Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 14-18

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OCT. 14-18


Amy Marie Macca, as personal rep. of the Estate of Matthew J. Wilk Jr., a/k/a Matthew Joseph Wilk Jr., sold property at 173 East Road, Adams, to Susan M. Krzeminski, $244,000.

Patricia Decker sold property at 44 Notch Road, Adams, to Charles E. and Linda R. Stevenson, $105,000.

Olga Milman, Aaron Kats and Natasha Milman a/k/a Natalie Milman sold property at 50 Summer St., Adams, to OTW Ventures LLC, $100,000.

Kathryn Anne Kothlow, Karen Marie Richert and Donald Dellert sold property at 136 Friend St., Adams, to Jacques Joseph Contois, $100,000.

David Irland sold property at 30-32 Temple St., Adams, to Elizabeth D. Irwin, $115,000.

George J. Haddad a/k/a George A. Haddad, Jacqueline M. Haddad, Amber Haddad, Jordan Haddad, Terry Santoro, Tonia Eslami, Jamie Delson, and Colleen Byrd sold property at Spring Road and Wenzel Terrace, Adams, to Richard A. and Dawn M. Milesi, $200,000.

Todd F. O'Neil sold property at 28 East Orchard Terrace, Adams, to Ryan J. Joppich and Elizabeth T. Crosier, $176,000.

Robert J. and Melanie G. St. Pierre sold property at 65 East Mountain Road, Adams, to Amy E. Krutiak, $195,000.


Clifford Van Reed, trustee of the Van Reed Pension Plan & Trust, sold property at Moberg Road, Becket, to David N. Myers and Nomi M. Stolzenberg, $6,000.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion Mortgage Company and Orsola D. and Anthony F. Ballato sold property at 101 Washington Mountain Road, Dalton, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $140,000.

Steven R. Hunt sold property at 7 Ruby Terrace, Dalton, to Heather M. Boino, $130,000.

Leanora R. Mole sold property at 48 Norwich Drive, Dalton, to Maricelli Serrano, $142,500.


Ricardo C. Fresia sold property at 394 Mohawk Trail, Florida, to Donald S. Alvarado and Judith A. Arigoni, $170,000.

Deborah L. Peirce sold property at 38 Tilda Hill Road, Florida, to Deborah L. Bliss, $24,000.


Berkshire Chalet Resort Motel — A Condominium Inc. sold property at 949 South Main St., Unit 207, Great Barrington, to Louis H and Pauline A. Trahan, $7,500.

Ricky Turczak and Deborah Ann Turczak, a/k/a Deborah A. Turczak, sold property at 6 Beacon Hill, Great Barrington, to Celeste M. Martin and Sarah E. Martin, $325,000.

Albert J. Dupont Sr. and Marie Dupont sold property at 155 Front St., Great Barrington, to Angel Espinoza-Jiminez, a/k/a Angel Espinoza-Jimenez, $180,400.

Ronald A. Chapman and Therese M. Chapman, trustees of Ronald A. Chapman and Therese M. Chapman Revocable Trust, sold property at 119 Railroad Ave., Great Barrington, to Olivia C. Vilord, $156,000.

Christy Allyson Smith sold property at 281 Main Street, Unit 3B, Southworth Condominium, Great Barrington, to Douglas A. Freundlich and Margo D. Stark, $220,000.


Nettie R. Hammond sold property at Whitman Road, Hancock, to Richard M. Dunbrack, $210,000.


Jack and Nancy Susan Effrain, trustees of the Effrain Family Trust, sold property at 245 Pine Cone Lane, Hinsdale, to Thomas Barker, $325,000.

Allegrone Homes Inc., formerly known as L.J. Allegrone Inc., sold property at 129 Lenore Drive, Hinsdale, to Glen and Deborah Waller, $400,000.

Michael L. and Martha S. Gervasi sold property at 129 Hemlock Lane, Hinsdale, to Beth B. Raffeld and Philip S. Khoury, trustees of the Beth B. Raffeld Trust, $900,000.


Maricelli Serrano sold property at 580 South Main St., Unit 6, Lanesborough, to Stephen J. and Beth M. Psutka, $78,000.

Ursula King Allen and Paul Michael Maloy sold property at 20 Westview Road, Lanesborough, to Susan E. Fahey, $199,000.


Lynda Pratt sold property at 880 East St., Unit 400B, Lee, to Kathleen A. Prince, $142,500.

Timothy Cresswell and Carl Jennings sold property at 13 Chanterwood Road, Lee, to Teresa Bitetti, trustee of the Teresa Bitetti Living Trust, $495,000.


Myra Friedman, trustee of the Myra Friedman RVT, sold property at 9B Coldbrooke South Drive, Unit 9B, Lenox, to Ellen Cohen, trustee of the Ellen Cohen RVT, $545,000.

Nathan B. Winstanley, individually and formally d/b/a Winstanley Associates, sold property at 33 Cliffwood St., Lenox, to Richard A. Fogel, $447,000.

Ellen Cohen, trustee of the Ellen Cohen RVT, sold property at 123 Cliffwood St., Lenox, to Brian T. and Judith M. Gladden, $830,000.


