Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 21-25

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OCT. 21-25


Sandra L. Holzer sold property at 135 Orchard St., Adams, to Olawale and Ashley Oladehin, $565,000.

Eric M. and Carrie A. Gagne sold property at 26 Melrose St., Adams, to Kyle S. Racine, $140,200.

Laurie J. Carpenter, personal representative of James Arthur Robinson a/k/a James A. Robinson, sold property at 8 Arnold Ave., Adams, to Lisa F. Mott, $130,000.

Gary E. Bellows sold property at 120 West Road, Adams, to Johanna L. Tatro, $265,000.


Gary Burke and Phyllis Vine sold property at White's Hill Road, Lot 2, Alford & Egremont, to Jason Haas and David Haas, $215,000.


David J. Sytulek, personal rep. of the Estate of Stanley Joseph Sytulek, sold property at King Richard Drive, Becket, to Anthony Wesolowski, $10,000.

Kevin J. Farrell sold property at 130 South Cove Road, Becket, to Linda L. Curetty, $212,500.

Roger E. Pagerey and Catharine P.P. Grey sold property at 1016 Fred Snow Road, Becket, to Steven B. and Deborah Herrick, $290,000.

Charles F. Andrews sold property at 212 King Arthur Drive, Becket, to Roger L. and Wendy L. Duryea, $17,000.


Harrison R. King Jr. sold property at 43 North St., Cheshire, to Melanie J. King and Jacqueline Ann Pekosz, $110,000.


Clean Energy Collective LLC sold property at River Road, Clarksburg, to Landmark Infrastructure Holding Company LLC, $240,000.

Leonard R. Wandrei Jr. sold property at 33-39 Farview Heights, Clarksburg, to Bonnie and John B. Howland III, $35,000.


Bruce P. and Margaret J. Lederman sold property at 147 Patricia Ave., Dalton, to Patrick R. and Allison S. Mead, $450,000.

Paul G. Jr. and Deborah J. McMahon sold property at 488 East Housatonic St., Unit 1, Dalton, to Priscilla L. Morine, $87,500.

Joshua C. Lussier and Lori Ann Lussier, formerly known as Lori Ann Mullett, sold property at 24 Birchwood Terrace, Dalton, to Jessica Pemble, $169,000.


Cathy M. Torrico and Beverly Ann Dunn, trustees of Great Haven Realty Trust, sold property at 12 Fairview Terrace, Great Barrington, to John E. Hotaling and Caitlin M. Hotaling, $231,000.

Thomas R. Dawson sold property at 1 Reed St., Great Barrington, to Baljit Singh and Ravinder Kaur, $180,000.

Kevin J. Mercer and James J. Mercer, trustees of the 341 Long Pond Road NRT, sold property at 341 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Susan N. Singleton, $300,000.


Dawn Marie Draper-Pratt, formerly known as Dawn Marie Draper, sold property at 93 Kittle Road, Hancock, to Joseph P. and Ruth A. Knysh, $59,900.

John Kowal sold property at 71-73 Jericho Road, Hancock, to Jeffery M. and Arlene A. Walter, $360,000.

Meredith Kate Molony, Meghan Rose a/k/a Megan Rose Molony, Madeleine Isabel Molony, William Jacob Oliver, and Nicolas Barrington Basil Dunning sold property at Route 43, Hancock, to Trina and William Goodrich, $80,000.

Mark G. Madden Jr. and Barbara J. Madden sold property at Corey Road, Unit A, Building 9, Hancock, to Daniel J. Greifenkamp, $250,000.


Tallage Lincoln LLC sold property at Middlefield Road, Hinsdale, to Final Harbor Farm LLC, $3,000.


Joseph Prince sold property at Silver Street, Lanesborough, to Michael R. Shepherd and Crystal J. Morin, $40,000.

Andrew P. and Natalie Levin sold property at 15 Sunrise St., Lanesborough, to Adam R. Bowling, $425,000.

George W. Buckley Jr. and Rosalie R. Buckley sold property at Rosenberg Road, Lanesborough, to John Rudick, $26,000.


Michael P. McManmon sold property at 165 Stockbridge Road, Lee, to Abigail Noble, $550,000.

Elizabeth J. Erwin sold property at 50 Antelope Drive, Lee, to Jodie Marie Griffith, $230,000.

Michael A. Monti and Shannon Donovan-Monti sold property at 145 Orchard St., Lee, to Dana Parsons, $275,500.

Stanley A. and Estelle F. Berg sold property at 770 Summer St., Unit 16D, Lee, to Stephen S. and Ellen Denetz, $422,000.


Steven Sussman, trustee of the Richard Sussman RVT Agreement, sold property at 5B Coldbrooke South, Unit 5-B, Lenox, to James M. Ruberto, $490,000.

Jeffrey P. Cella sold property at 43 Pinecrest Drive, Lenox, to Matthew and Susanna Lauro, $355,000.


