Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, May 29-June 2



Michael S. Pekosz and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA sold property at 130 Commercial St., Adams, to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $42,866.

E&A Properties Group LLC sold property at 27 Enterprise St., Adams, to Sling LLC, $100,700.

Joseph Dilego sold property at 6 Grove St., Adams, to Joseph P. and Krystle L. Chorba, $160,000.

Michael G. Ouellette sold property at Hoxie Brook Road, Adams, to John and Amanda Mariano, $23,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, sold property at 59 North Summer St., Adams, to Anne Schlanger, $41,500.


Heidi Wisniewski sold property at Wade Inn Road, Becket, to Damian Rogers, $36,000.

Evan and Ara Yarian sold property at Werden Road, Becket, to Robert E. and Robert D. Naser, Trustees of the R & M Realty Trust, $35,000.

Mark J. Bromirski sold property at 17 Maid Marian Lane, Becket, to David A. and Debra S. Twitchell, $97,500.


Peter F. and Beth A. Armstrong sold property at 44 Coolidge Road, Cheshire, to John J. Morin, $140,000.


Donald A. Harvey sold property at 866 West Cross Road, Clarksburg, to Raymond Harvey, $146,500.

Kurt B. and Joey A. Collins sold property at West Road, Clarksburg, to Raymond W. Harvey, $53,000.


Thomas A. and Hilda C. Hall sold property at 144 Pine St., Dalton, to John P. and Karen G. McComish, $163,000.

Peter J. Larkin sold property at 18 Oak St., Dalton, to Mary Ellen Palmer, $91,696.52.


Salvatore Vergopia sold property at Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Paul J. Turner and Carla L. Turner, $5,000.


Jacob N. Bonneville sold property at 3 Oleson Road, Florida, to William R. Bohl, $120,000.


Richard Courage and Claudia Jacques De Moraes Cardoso sold property at 26 Manville St., Great Barrington, to 26 Manville LLC, $300,000.

Clinton African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church sold property at 9 Elm Court, Great Barrington, to Clinton Church Restoration Inc., $70,000.

David Atwood Brooks and Patricia Alma Brooks sold property at 50 Quarry St., Great Barrington, to Joshua Michael Pacheco and Erin Jill Pacheco, $434,000.

Ernest Drucker and Jeri Drucker sold property at Knob Lane, Great Barrington, to Paul Chesloff and Leslie Chesloff, $20,000.


Shawn and Sarah Gilbert sold property at 305 Forest Hill Drive, Hinsdale, to Gregg W. Levante, $271,000.

William O. Glassner, Trustee of the Goose Pond Trust, sold property at Leisure Lee Road, Lee, to Anne M. Simon, $75,000.


Karen A. Vogel and Kim M. Poplaski sold property at 214 Old State Road, Lanesborough, to Alyssa M. Carra, $145,000.


Norman E. Rutledge, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Nancy M. Rutledge, sold property at 285 Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox, to Matthew S., Annie L. and Winifred M. Rutledge, Trustees of the Rutledge 285 Trust, $300,000.

Nina Bleiweiss sold property at 10 Meadow Lane, Unit 10, Lenox, to Rita and Harvey Simon, $199,900.

Ann F. Morgan, Trustee of the Ann F. Morgan Revocable Trust, and Claire E. Lowery, Trustee of the Claire E. Lowery Revocable Trust, sold property at 39 Fairwynds Drive, Lenox, to Jeffrey and Karen Ross, $835,000.


Anthony P. Prisendorf and Donna J Prisendorf sold property at 114 Clayton Mill River Road, New Marlborough, to Jackson J. Liscombe and Jacob C. Fossum, $219,000.

Eric Shamie and Robert M. Beusman sold property at 122 Clayton Mill River Road, New Marlborough, to Jeffrey P. Foote and Elisabeth Fonseca, $585,000.


Last Dance NT and John C. Cramer sold property at 190 Bradley St., North Adams, to Fredreka D. Schouten and Robert P. Cramer, $80,000.

Michael L. and Dawn M. Bullett sold property at 449-1/2 East Main St., North Adams, to Adam C. Jalalian, $129,500.


Onehope Fund LLC sold property at Algerie Road, Otis, to Town of Otis, $835,000. Linda L. Ploner, Executrix of the Estate of Odo J. Ploner, sold property at Brookman Drive, Otis, to Armando Paez, $41,000.