John F. Eidmann sold property at 143 Sandisfield Road, Monterey, to George H. Nielson and Linda R. Neilson, $125,000.

Charles C. Sutton and Nancy Sutton sold property at 207 Beartown Mountain Road, Monterey, to Gerard Casserly and Michael Casserly, $390,500.


Terry A. Waterhouse Hartman, a/k/a Terry A. Hartman, as personal rep. of the Estate of William John Waterhouse, sold property at 457 West Main St., North Adams, to Christopher J. Mowe, $109,000.

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High Street Condominiums LLC sold property at 21-23 High St., Unit 4, North Adams, to Joe Parks Beasley Jr. and Stephanie Manteufel Beasley, $167,500.

Aaron T. Crandall sold property at 22 Burnham St., North Adams, to Robert J. and Melanie G. St. Pierre, $162,000.

David J. and John F. Horan, as personal representatives to the Estate of Kathy P. Horan, a/k/a Cathy P. Horan, sold property at 738 Curran Highway, North Adams, to Kellie D'Elia Laskin, trustee of the Local Salad Trust, $33,000.

John F. Horan, trustee of the Kathryn M. Bowes NT, sold property at 752 Curran Highway, North Adams, to Kellie D'Elia Laskin, trustee of the Local Salad Trust, $52,000.


David F. and Teresa E. McClellan sold property at 31 South Road Extension, Peru, to Robert and Justin M. Holmes, $69,000.


David M. and Diane C. Agar, trustees of the David and Diane Agar RVT, sold property at 3 Woodland Drive, Pittsfield, to Steven J. and Stacy A. Leslie, $473,000.

Angel L. and Nicole J. Martinez sold property at 20 Hurley Drive, Pittsfield, to Jacqueline Ferry, $127,000.

James Chevarie sold property at 40 Stoddard Ave., Pittsfield, to Eric and Aron Callahan, $143,000.

Robert F. and Cheryl A. Killeen, trustees of the Peaslee Family NT, sold property at 2 Cherry Hill Drive, Unit 50, Pittsfield, to William P. and Ann L. Klein, $350,000.

SLING LLC sold property at 126 Strong Ave., Pittsfield, to Tyler A. Gregory and Julia A. Padilla, $157,500.

Rebecca Harris, personal rep. of the Estate of Wayne E. Harris, sold property at 234 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Gregory S. and Jo Ann Hoffman, $219,000.

Steven D. Dwyer sold property at 46 Spring St., Pittsfield, to Jennifer Morgan, $65,000.

Andrew A. Zurrin and Janet P. Layton-Zurrin sold property at 111 Ventura Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael A. Valenti, $219,000.

Angela M. Larese, formerly known as Angela M. Hakkinen, sold property at 31 Hopewell Drive, Pittsfield, to Kyle A. Delsoldato, $176,000.

Donna M. Gilmore, formerly known as Donna M. Delphia, sold property at 111 Garland Ave., Pittsfield, to Daniel J. Rogacki and Alison M. Dixon, $210,000.

Barbara Dodge Cary sold property at 90 Exeter Ave., Pittsfield, to Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini, $70,000.

Harold Dupee sold property at 65 Backman Ave., Pittsfield, to Patrick A. and Allison Kathleen LeClair, $188,000.

Joshua M. McFarlin sold property at 141 Bushey Road, Pittsfield, to Luke F. Godfrey and Samantha J. Rydell, $235,000.

USA HUD sold property at 73 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to T&E Real Estate Transactions LLC, $44,000.

Patrick S. Maynard sold property at 51 Myrtle St., Pittsfield, to Jorge Esquivel Calzoncit, $169,900.

Peter J. and Nina J. Garlington sold property at 26 Alexander Terrace, Pittsfield, to Simon T. and Kate S. Chennells, $225,000.

Jeanne E. Morin sold property at 91 Montvue St., Pittsfield, to Melissa M. McGurn, $135,900.


Michael G. Miller sold property at West Road, Richmond, to Peter and Susan Bernard, $550,000.


Nicholas Doering-Dorival and Bianca Doering-Dorival sold property at Sandy Brook Turnpike, Sandisfield, to George T. Place, $12,500.


Michael Shawn Farmer, trustee of Jean M. Farmer Living Trust Agreement, sold property at 140 Bunce Road, Sheffield, to Julie Claar Adams, 250,000.


Alberni Holdings Inc. sold property at East Street and Wallace Road, Unit DH-A, Stockbridge, to Eugene and Noreen L. Luca, $282,000.

Marian T. Turk sold property at 41 Main St., Unit 2, Stockbridge, to Sharon Loraine Weiss, $112,000.


Peter J. and Mary Delia Blake sold property at 40 Ryan Road, Washington, to Christopher J. McGuire, $313,500.


Delia Martinez a/k/a Dee Martin sold property at 227 South Hemlock Lane, Williamstown, to Aaron Rothschild, $178,000.

John C. Tietgens sold property off Simonds Road, Williamstown, to John C. Tietgens III, $35,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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