Don't use Bible to judge others

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Using the Bible as a reference for establishing contemporary standards and laws is a recipe for hypocrisy.

Many illegal or undesirable marital and sexual combinations are permitted in the Bible, including: Polygamy; sex and marriage between adults and children or between children; sex and pregnancies between married and unmarried people; extra-marital sex and abandonment of offspring. Sex for reasons other than procreation can be a capital offense.

In addition to its obscure, mystical portions, the Bible is an instructive history of an ancient people's strivings, journeys and humiliations. In its pages, circumstances never stand still and a heroic people frequently push against arrogant hierarchies. The Bible would not exist if Abraham had not vandalized his father's place of worship. None of us would exist if the act of Creation had not transformed a pre-existing vacuum.

The Bible should not be misused as a way for some people to judge and control others. That's reserved for a "higher power." People who step on those toes are well advised to mind their own business.


Stockbridge. Dec. 1, 2006



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