Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Nov. 18-22


NOV. 18-22


Laura M. O'Neil sold property at 87 Columbia St., Adams, to Kody M. and Tyra L. Crosier, $102,900.

Michael J. Sommer Sr. and Helene L. Sommer sold property at 127 1/2 Alger St., Adams, to Paul A. Dellaghelfa and Christina A. Engwer, $319,000.

Jennifer Moreau sold property at 12 Pine St., Adams, to Heidi Rose Brazeau and Adam J. Testa, $151,500.

Anna C. Tilquist, formerly known as Anna C. Cate, sold property at 168 Columbia St., Adams, to Laurie C. Gillis, $60,700.

Scott A. and Tina L. Lemaire sold property at 8 Edward Ave. a/k/a 8 Edwards Ave., Adams, to James B. Terranova, $139,500.


Town of Becket sold property at King Richard Drive, Becket, to Shawn Reinford, $1,200.

Town of Becket sold property at Depot Street, Becket, to Lee J. Chapman, $3,300.

Town of Becket sold property at 102 Wells Road, Becket, to Sergiy and Tetyana Suprunchuk, $1,500.

Town of Becket sold property at Fred Snow Road, Becket, to Sergiy Suprunchuk, $5,000.

Town of Becket sold property at Partridge Lane, Becket, to Shawn Reinford, $5,000.

Town of Becket sold property at Beaver Brook Road, Becket, to Michael J. Tosch, $5,700.

Town of Becket sold property at Arrowhead Lane, Becket, to Shawn Reinford, $6,900.

Town of Becket sold property at Friar Tuck Drive, Becket, to Richard C. Shattuck, $1,000.

Town of Becket sold property at Moberg Road, Becket, to Sergiy and Tetyana Suprunchuk, $5,000.

Town of Becket sold property at Walter Lane, Becket, to Raymond V. Pellegrini, $1,500.

Town of Becket sold property at Ronald Drive, Becket, to Sergiy and Tetyana Suprunchuk, $5,500.

Sally M. Soluri, individually and as trustee of the Sally M. Soluri Revocable Trust, sold property at 379 McNerney Road, Becket, to Steven and Anna-Stina Wardlaw, $338,000.


Thomas G. and Ruth L. Andrew sold property at 104 Lanesboro Road, Cheshire, to Gene E. Pierce, $117,550.

Jonathan T. and Dorothy Marie Madsen sold property at 173 Lakeshore Drive, Cheshire, to Gerald Daniel Miller Jr. and Sandra Miller, $280,000.


Ethan P. Rougeau and Rebecca L. Rougeau, formerly known as Rebecca L. Bishop, sold property at 901 Main St., Dalton, to Andrew W. MacFarlane, $190,000.


Neal R. Tepper and Nancy M. Tepper sold property at 6 Bott Hill, Egremont, to Stacey Paradise and Noah M. Kushlefsky, $143,500.

William T. Kane sold property at Mount Washington Road, Egremont, to David B. Seligman, $15,000.


Robert J. and Kathryn M. Curran sold property at 112 Whitman Road, Hancock, to Deborahlin Perry, $450,000.


John T. and Cheryl I. Giulino, formerly known as Cheryl I. Boyer, sold property at 14 Salt Box Road a/k/a 14 Salt Box Farm Road, Lanesborough, to Brent and Jenessa Banks, $375,000.

Daniel W. Gaylord sold property at 1 Ann Drive, Lanesborough, to Linda L. Tracy, $137,800.


Amy E. Boyington sold property at 56 High St., Lenox, to Valerie L. Whaling, $368,750.

Abu K. and Shameem R. Selimuddin sold property at 65 Galway Court, Lenox, to Shaun Patrick and Kelly Maureen Kennedy, $410,000.

Martin and Ellen W. Stern sold property at Yokun Brook Drive, Unit 4, Lenox, to Barry E. and Susan R. Director Berg, $392,500.


Ellen Hamm Brady, formerly known as Ellen T. Hamm, to Shanna Marie Hamm and Orianna Marie Regan, sold property at 256 Konkapot Road, New Marlborough, $168,000.

Perry A. Cousseau and Laurie J. Cousseau sold property at 0 Hartsville-New Marlborough Road, New Marlborough, to Julio Larraz, $100,000.

Frederick G. Chase and Tina L. Chase sold property at 919 Mill River to Great Barrington Road, New Marlborough, to George E. Stenner, $190,000.


Jacob M. and Elizabeth M. Elder sold property at 133 Pleasant St., North Adams, to Jeffrey Faerber and Stacey Dreher, $215,000.

Michele A. Haskins, personal rep. of the estate of Robert E. Lavigne, sold property at 17 North St., North Adams, to Bohuslav Petran and Anna Salmeron, $110,000.

Joan Siepman Penn, personal rep. under the will of Helen Claire Hamlin, a/k/a Helen C. Hamlin, sold property at 11 Elder Ave., North Adams, to James F. and Jean Egan, $145,000.

William E. Elder, trustee of The Elder Real Estate Trust No. 1, sold property at 60 Porter St., North Adams, to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Foundation Inc., $90,000.

William E. Elder, trustee of The Elder Real Estate Trust No. 1, sold property at 8-10 Montana St., North Adams, to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Foundation Inc., $60,000.

Mark D. and Terry A. Hartman sold property at 50 A St. and B Street, North Adams, to James Mullins and Kendra Baker, $122,500.

George G. Olsen, personal rep. for the estate of Arthur George Olsen, sold property at 83 Hall St., North Adams, to Marlene Middleton and Gianni Donati, trustees of The Marlene Middleton & Gianni Donati Trust, $87,000.


