Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Nov. 27-Dec.1

NOV. 27-DEC. 1


Scott C. Fitzgibbons sold property at 15 Enterprise St., Adams, to Alysa Goddard, $105,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society sold property at 91 Fisk Road, Adams, to John-Michael W. Bradbury, $108,000.

FNMA sold property at 6 Frederick Lane, Adams, to Kenneth F. and Lisa J. Howcroft, $47,500.

William T. Tattersal Jr., William T. Tattersall Jr. and Charlene P. Tattersall sold property at Hathaway Street, Adams, to Joseph Augustus, $59,500.

Gregory E. and Debra J. Wojieck sold property at 70 West Mountain Road, Adams, to Thomas Primmer and Samantha Leja, $143,000.


Richard M. Karabin, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Richard Atkins Harris, sold property at Hilltop Court, Becket, to Wendy L. and David G. Dube, $1,500.


Terri A. Johnson and HSBC Bank USA NA sold property at 91 Daniels Terrace, Cheshire, to Daniels Terrace 91 RT and Michael G. Roy, $102,000.

Todd A. and Melissa Cairns sold property at 97 Ingalls Road, Cheshire, to Joel E. Pekosz, $130,000.

David N. Wise and Nancy E. Haflich sold property at 127-129 Main St., Cheshire, to Samantha M. Warner, $142,000.

Mark J. St. Hilaire sold property at 158-168 Outlook Ave., Cheshire, to Mark J. St. Hilaire, $157,000.


Ronald E. Lindskog Estate and Teresa J. Boucher sold property at 790 Walker St., Clarksburg, to Anthony E. and Cheryl E. Randall, $90,000.


Marylin G. Ronan, Trustee of the Ronan Family NT, sold property at 48 Tower Road, Dalton, to Sergei C. Carty, $145,000.

Kay F. Hall sold property at 302 Johnson Road, Dalton, to James M. Maschino and Judith Moynahan, $169,000.

John K. Heon sold property at 105 Pine St., Dalton, to Adam S. and Callie J. Demarsh, $161,500.

George W. Adams III and Donna L. Adams sold property at 48 Mountain View Terrace, Dalton, to Tyler S. Miller, $140,000.


Russell A. Rawling sold property at 51 Creamery Road, Egremont, to 51 Creamery Road LLC, $325,000.


Alan F. Bukes sold property at 15 Lake Ave., Great Barrington, to Marie Humes, $170,000.

David Livingston and Pamela Giles sold property at 40 Round Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Pamela Livingston Giles a/k/a Pamela Giles, $238,500.

David A. Ward, Trustee of Cottages at Barrington Brook Nominee Trust, sold property at 10 Burning Tree Road, Unit 4, Great Barrington, to Michael P. Kahn, Trustee of Michael P. Kahn Revocable Trust of 2000, and Loretta Cornelius Kahn, Trustee of Loretta Cornelius Kahn Revocable Trust of 2007, $627,500.

Andy Matlow and Peggy Cullen sold property at Quarry Street, Lot 1, Great Barrington, to Matthew L. Dodds, Trustee of Matthew L. Dodds Trust, $90,000.

Mark T. Caiola and Pamela C. Caiola sold property at 33 Kirk St., Great Barrington, to Jeremy J. Berlin and Alison M. Berlin, $362,500.


Laurence R. and Marilyn C. Shapiro sold property at 1053 Beaver Pond Meadows, Unit 1053, Hancock, to Kimberly M. Snyder, $143,300.

Suzanne Rockett sold property at 390 Rathbun Road, Hancock, to Cameron M. and Blake C. Hastie-Etchison, $418,200.


William M. Goddard Jr. and Alysa Goddard sold property at 90 Curtis St., Hinsdale, to Michael D. and Andrea J. Appleton and Edmond J. Jr. and Stacey L. Supple, $335,000.


Michael D. and Andrea J. Appleton sold property at 33 Grove Ave., Lanesborough, to Andrew and Andy Pauker, $230,000.

Steven B. and Patricia A. Sidway sold property at 4 Monica Drive, Lanesborough, to Todd J. and Chad M. Bolotin, $149,900.

FNMA sold property at 7 Ocean St., Lanesborough, to Michael Hart, $55,000.

Katharine C. Westwood sold property at 171 South Main St., Lanesborough, to Heather L. Lindhardt, $137,350.


Michael A. Santolin sold property at 778 Greylock St., Lee, to Tina M. Bartini, $145,000.

Christopher and Elizabeth Sparks sold property at 295 Prospect St., Lee, to Andrea Black, $262,500.


LAB Associates LLC sold property at 10 Woods Lane, Lenox, to Judith B. Bergman, $585,000.

Stanley C. Lipton sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit F06, Lenox, to Liat Lemberger f/k/a Lazarovich, $83,000.

David A. Dembowitz sold property at 294 West St., Lenox, to Joseph F. Poulson III and Isadora M. Wolfe, $310,000.

TH Associates LLC sold property at 12 Woods Lane, Lenox, to John B. Bergman, $585,000.

Edward P. and Robin E. Lane sold property at 192 Housatonic St., Lenox, to Matthew E. Lane, $475,000.


Kevin Fahey and Kimberly Fahey sold property at 1741 Hartsville-New Marlborough Road, New Marlborough, to Ian Adam Langbart and Amy Langbart, $479,000.