JP Morgan Chase Bank NA and Darryl S. Perrault sold property at 158 Meadowview Drive, Pittsfield, to Michael McNeil, $53,000.

Geola Lesage sold property at 24 James St., Pittsfield, to Robert Carte, $138,000.

Sunil K. Ramineni and Deepthi Chukkapalli sold property at 36 Dan Ave., Pittsfield, to Martin and Barbara Winters, $234,900.

David C. and Mary F. Adams sold property at 34 Spring St., Pittsfield, to Thomas N. Feldman and Cassady S. Heaney, $65,000.

Blake A. and Sara E. Voyles sold property at 43 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Maria C. Caccese, $155,000.

Michael P. Wendling Jr. sold property at 12 Vivian Ave., Pittsfield, to Thomas J. Pytko and Kayley T. Stasiewski, $143,000.

Allan R. Sykes sold property at 31 Garfield St., Pittsfield, to Jason T. and Ashley Stump, $160,000.

John H. and Donna M. Lamke sold property at 15 Fairfield St., Pittsfield, to Dina J. Oliveira, $130,000.

Kevin M. Tart sold property at 40 Thomas Road, Pittsfield, to Roger E. Goodreau, $118,800.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 25 Arlington St., Pittsfield, to Daniel Francese, $45,000.

John P. Murphy, III and Gayle Murphy f/k/a Gayle Almeida sold property at 41 William St., Pittsfield, to Margaret M. O'Brien, $224,000.

Mona J. Pizzuto sold property at 520 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Allison L. Nichols and Bryan P. Betters, $218,500.

Lucille A. O'Brien sold property at 3 Alcott Lane, Pittsfield, to Nancy Sommer, $220,000.

Lynn M. Ashburn f/k/a Lynn Ashburn Helde sold property at 8 Donovan St., Pittsfield, to Jeri R. and Teresa M. Wilkinson, $175,000.

Paula A. Mlynarski f/k/a Paula A. Christopher and Dennis Mlynarski sold property at 15 Virginia Ave., Pittsfield, to Richard Walden, $100,000.

Erin C. Ungewitter f/k/a Erin M. Carlotto sold property at 29 Churchill Crest, Unit 29, Pittsfield, to Lynn M. Ashburn, $167,000.

Gregg W. Levante sold property at 33 Birch Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Erik S. Benscoter and Jessica L. Schell, $199,000.

Patricia Kerr sold property at 118 Morningview Drive, Pittsfield, to Peter Marino Jr., $133,900.

Tabitha Gerber sold property at 182 Union St., Unit 3, Pittsfield, to Gail Kinder, $164,000.

Dennis J. and Dana T. Yon sold property at 157 Maplegrove Drive, Pittsfield, to Brett Wallace $115,000.

Anthony and Jennifer M. Vasolino f/k/a Jennifer M. Spina sold property at 7 Dexter St., Pittsfield, to Jenni P. Zuna-Cabrera, $148,000.

Nancy L. Himes sold property at 98 Pine Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Lisa M. Benoit, $122,000.

Ruth E. White sold property at 30 Lucia Drive, Pittsfield, to Lindsey S. Fiero $144,000.


George S. Dlugos, Trustee of 125 Dublin Road Realty Nominee Trust, sold property at 125 Dublin Road, Richmond, to William A. and Judy A. Leeco $350,000.


Citifinancial Servicing LLC and Citifinancial Services Inc. and Rosalind N. Finneran sold property at 6 Roosterville Road, Sandisfield, to Citifinancial Servicing LLC and Citifinancial Services Inc., $113,822.52.


Mountain Stream LLC sold property at Main Road, Lot 5a, Savoy, to Kevin M. and Marcie A. Jones, $29,000.

Kimberly J. Witek sold property at 41 Main Road, Savoy, to Shannon S. Witek, $90,000.


Timothy M. and Erin J. Hart sold property at 74 Old Stockbridge Road, Stockbridge, to Janet K. Eason, $409,000.


Andrew M. and Lisa A. Sheldon sold property at 754 Simonds Road, Williamstown, to Nathan P. Cook and Jessica Whitcomb-Cook, $240,000.

Susan R. Trimarchi sold property at 446 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Benjamin D. Cohen and Katherine J. Lee, $355,000.


Adam T. Krutiak Estate and Robin A. Powers sold property at West Main Street, Windsor, to David L. Krutiak, $17,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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