Richard J. Melluzzo, trustee of Richard J. Melluzzo 2016 Revocable Trust, and Patrice C. Melluzzo, trustee of Patrice C. Melluzzo 2016 Revocable Trust, sold property at 37 Pine St., New Marlborough, to Adam Rand and Annette Rand, $275,000.


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Nancy P. Bullett sold property at 42 Maple St., North Adams, to Norman J. McLeod, $225,000.

Jennifer E. Mattern sold property at 40 Cady St., North Adams, to Patrick W. and Dawn J. Schoorlemmer, $78,000.

Clean Energy Collective LLC sold property at Reservoir Road, North Adams, to Landmark Infrastructure Holding Company LLC, $240,000.

Clean Energy Collective LLC sold property at Reservoir Road, North Adams, to Landmark Infrastructure Holding Company LLC, $240,000.

Peter J. Greenbush sold property at 39 Burnham St., North Adams, to Elizabeth Marr and Mitchell Masterson, $200,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee, sold property at 47 Barth St., North Adams, to Allen and Tracie Arnold, $59,850.


Westfield Camping Club sold property at 25 East Shore Road, Otis, to Christian Bach, $8,000.

Norman Spiegel and Nancy J. Haber sold property at 760 Dimmock Road, Otis, to Robert Markinson and Haritini Kanthou, $385,000.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper and Stephen F. Cimini, sold property at 16 Fairfield St., Pittsfield, to Shaun O'Neil, $80,000.

Joyce Stanga sold property at 205 Wendell Ave., Unit A, Pittsfield, to Jan Caryl Kaufman, $185,000.

D. Jeffrey and Julie G. Mooney sold property at 35 Catherine St., Pittsfield, to D. Justin Mooney, $120,000.

Jay A. McDermott sold property at 46-48 Hawthorne Ave., Pittsfield, to David E. Torra Jr., $156,000.

Stephen M. and Connie V. Shaw sold property at 66 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield, to Valerie Goly, $165,000.

Valerie Maston sold property at 167 Second St., Pittsfield, to James Wheeler, $73,000.

Louis Vincent Failla sold property at 46 Longfellow Ave., Pittsfield, to Jamual Warren, $168,000.

Jonathan D. Garson sold property at 7 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Kendall L. Stanaway, $151,500.

Valerie J. Ireland, formerly known as Valerie J. Boody, sold property at 11-13 Briggs Ave., Pittsfield, to Candelaria Cordova De Carillo, $116,500.

Colin J. Benner sold property at 48 Preston Ave., Pittsfield, to Makenzie D. Marshall, $142,000.

TMR Realty LLC sold property at 189 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to Nicole R. Sebastiano, $151,500.

Kelly J. Phair sold property at 36 Imperial Ave., Pittsfield, to David E. Lindsey, $192,000.

Robert M. Hart and Kathy A. Hart, formerly known as Kathy A. Sheerin, sold property at 111 Jason St., Pittsfield, to Merrill Bergs, $260,000.

James H. Yarmey, Gale M. Rocca a/k/a Gail M. Rocca, Mary Beth Prozinski, and Patricia A. Smith sold property at 60 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield, to Stefan A. Macgillis and Rachel T. Brash, $147,000.


Allyson J. Sorge and Robert F. Thoden, personal reps. of the Estate of George Jeffery Sorge, sold property at 361 Lenox Road, Richmond, to Aaron R. Hill and Cara E. D'Amico, $273,000.

Kimberly Ann Rawson sold property at 105 Yokun Road, Richmond, to Richard and Shannon McMahon Lichte, $199,900.


Charles L. Collins and Alison Collins sold property at 186 Sandisfield Road, Sandisfield, to Liana Toscanini, $232,000.

Michael Lewis Stephenson and Dale Patricia Stephenson, personal representatives of the Estate of Elizabeth Weiss Stephenson, sold property at 35 Hammertown Road, Sandisfield, to Klaus A. Metz and Lauren B. Metz, $465,000.


Joseph E. and Sharon L. Rice sold property at 88 Hawley Road, Savoy, to Randy P. Morehouse and Penny Tarsa, $213,000.


Caitlin Hotaling, formerly known as Caitlin Lally, sold property at 159 Alum Hill Road, Sheffield, to Troy K. Murtagh and Jessica Ruth Murtagh, $300,000.


David J. Brown sold property at 35 Thistle Path, Williamstown, to Roger I. and Rosemary Samson, $350,000.

Ecosolutions LLC sold property at 66 Hoxsey St., Williamstown, to CC Hoxsey LLC, $395,000.

Daniel P. Goodwin and Shanti M. Singham sold property at 37 Thistle Path, Williamstown, to David J. Zimmerman and Susan E. Langman, $305,000.

David J. Zimmerman and Susan E. Langman sold property at 29 Hawthorne Road, Williamstown, to Joelle G. Collins, $510,000.


Ronald S. and Grace T. Mauk, trustees of the Ronald S. Mauk Living Trust and Grace T. Mauk Living Trust, sold property at 3931 Route 9, Windsor, to William E. Tatro, $250,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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