Alfonso and Rachelle Ramirez sold property at 45 Highland Ave., North Adams, to Kevin M. Yorke, $145,900.

David A. and Maria L. Lavalley sold property at 39 Natural Bridge Road, North Adams, to Kevin Erdeski, $139,900.

Mary A. George and Daniel A. Matrigali sold property at 89 Phelps Ave., North Adams, to Matthew C. Rivard and Nicole M. Tietgens-Rivard, $171,000.

Whaling Properties LLC sold property at 417-423 West Main St., North Adams, to Lawrence Michon, $110,000.


Wendy Ellen Flynn sold property at B Street, Otis, to Theodore J. Kopyscinski, $45,000.

Karen Sue Curry sold property at C Street, Otis, to Theodore Joseph Kopyscinski Jr., $10,000.


Catherine A. Trzepacz, Individually and as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Arnold E. Trzepacz, sold property at 11 Andes Road, Peru, to Russell and Margaret E. Chieffo, $205,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. sold property at 261 East Windsor Road, Peru, to Nicholas Adam Boucher, $125,000.


Jeffrey P. King sold property at 71 Adelaide Ave., Pittsfield, to Lawrence D. Cariddi Jr. and Alyssa Scholz, $182,700.

Gerard E. Burke sold property at 35-37 Stratford Ave., Pittsfield, to Brendan J. Burke, $185,000.

RSB Properties LLC sold property at 28 Pleasure Ave., Pittsfield, to IBT Investments LLC, $22,500.

Charles W. Flynn Jr. and Theresa A. Flynn sold property at 21 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to John J. Lester Jr. and Brenda K. Fiero, $160,000.

William and Theresa A. Ahern sold property at 80 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Alexandria J. Wheaton, $108,500.

Joseph P. and Marie S. Mele sold property at 21-23 Hazelwood Terrace, Pittsfield, to Sara M. Massery, $159,000.

Richard P. Lyon sold property at 51 Leona Drive, Pittsfield, to Sean R. Winston and Kayla M. Lekov, $215,000.

James Deangelis sold property at 79 Greenwich St., Pittsfield, to Wendi Joy Ridgeway, $100,000.

John Jr. and Irene M. Coviello sold property at 64-66 Maplewood Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert M. and Nadine N. Lloyd, $170,000.

Lorraine M. Roccabruna and Daniella M. Betti f/k/a Roccabruna sold property at 124 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Melissa M. Yansak, $176,000.

Annette T. Thoubboron, Trustee of the Thoubboron NT, sold property at 54 Ann Drive, Pittsfield, to Paul R. Belanger, $207,875.

Rose M. John sold property at 6-8 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, to Anna K. Lotto, $102,000.

Amy L. Kroboth, Trustee of the ALK NT, sold property at 18 Amy Court, Pittsfield, to Richard and Sandra Pilatsky, $368,000.

Thomas Delphia sold property at 103 West Union St., Pittsfield, to Nicholas J. Matthews, $40,000.

Kenneth Self sold property at 19 McArthur St., Pittsfield, to Michaela M. Powers, $164,000.

Naomi Cortez sold property at 15 Briggs Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael Gurney, $87,000.

Dolores A. Burns sold property at 20 Oriole St. and Curlew Street, Pittsfield, to Jack Sabo, $160,000.

Doris M. and Steven E. Cabral sold property at 28-30 Lombard St., Pittsfield, to Timothy R. Mack, $85,000.

Sharon A. Mendonsa sold property at 101 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to Mitchell Salvini, $139,000.

Geralyn M. Jones sold property at 67 Lillian St., Pittsfield, to Anisa M. Spagnuolo, $230,000.


Henriette Meran, Trustee of the Henriette Meran Declaration of Trust, sold property at 238 Rossiter Road, Richmond, to Mauer and Mollie Toole Desai, $1,100,000.


Scott T. Race and Angela M. Race, Trustees of S.A.T. Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 1661 County Road, Sheffield, to James Percy and Susan Percy, $229,000.

David J. Spirakis and Penelope Chaplin sold property at 304 Hickey Hill Road, Sheffield, to Matthew S. Fox and Jill M. Ireland, $1,350,000.

Anthony D. Sabatelli sold property at 30 Glennana Way, Sheffield, to Noah Connell and Dana R. Friedman, $375,000.

John P. Davis sold property at 106 Blair Lane, Sheffield, to Rhonda W. Katz, $100,000.


James P. Miner sold property at 23 Goose Pond Road, Tyringham, to Christopher E. and Elizabeth M. Sparks, $330,000.


John R. Galland, Trustee of West Center Road Realty Trust, sold property at 181 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, to William F. Nolan, $65,000.

John D. Cowles and Diane M. Cowles sold property at 4 Lenox Road, West Stockbridge, to Susan Leo, $245,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation sold property at 35 Albany Road, West Stockbridge, to Casey M. Montemagni, $66,000.


William R. and Julie A. Kangas sold property at 697 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to David B. Dupee and Martha E. Prevey-Dupee, $445,000.

Caroline Tanzi sold property at 15 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Jill C. Bouton, $135,000.

Vincent A. and Marcia M. Zoito sold property at 32 Woodcock Road, Williamstown, to Berkshire Family & Individual Resources, $348,500.


Richard B. Bator sold property at East Windsor Road, Windsor, to Michael Davine, $120,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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