Bill Everhart: Patrick-Wakanda link must be explored

PITTSFIELD — Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is considering a run for the White House in 2020, and he is certainly well-qualified for such a bid. But this does raise a question that, however painful, must be asked.

After enduring eight years of President Obama, a native of Kenya, not Hawaii as he repeatedly asserted, do voters want to elect a president whose heritage could be traced to another African nation — Wakanda?

Readers not familiar with Wakanda should go to their local movie theater and see "Black Panther," the documentary about the nation and its leader T'Challa, a king who in his off-hours fights crime across the globe as one of the Avengers. The historian and author Stan Lee, who writes under the Marvel imprint, has been chronicling the history of this mysterious East African nation since 1966.

Briefly, Wakanda is a reclusive nation of scientist-warriors who exploited the nation's supply of Vibranium, a metal with extraordinary properties that arrived in the country courtesy of a meteorite, to make technological advances in medicine, transportation, computers and a variety of fields that other nations have not come close to replicating. Worried that those other countries would corrupt that knowledge and use it for sinister purposes, the Wakandans refused to share it, masquerading instead as a primitive nation — what President Trump would describe as a "s---hole country."

This "Wakanda First" philosophy made the country's rulers the ultimate protectionists — which would have in fact won them favor with the American president. Among those leaders was the late King T'Chaka, the father of T'Challa. According to my sources — I have granted them anonymity which is not to say they don't exist — Deval Patrick's father may or may not have served in T'Chaka's cabinet and Patrick may or may not have been born in that land. Further, T'Challa (AKA Black Panther) is a contemporary of our former governor, who may or may not have met the young prince during his travels in the United States in pursuit of knowledge and the worldliness appropriate to a leader and part-time superhero.

We don't know for certain that Patrick's heritage traces back to Wakanda, but we don't know for certain that it doesn't either. But does America want to gamble and elect a president with links to a powerful, mysterious foreign leader who is occasionally seen bare-chested? That's unimaginable in our nation's guardian and commander-in-chief.

While it is true that President Obama produced a birth certificate supposedly "proving" he was born in Hawaii in response to the heroic efforts of the birthers, led by Donald Trump, Mr. Obama's wiretapping of Trump Towers during the presidential campaign was plainly an attempt by an embittered Obama to get back at Trump by trying to sabotage his election. We cannot risk having yet another foreign-born president of the U.S.

Mr. Patrick asserts that he was born in Chicago, but Americans must now make the same demand of the former governor that was made of Mr. Obama and it must be made before he begins his run for the White House:

Show us the birth certificate!

Bill Everhart is The Eagle's editorial page editor.


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