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The calves at Hancock Shaker Village are all under 6-months-old, with the youngest being a week old. Here they are, pictured today at the farm.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ooooooo, Berkshires! Spring is in the air.  TV news even called it springlike the other day! I almost phoned them to remind them that it was indeed spring, and every day during the season is springlike. That, folks, is one of many reasons why Western Massachusetts needs the sense and experience of The Berkshire Eagle.

In my latest favorite topic (the Berkshire Mall), The Eagle brings you new news: The mall is open today. It had been closed for days while it dealt with a power problem; the mall's owner says there's a problem with the meter, but Eversource insists there's nothing wrong with the infrastructure. Our Tony Dobrowolski reports.

The town leaders in Lanesborough are concerned that the town budget will be affected should mall tax revenue suddenly disappear.

In nearby Pittsfield, city councilors have voted to ban single-use plastic bags, such as those commonly seen in supermarkets. 

A Clarksburg father finds himself in court after putting hands on his son in an attempt to discipline the boy; this begins a big debate on whether this constitutes discipline or assault.  

Before you go on with your day, make sure to scan these other articles so you'll know what everyone is talking about in your community ...

COBURN UNDER FIRE: A group of Monterey residents wants Selectman Donald Coburn to step down; he says he's not going anywhere. 

BB GUN ROBBERY SENTENCING:  A city man who used a BB pistol to rob a man making a night deposit has been sentenced to three years' probation.

4 MARIJUANA SHOPS, AND NO MORE: Great Barrington might implement a cap on the number of pot shops in town at four.

ADAMS HOMETOWN MARKET: Our ace shooter Gillian Jones got a sneak peek at the brand new market in Adams, slated to open for business on Friday.

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The News

Pittsfield City Council unanimously votes to ban single-use plastic bags

PITTSFIELD — "You can pick up your dog's poop with it," Councilor At Large Earl Persip said, holding up a compostable bag allowed under a new ban approved Tuesday by the City Council. It's the … more

Great Barrington voters to decide whether to cap pot shops at four

GREAT BARRINGTON — Responding to the concerns of residents, town officials will let voters decide whether the number of retail recreational marijuana shops in town should be capped at … more

Pittsfield man sentenced to probation for armed robbery with BB gun

PITTSFIELD — A city man who used a BB pistol to rob a man making a night deposit has been sentenced to three years' probation.Benjamin C. Robertson, 22, pleaded guilty in Berkshire Superior … more

Lanesborough officials worry loss of mall tax revenue could lead to cuts

LANESBOROUGH — Town officials fear the dwindling — or outright loss — of six-figure property tax revenue from the Berkshire Mall could mean municipal budget cuts starting in three … more

Clarksburg man on trial for allegedly assaulting boy over school troubles

PITTSFIELD — Discipline or assault?That will be the question jurors will face in the case of Duane Griffiths, who prosecutors say beat a 13-year-old boy with a wooden spoon, a spatula and a … more

Calls grow for Monterey Select Board member Coburn to resign

MONTEREY — A citizen petition seeking the resignation of Select Board member Donald Coburn was the fourth public call for him to step down from town leadership in the past three months.Coburn, … more

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Berkshire Mall set to reopen after shutdown extends another day

LANESBOROUGH — The Berkshire Mall's status? It's complicated. The complex remained closed Tuesday, but its owner, who lives on Long Island, insisted it was open. A post on the mall's Facebook … more

Photos: Hometown Adams Market to open in former Big Y in Adams on Friday at 9 a.m.

Employees and managers from The Hometown Adams Market have been working for the last couple of weeks to remodel, and restock the old Big Y Supermarket in Adams and plan to have it open to the public … more

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Bob Dunn | Game On: Why 'Portal' is the perfect video game ...

"Hey Bob, what's a perfect vid ..."
"`Portal.' It's `Portal.' Case closed. Anything else? Because the answer to your question is `Portal.'"Previously, we've talked about video games being a legitimate form of art, and for me, there's … more

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Nancy Dutton, the director of the Hands to Work maple sugaring program at the Darrow School in New Lebanon, N.Y., checks the consistency of the boiling maple sap at the school’s sugar house. The school has 250 taps in maple trees on the property and makes maple syrup yearly.
The corpse flower, or konjac arum, a plant native to Indonesia with the third largest flower in the world, blooms in the greenhouse at the Darrow School in New Lebanon. The corpse flower gets its name from the distinct odor of rotting flesh that it emits during bloom.

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