Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Sept. 23-27

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SEPT. 23-27


US Bank National Association, trustee, sold property at 9 Crotteau St., Adams, to JD Associates LLC, $55,000.

Tamara B. Hitchcock sold property at 367 East Hoosac St., Adams, to Daniel F. Burns, $229,900.


Alford Raven's Nest LLC sold property at 274 East Road and 0 East Road, Alford, to Cloud Kingdom LLC, $780,000.

Judith Dix sold property at 43 Old Village Road, Alford, to Julius A. Wool and Andrea R. Newmark, $1,100,000.

Ronald Blumenthal and Naomi Blumenthal sold property at 101 Green River Road, Alford, to Patrick S. Styer and Jennifer A. Murray, $1,550,000.


Jamie Samowitz sold property at 834 George Carter Road, Becket, to Richard and Tara Kerstetter, $269,900.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA, trustee, and Hildegarde Freedman sold property at 77 Algerie Road, Becket, to Ruby Realty LLC, $126,000.

Melva Norton sold property at 88 Greenwood Court, Becket, to Matthew R. Liebenow Jr., $151,000.

Richard A. and Patricia R. Aglietti, trustees of the Aglietti Living Trust, sold property at 231 Sherwood Drive, Becket, to Kathleen B. Kirschmann, $228,000.

Peter, Kenneth and Jane Hason sold property at 3238 Main St., Becket, to Matthew J. and Jenna L. Bodnar, $203,000.


Guy R. Lewis, Nathan J. and Amber L. Worth sold property at 42 Fisher Hill Road, Cheshire, to Andrew G. and Sarah G. Perenick, $402,500.


Ditech Financial LLC and Michael J. Earl sold property at 45 River St. Extension, Dalton, to Ditech Financial LLC, $112,000.

Paul H. and Kimberly A. Bruce sold property at 62 Lindsay Drive, Dalton, to Sara J. Kelley, $331,500.

Frank and Jodie Conrad sold property at 43 Pease Ave., Dalton, to Lawrence J. Doughty, $175,000.


Mary Jane Strong Goodrich, formerly known as Mary Jane Jugl, sold property at 125 Jug End Road, Egremont, to Martha A. Beyer, $190,000.


NBT Bank NA sold property at 454 Monterey Road, Great Barrington, to Matthew J. Merritt III, $215,000.

Mary S. Blaise and Lyn M. Biasin sold property at Monument Valley Road, Great Barrington, to Edward J. Weiner and Marsha G. Weiner, $80,000.

Sagitta LLC sold property at 23 Pleasant St., Great Barrington, to Todd A. Curtis and Jessica S. Curtis, $635,000.


Francis A. Colucci a/k/a Frank Colucci, trustee of the Diane Cuoco Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 9222 Mountainside Drive, Hancock, to Ronald and Stacey A. Isaacson, $410,000.


Paul G. and Ann M. Brown f/k/a Ann M. Colson sold property at 265 Bilodeau Brook Road, Hinsdale, to Arthur L. and Anne M. Shurtleff, $310,000.

Danielle Driscoll sold property at 701A Peru Road, Hinsdale, to David P. and Catherine D. Procopio, $310,000.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA, trustee, and Donald G. Graves sold property at 251 Pittsfield Road, Hinsdale, to Magni Properties LLC, $82,000.


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Kenneth L. Graf Jr. sold property at 36 Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Candice M. Smith, $233,950.

Henry M. and Karen R. Gold sold property at 18 Grove Ave., Lanesborough, to Morgan Reese Steiner, $185,000.


Cynthia Lee Dickson, Joanne Yetz-Aldape and Marilyn Y. Miles sold property at 375 Devon Road, Lee, to Brendan M. Heck and Carrie J. Swift Heck, $285,000.

Mark A. Greenaway, personal rep. of the Estate of Judith E. Wright, sold property at 55 Marble St., Unit 5, Lee, to Mary Angela and Robert E. Adams Jr., $195,000.

Teresa L. Bragdon sold property at 620 Stockbridge Road, Lee, to Brian M. Duval, $490,000.


Richard K. Agar, personal rep. of the Estate of Helen F. Agar, sold property at 72 Plunkett St., Lenox, to Richard and Elaine Dowgos, $287,000.


Stuart Edelstein and Elaine Edelstein sold property at 23 Point Road, Monterey, to Marc Holzer and Madeline Holzer, $525,000.

Jerome M. Congress sold property at 27 Sevens Lake Road, Monterey, to Maura S. Griffin, $950,000.


Matthew M. Davis sold property at 727 Curran Highway, North Adams, to Eric W. Cardinal, $129,000.

Andrea J. Tomkiewicz, Wendy Backiel, Charles A. and Beverly A. Wilson sold property at 74 Chenaille Terrace, North Adams, to Shaun A. and Linda M. Buckler, $320,000.

