 15 Maude St., Pittsfield, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $90,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Ekarin Y. Fuentes and Marisol Fuentes a/k/a Marisol Mejia sold property at 1 Fairfield St., Pittsfield, to 426 South Street LLC, $95,000.

Beneficial Massachusetts Inc. and Mark S. and Gail M. Pennell sold property at 26-28 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield, to Alfred G. Gelinas, $125,000.

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Trustee, and Judith E. and James D. Jr. Kushi sold property at 87 Gamwell Ave., Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Trustee, $130,000.

Edward and Julie Sprenkle sold property at 31 Westwood Road, Pittsfield, to Timothy A. Belanger, $151,000.

USA Housing & Urban Development sold property at 120 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Jonathan Pierce, $47,000.

Joseph M. McCusker and Mary A. Cranson sold property at 33 Euclid Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul A. Lisi Jr., $138,000.

Shaun M. Cooper sold property at 87 Greenwich St., Pittsfield, to Matthew J. Fiero and Kristen E. Nadeau, $165,500.

Arnold M. and Doreen E. Perras, Trustees of the Perras Family NT, sold property at 481 Dalton Ave. & 10 Devonshire Ave., Pittsfield, to Hutton Exchange Pittsfield MA LLC, $780,000.

Sharon A. Mendonsa, Michelle M. Ryan, Marca M. Mendonsa, Marisa A. Mendonsa and Marie M. Myers sold property at 69 Birch Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Cristina G. Gonzalez, $162,000.

Gale A. Todriff f/k/a Gale A. Carmon sold property at 48 Winter St., Pittsfield, to Michael E. Clemons, $73,000.

City of Pittsfield sold property at Pecks Road, Pittsfield, to Andrew P. and Madeline E. Polidoro, $12,501.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 145 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, to Kurt Hospot, Trustee of the KAG Enterprises NT, $17,500.

Ceara St. Onge sold property at 81 Dartmouth St., Unit 101, Pittsfield, to Alexander D. Geller, $106,000.

Lisa M., Craig M. and Keith J. Benoit sold property at 39 Joan Drive, Pittsfield, to Mathew D. Newton and Lynda Tenorio, $212,000.

Lawrence P. and Lorraine M. Allessio, Trustee of the Lawrence P. Allessio Living Trust, sold property at 22 Kathy Way, Pittsfield, to Kevin J. and Tammi L. Sherman, $85,000.

John P. Giglio and Cheryl A. Bianco, Trustee of the Bianco Landscaping NT, sold property at 104 Ridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Gary Mohr, $532,500.

Kathryn L. Jensen sold property at 101 Edward Ave., Pittsfield, to Francis X.J. Bohdiewicz and Kristen B. Kenyon, $162,000.

John M. Troiano, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Joseph John Troiano, sold property at 42 Elmhurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Paula M. Ketcham, $85,000.

David G. and Joanne Parsons sold property at 61 Orchard St., Pittsfield, to Kelvin Santos, $40,800.

Brenda Wojnicki sold property at 14 Evelyn Park, Pittsfield, to Amanda M. Brindle, $113,500.

David Orenstein, Trustee of the Norman L. Avnet 2001 Trust, sold property at 434 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Mark and Lisa Avnet, $384,000.


Diane M. Viggiano sold property at 17 Pilgrim St., Richmond, to Jacob D. and Hannah E. Pickens, $155,000.


Maxine Weisgrau and Ronald Palazzo sold property at 307 Shadow Lane, Lot 195, Sandisfield, to Carol Anne Wolfe and Ana Maria Garcia, $285,000.


David Dabill and Robin Bardolia sold property at 400 Bow Wow Road, Sheffield, to Martha Jackson, $715,000.

Douglas Blanchard sold property at 1548 Undermountain Road, Sheffield, to David J. Klein and Yolanda W. Klein, $505,000.


Lloyd W. Johnson and Joel H. Laski sold property at 14A Mahkeenac Heights Road, Stockbridge, to Peter and Laura Maschal, $167,500.


Catherine A. Greenwald sold property at 83 Access Road 3, Windsor, to Kendra N. Guthrie, $250,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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