Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 23-27

OCT. 23-27


Leda A. Giroux and Brenda S. Demaestri sold property at 14 Columbia Terrace, Adams, to Mark S. Demastrie, $134,000.

WVUE REO 2015-1 LLC sold property at 18 Grove Ave., Adams, to A.R. Adams LLC, $22,500.


Jerome Sanders and Maxine Sanders, Trustees of Sanders Family Nominee Trust, sold property at 249 Green River Road, Alford, to Victoria Gifford Kennedy, $634,542.

Thomas K. Doyle Sr. and Paula H. Doyle sold property at 147 East Road, Alford, to Michael Goldverg and Irene Tananyan a/k/a Irina Tananyan, $1,550,000.


Joan Hamilton-Bayer sold property at 870 George Carter Road, Becket, to George Michael and Luan Marie Fellman, $289,500.

Nancy F. Seip, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Robert L. Fishell, sold property at 156 King Arthur Drive, Becket, to Harold H. Carlquist and Michele L. Hackett, $144,975.

Neal F. Kalechofsky and Janice D. Gobert sold property at 355 Mallard Drive, Becket, to Lyundmila Bagry-Gaskill, $230,400.

Ann Marie Starzyk, Synthia Starzyk and Melissa Farris, and Ronald P. Monson, Personal Rep. of the Estates of Ruth A. Lutservitz, Suzanne S. Starzyk f/k/a Duval and Peter F. Starzyk, sold property at Blue Boar Lane, Becket, to Aaron and Heidi Cowles, $2,000.


Eileen W. Nuttall RET and Alan R. Nuttall sold property at 90 North St., Cheshire, to Peter N. & Anne T. Tietgens RET and Peter N. Tietgens, $120,000.


Theresa Dennette sold property at 44 Henderson Road, Clarksburg, to Michael J. Tifft, $121,800.


R.R.A.M. Inc. sold property at 70 Lake St., Unit D, Dalton, to Ronald J. Marcella Jr. and Diane C. Marcella, $80,000.

James W. and Ann W. Cotter sold property at 199 Yvonne Drive, Dalton, to Joseph P. and Cynthia A. Rodgers, $385,000.

Beverly A. Davis, Individually and as Trustee of the Beverly Davis Living Trust, Lisa A. Maher, Mark D., Lynne E., Glenn A., and Barry T. Davis, and Beth C. Smithsold property at 37 Edgemere Road, Dalton, to Glenn A. Davis, $130,000.

Marie A. Paradise sold property at 90 Kimberly Drive, Dalton, to Robert W. Kinzer III, $302,000.


Sherwood S. Sumner sold property at 143 Hurlburt Road, Great Barrington, to Sima Mansouri, $350,000.

Sherwood S. Sumner, Trustee of SumFrum Nominee Trust, sold property at 7 Cornwall Drive, Great Barrington, to Sima Mansouri, $70,000.

William F. Nolan, Trustee of Nolan Realty Trust, sold property at Nolan Drive, Great Barrington, to Massini Bus Company Inc., $210,000.

Dietrich Meyerhofer and Laurel J. Meyerhofer sold property at 7 Stanley Drive, Great Barrington, to Shelley E. Babicka, $250,000.


Tracy L. Dupuis sold property at 265 Smith Road, Hinsdale, to James J. and Kelly Ziemba, $292,875.


Patricia T., Thomas W. and Douglas E. Sr. Brown sold property at 410 Greylock St. Lee, to Anthony C. Blair, $200,000.


Cliffwood Undermountain Conservation Properties LLC sold property at land off Yokun Avenue, Lenox, to Berkshire Natural Resources Council Inc., $350,000.

Peter J. Sprague, Trustee of the Sprague Family NT-1974, sold property at Undermountain Road, Lenox, to Berkshire Natural Resources Council Inc., $180,000.


Jonathan Levin and Paula Hartstein sold property at 8 Bidwell Road, Monterey, to Amy Silberstein and James Cohen, $638,500.

Dorene Sue Beller sold property at Hupi Woods, Lot 2, Monterey, to Joel M. Goldstein and Melissa A. Smith, $400,000.


David C. Kaiser sold property at Brooklyn Street Lot, North Adams, to Maria Greig-Williams, $90,000.

David C. Kaiser sold property at 87 Brooklyn St., North Adams, to Maria Greig-Williams, $90,000.

RSB Properties LLC sold property at 16 Crossey Place, North Adams, to MABJM NT and Michael J. Badorini, $35,000.

Louis R. Ziter sold property at 69 Davenport St., North Adams, to Megan T. Konieczny, $166,000.

Carmela Brazeau sold property at 971 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Mark and Amy Patenaude, $149,900.