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Lawrence Marziale, personal rep. of the Estate of Helen J. Gostyla, sold property at 74 Kibbe Road, Otis, to Matthew R. King and Brian Cruey, $460,000.

George E. Foote Jr. and Susan Schleigh Foote sold property at West Center Road, Otis, to Brendan Thomas Eukers, $25,000.

Allen T. and Romola V. Meyer sold property at 880 East Otis Road, Otis, to Christopher T. and Candy L. Chaffee, $265,000.

Jeanne V. Wheeler sold property at 402 Lion Hill Road, Otis, to John T. and Linda L. Cox, $475,000.

Carlos F. Fraga sold property at 356 Pine Road, Otis, to Kenneth P. Ferris, trustee of Tamarack Cottage NT, $230,000.


Patricia A. Mone, formerly known as Patricia A. Beaudoin, sold property at 25 Daytona Ave., Pittsfield, to John and Amber Levine-Pritzker, $185,000.

Timothy P. and Linda L. Tracy sold property at 404 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Earl Zipp, $160,000.

Joseph P. and Kerry L. Burke sold property at 60 Shore Drive, Pittsfield, to Thomas W. and Michelle M. Robert, $510,000.

Cara Cowlin sold property at 31-33 Courtland Place, Pittsfield, to Winthrop D. Kie Jr., $117,500.

Leslie A. Zack and Valorie J. Trela sold property at 89 Oak Hill Road, Pittsfield, to Timothy C. Conrow, $167,000.

Adam L. and Gretchen M. West sold property at 18 Juliana Drive, Pittsfield, to Ethan P. and Rebecca L. Rougeau, $378,000.

Alan, Thomas, Gary and Bruce Barnaby and Jane Unterberger sold property at 64 Dartmouth St., Pittsfield, to JMP Properties I LLC, $42,500.

Franz P. Rose and Rachel L. Rose, formerly known as Rachel L. Mosher, sold property at 64 Cleveland St., Pittsfield, to Olivia L. Daly, $173,000.

Rebecca S. Dickerson sold property at 765 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Kurt P. and Julie Wigmore, $197,000.

Thomas G. D'Avella sold property at 33-35 Edward Ave., Pittsfield, to Douglas M. and Rebecca A. Collins, $140,000.

Donald G. and Mary E. Hebert sold property at 4 Sunrise Circle, Unit 2, Pittsfield, to Anthony G. and Debra H. King, $295,000.

Elaine H. Sabourin, trustee of the Elaine H. Sabourin Living Trust, sold property at 70-72 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield, to Bruce J. and Kathy J. Buckley, $237,000.

Edward J. and Maureen C. Murray sold property at 201 Windsor Ave., Pittsfield, to Gayle L. Smith, $239,900.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC sold property at 21 Indian St., Pittsfield, to Kristine Marie Hurley and Joseph Colin Racicot, $70,875.

Eleanor R. Rosen, trustee of the Eleanor R. Rosen Trust, sold property at 8 Cynthia Lane, Pittsfield, to Robert L. and Christine H. Davis, $267,000.

Joseph C. Delsoldato sold property at 52 Reuter Ave., Pittsfield, to Kelsey E. Alcantara, $149,500.

Yelena Shakaleva sold property at 60 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield, to Lisa C. Herland, $221,000.

Kellie J. Hogan sold property at 338 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Donald D. Beachem, $89,900.

Christine M. Sherman-Curtin and Edward A. and Tracy L. Sherman, personal reps. of the Estate of Sylvia Rose Sherman, sold property at 46 Elaine Drive, Pittsfield, to Gabriele Budni, $215,000.

Kristine McNulty, Tamie Glantz, Cynthia Coury Daly a/k/a Cynthia Coury, Lori Coury, and Karam J. Coury sold property at 4 Cynthia Lane, Pittsfield, to Joel and Susan Friedman, $280,000.

Gail E. Wicklund sold property at 477 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Zachary C. Roberts, $156,900.


Andrew P. Allt, Richard T. Byrnes and Michael J. McDyer sold property at 851 East Road, Richmond, to Rachel L. and Franz P. Rose, $325,000.

Kenneth H. and Gail E. Sickler sold property at 210 Shore Road, Richmond, to Craig A. and Kim M. Gordnier, $205,000.


Bank of New York Mellon, formerly known as Bank of New York, as trustee for Cwalt Inc., Alternative Loan Trust 2006-CB, sold property at 30 Clark Road, Lot A, Sandisfield, to Dominic Konstam, $20,000.

Christopher L. Rines sold property at Viets Road, Sandisfield, to Doppelmoppel & Bekloppel LLC, $140,000.

Thomas R.S. Burgin and Mary Alice Burgin sold property at 366 Deer Run, Sandisfield, to Jennifer Collins and Gretchen Randall, $212,000.


Sharon A. Jones sold property at 41 Main St., Unit 4, Stockbridge, to Susan E. Danish, $95,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 19 Glendale Middle Road, Stockbridge, to Robert J. Gennari, $155,000.


Robert D. Choquette, personal rep. of the Estate of Harvey Choquette, sold property at 135 Main Road, Tyringham, to Patrick Zabatta, $20,000.


Judith Rosenberger, trustee of Living Trust of Judith Rosenberger, sold property at 11 Stockbridge Road, West Stockbridge, to Emma Rose Merritt, $240,000.


Norma H. Fox sold property at 51 Moorland St., Williamstown, to Alex A. and Michelle M. Apotsos, $400,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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