Letter: Call off art sale while there is time

To the editor:

There is still time! In the best interest of the community it serves, in whose interest it holds the museum collection, the board of the Berkshire Museum needs to stop the sale now, before it is too late.

The trustees must reconsider their vote to sell part of the museum's valuable collection. They can do this by calling a special meeting and special vote to undo the sale.

By stopping the sale now, even at this late date, the trustees would still have a chance to salvage the respect, trust, and love of the Berkshire County community and beyond. If not, they risk the chance of being pariahs with little or no prospects for future support.

It is a certainty that if the art is brought back to the museum, the financial support will follow. And there will surely be a renewed love of the institution and its collections, which have served the citizens of this community and beyond for well over a century.

The decision to sell its treasures is self-defeating. On the other hand, keeping the art is a way to ensure something of true value will be there for future generations.

Trustees, please call a special meeting now for the sake of the museum, the community, and the art! Bring the art back! It needs to come home!

Walter L. Darby,

Wendell, N.C.

The writer grew up in Pittsfield and spends time in the city with family.


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