Joseph F. and Wendelin H. Caffrey sold property at 3 Francis Ave., North Adams, to Gabriel A. Columna, $25,500.

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Joshua Field sold property at 366 Houghton St., North Adams, to Nathan J. and Amber L. Worth, $87,900.

Maria T. Moulton sold property at 133 Reed St., North Adams, to Antoinette Emilia Lentine, $138,000.

Maris H. Owczarski sold property at 98 Meadow St., North Adams, to Juli Taylor, $121,000.

Mark A. Cohen and Lisa A. Cass sold property at 8 Holden St., North Adams, to Aaron Williams and Elizabeth Hartung, $315,000.

Dorothea A. Tower sold property at 151 River St. and 5 Chase Ave., North Adams, to Paul G. and Rebecca C. Lymberis, $87,000.


Anastasia and John R. Stanmeyer Jr. sold property at 1286 Monterey Road, Otis, to Hawthorn Street Properties LLC, $580,000.


Robert E. Welz Jr. sold property at 89 Hickingbotham Road, Peru, to Derek T. Bowler, $135,000.

James M. Dudas sold property at 18 Andes Road, Peru, to Tiaona and Matthew B. Winot, $235,000.


Tracie D. Bennett sold property at 37 Saratoga Drive, Pittsfield, to James W. and Martha E. Tobin, $229,900.

Maxine D. Copulsky, trustee of the Maxine D. Copulsky RVT, sold property at 109 Alpine Trail, Unit 28-A, Pittsfield, to Marden Home LLC, $469,000.

June P. Corseri sold property at 21 Ventura Ave., Pittsfield, to Kyle H. Dube and Brittany P. Keyes, $159,000.

Francese Family Realty LLC sold property at 230 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to IBT Investments LLC, $45,000.

Christine M. Degregorio sold property at 53 Worthen St., Pittsfield, to Gina Marie Krieger, $236,000.

Yong Zhou Pan and Qing Xia Chen sold property at 203 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Yi Mei Pan, $270,000.

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Michael P. and Carol A. Daly sold property at 1136 Barker Road, Unit 11, Pittsfield, to Jerome Martin Congress, $305,000.

Mitchell D. Pires sold property at 50 Westminster St., Pittsfield, to Michael Anthony Moretti and Courtney L. Culpepper, $84,000.

Carolyn Riley sold property at 36 Concord Parkway, Pittsfield, to Sian Gibson, $285,300.

Sarah J. and Dennis M. Lynn Jr. sold property at 51 Cromwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Jane C. Blanchard and Bridget Ann Boel, $131,000.

James M. and Susan J. Horsford sold property at 25 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Ice Glen Realty LLC, $150,000.

Jodie M. Novaris sold property at 41 Pine Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Christopher R. and Alicia Hill, $205,000.

Christopher R. and Helen C. Hill sold property at 81 Gamwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Scott S. Foster, $155,000.

Amy L. Kroboth, trustee of the ALK NT, sold property at 22 Amy Court, Pittsfield, to Steven F. Smith, $375,000.

Derek S. Warren sold property at 10 Virginia Ave., Pittsfield, to Kathleen A. Connors, $164,900.


Deborah J. Mangini sold property at 70 Haskins Road, Savoy, to James Smith, $10,000.


Alain J. Picard, Therese J. Rotermund, Maurice N. Picard, and Simone Y. Renzuella sold property at Dogwood Street, Lot 24, Block 2, Unit 2; Tulip Lane, Lot 25, Block 2, Unit 2; and Oak Street, Lot 13, Block 3, Unit 1, Sheffield, to Richard N. Wells and Cindy Liston-Wells, $5,000.

Frederic E. Steinberg sold property at 54 Rannapo Road, Sheffield, to Jonathan J. Freedman and Amy E. Trommer, $1,100,000.


Risa Schwartz, trustee of the Sol L. Schwartz RVT, sold property at 200 Old Stockbridge Road, Unit 3, a/k/a 176 Old Stockbridge Road, Stockbridge, to Joanne Guerrini, $610,000.

Pamela Sandler sold property at 5 Goodrich St., Stockbridge, to Vincent N. VanNess III and Karen A. Hawkins, $373,000.

Kay A. Konove sold property at 6 Goodrich St., Stockbridge, to Marie S. Reilly, $540,000.


Vincent P. Guntlow sold property at 35 Bulkley St., Williamstown, to Antony K. and Leticia Haynes, $750,000.

Frederick and Genevieve B. Driscoll, trustees of the Driscoll NT, sold property at 403 North Hemlock Lane, Williamstown, to Michael P. and Dianne M. Supranowicz, $279,500.

Erin F. Casey and Jonah S. Marshall sold property at 390 Stratton Road, Williamstown, to Suk and Maureen M. Namkoong, $635,000.


Robert J. and Ruth A. Bradley sold property at 1016 High Street Hill Road, Windsor, to David S. Birrell and Deborah R. Lusignan, $396,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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