Elizabeth A. Murphy and Wilmington Savings Fund Society sold property at 27 Palmer Ave., North Adams, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, $14,220.

HSBC Bank USA NA Tr sold property at 516-518 Union St., North Adams, to Castlerock 2017 LLC, $15,500.


Karen D. Fink sold property at 1495 Reservoir Road, Otis, to David and Lizbeth Gargan, $118,500.

Robert J. Polverari sold property at East Otis Road, Otis, to Thomas E. and Dennaye M. Garbati, $15,000.

Marcy Pontell sold property at 113 Pike Road, Otis, to Bruce N. and Ursula Hoskins, $595,000.


William Guzzo Jr. sold property at 36-38 Gale Ave., Pittsfield, to Dylan Anthony, LLC, $155,000.

Peter D. and Wendy M. Joyce sold property at 109 Hungerford St., Pittsfield, to Benjamin T. and Holly J. Hunter, $200,000.

Maria Liccardi sold property at 25-27 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield, to Rosana Holdings LLC, $47,000.

Deborahlin Perry sold property at 39 Catherine St., Pittsfield, to Simeon M. and Natanya H. Bittman, $142,500.

Marsel Almakdesi sold property at 81 Dartmouth St., Unit 309, Pittsfield, to Michael J. Rossi and Morgan J. Haskin, $117,500.

Kowalczyk Development Corp. sold property at 4 Sunrise Circle, Unit 2, Pittsfield, to Donald and Mary Hebert, $369,000.

David H. and Carol A. Mierzejewski sold property at 28 Harold St., Pittsfield, to Tracy L. Dupuis, $167,500.

Thomas M. Filiault sold property at 40 Longfellow Ave., Pittsfield, to Louis Vincent Failla, $68,000.

Howard B. and Maureen E. Miller sold property at 562 Pecks Road, Pittsfield, to James R. and Caroline J. Berry, $167,000.

Phyllis Bona, Carole Gale and Thomas J., Joseph F., Louis A., James S. and David A. Ditello sold property at 44 Shore Drive, Pittsfield, to Raymond J. Wallach, $375,000.

William Beautyman and Catherine Gribbel-Beautyman f/k/a Catherine Gribbel Holmes sold property at 20 Crofut St., Pittsfield, to Kenneth Jay Amron and Ruth Lynn Frommer, $371,000.

Shaun W. and Sonya N. Heimann sold property at 14-16 Lombard St., Pittsfield, to Staffany Vargas, $145,500.

Frank J. Jr. and Grace A. Vallone sold property at 43-45 Clinton Ave., Pittsfield, to Rosa Velasquez, $125,000.

Kathleen Linda Adair, Trustee of the Adair Family NT, sold property at 36 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to William and Brenda Ahern, $269,900.

Plymouth Lane Capital LLC sold property at 24-46 Fourth St., Pittsfield, to B4 Fourth LLC, $580,000.

Doris J. Bean sold property at 6 Louise St., Pittsfield, to Joanne E. Amuso, $122,100.

Robert W. Kinzer III sold property at 43 Cromwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Bradley W. Greene, $178,000.

Bradley W. Greene sold property at 246 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Joseph R. Taikowski and Brenna A. Novak, $155,000.

Doris J. Denno sold property at 61 Allengate Ave., Pittsfield, to Tricia N. Saunders, $118,500.

Paula C. Crea sold property at 54 Joseph Drive, Pittsfield, to Marie A. Paradise, $230,000.

Alyssa Bartlett sold property at 37 Melville St., Pittsfield, to AAFIK Management LLC, $51,500.


Adams Community Bank sold property at 196 Chapel Road, Savoy, to Abigail M. Phelps, $50,000.


William A. Gillooly and Maryanne G. Gillooly sold property at 248 Hulett Hill Road, Sheffield, to Benjamin Banks-Dobson, $412,500.

Andrew W. Slater and Lindsey M. Slater sold property at 392 Polikoff Road, Sheffield, to Andrew J. Turnbough and Juli-Anne Turnbough, $150,000.


Leonard and Marian Meyerson sold property at 24 Mahkeenac Road, Stockbridge, to Anne Meyerson and Robert Knox, $100,000.

Esther Zimmerman sold property at 4 West Dale Road, Stockbridge, to Stephen M. Ruskin, $281,000.


Lester P. Glass sold property at 18 Glendale Road, West Stockbridge, to Lisa M. DeCubellis, $450,000.


John D. Chapman and Leah G. Nowak-Chapman sold property at 71 Cole Ave., Williamstown, to Mark J. Reach and Laurel Bifano, $692,500.

Stephen T. and Laura D. Staneff sold property at 36 Haley St., Williamstown, to Daniel and Jennifer Turek, $430,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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