Wahconah Regional High School award recipients announced

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American Legion Auxiliary Benjamin F. Sullivan Unit 155: Rachel Houghtaling (Medal & Award), Fred Sears (Scholarship)

Emma Bailey Scholarships: Ian Graham, Colby Lennon, Timothy Noble

Town of Becket Scholarship: Emma Adams

Berkshire County Arc Scholarships: Kate Mathews, Michaella Moncecchi

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Garrett Francis Collins and Josephine Goodwin Collins Scholarship: Shea McIlquham

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Town of Becket Scholarship: Ellen Cook

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Zenas Crane Fund Scholarships: Catherine Boino, Ellen Cook, Cecelia Dunham, Easton Eberwein, Jordyn Gagliardi, Gracie George, Rachel Houghtaling, Hayden Kendall, Janna Looney, Shea McIlquham, Michaella Moncecchi, Madeline Naef, Hailey Pickard, Avery Price, Jack Pudlo, Charlie Salinetti

Central Berkshire Education Association Nursing Scholarship: Hannah Rose

Central Berkshire Education Association Teaching Scholarship: Kaylyn Vincent

Chang Chavkin Scholars Program: Lucas Walsh

Dalton Lions Club Scholarships: Shea McIlquham, Thomas O'Connor, Jack Pudlo

Dalton Rotary Club, Berkshire Community College Club Scholarship: Jaiden Tatro

Dalton Rotary Club Leadership Scholarships: Amelia Bergquist, Catherine Boino, Easton Eberwein, Kevin Huban, Janna Looney, Kate Mathews, Jack Minella, Michaella Moncecchi, Madeline Naef

Dalton Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship: Ellen Cook

Daughters of the American Revolution Award: Jack Minella

Girls Incorporated of the Berkshires MCLA Award: Rachel Houghtaling

Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarships: Kevin Huban, Jack Minella

Greylock Federal Credit Union Scholastic Achievement Award: Michaella Moncecchi

Hill Engineering Scholarship: Fred Sears

Hillside Agricultural Society Scholarship: Rachel Houghtaling

Hinsdale Lions Club Scholarship: Rachel Olds

Ivanowsky Family Scholarship: Alexander White

Knights of Columbus 411 (David H. Carmel) Scholarships: Michael Acevedo, Corey Bazonski, Catherine Boino, Jessica Duma, Jordyn Gagliardi, Hayden Kendall

Monday Morning Quarterback Club Scholarships: Hunter Connelly, Ian Graham, Mitchell Gray, Shea McIlquham, Thomas O'Connor, Griffen Salvini

Onyx Specialty Papers Inc. Scholarship: Kate Mathews

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarships: Michael Cullett, Luke Hescock, Shea McIlquham, Jack Minella, Griffen Salvini

Quail Inspiration Award: Daniel Greenspan

The Gold Wings Foundation Scholarship, Lt. Steven Combs USN Memorial: Kevin Huban

St. Joseph High School Legacy Scholarships: Donald Nealon, Jack Perenick

The Mark Franklin Honorary Award: Kristin Rock

United Educators of Pittsfield Scholarship: Catherine Boino, Ellen Cook

United States Figure Skating Bronze Award: Amanda Drager

Town of Washington Scholarship: Colby Lennon

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Women of Color Giving Circle Scholarships: Logan Buendia, Daniel Greenspan

Art Department Award: Janna Looney

Attendance Award: Charlie Salinetti

Automotive Technology Award: Noah Millis

Business Department Award: Olivia Millis

Central Berkshire Regional School District General Scholarships: Madeline Esko, Ian Graham, Bailey Shippee, Matthew Thibodeau, Mikyla Wilkins

Drafting and Computer Aided Drafting Award: Tyler Meunier

Emerging Technology Department Award: Charlie Salinetti

English Department Award: Kate Mathews

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators' Association Student Achievement Award: Michaela Moncecchi

Mathematics Department Award: Ellen Cook

Modern and Classical Languages Awards: French Jack Minella (French), Catherine Boino (Latin), Lucas Walsh (Spanish)

Music Awards: Choral Award — Anthony Coviello; John Philip Sousa Award — Micayla Lenski

National Business Honor Society: Emily Figiela, Olivia Millis, Michaela Moncecchi, Rebecca Morris, Ryan Muller, Jack Perenick, Zachary Rogers, Charlie Salinetti, Bailey Shippee, Colby Wood

Physical Wellness Department Awards: Kevin Huban, Keanna Rudd

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Principal's Leadership Award: Amanda Drager

Science Department Award: Kevin Huban

Social Studies Department Award: Charlie Salinetti

Student Council Awards: Amelia Bergquist, Jessica Duma, Gracie George, Kevin Huban, Kate Mathews, Lucas Walsh

Superintendent's Award: Jack Minella

Technology Education Department Award: Hayden Kendall

Tribe Awards: Catherine Boino, Keanna Rudd, Gwyneth Smith

Wahconah Regional High School Booster Club Awards: Jessica Duma, Easton Eberwein, Kevin Huban, Kate Mathews, Rebecca Morris, Jack Pudlo, Griffen Salvini, Abigail Wells

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 1981 Scholarship: Jaiden Tatro

Wahconah Regional High School Class of 2018 Scholarships: Hailey Lenski, Micayla Lenski

Wahconah Regional High School Girls Track and Field Awards: Janna Looney, Kate Mathews, Rebecca Morris

Wahconah Regional High School Inspiration Award: Hayden Robb

Wahconah Regional High School Spirit of Inclusion Award: Michaela Moncecchi

Salvatore Abbate Memorial: Amelia Bergquist, Catherine Boino, Gracie George, Kevin Huban, Janna Looney, Kate Mathews, Jack Minella, Jack Pudlo, Charlie Salinetti, Fred Sears

Mary T. Ano Memorial: Gabrielle Frydel

Francis J. Avery Memorial: Jack Minella

Aaron Barnes Memorial: Hunter Connelly

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Charles and Sadie Boraski Memorial: Emma Adams, Ellen Cook, Cecelia Dunham, Mitchell Gray, Rachel Houghtaling, Madeline Naef

William Boraski Memorial: Cecelia Dunham

William and Patricia Carey Memorial: Michael Acevedo

Glenn D. Carr Memorial: Ryan Muller

Jane Casey Memorial: Gwyneth Smith

Peter R. Cimini Memorial: Keanna Rudd

Frank N. Costa Memorial: Michaella Moncecchi

Mitchell K. Daehling Memorial: Jaden Kuzia

Harold "Hal" Douville Memorial: Easton Eberwein

James H. Duquette Memorial: Corey Bazonski, Jaden Kuzia

James Raymond Earley Memorial: Gwyneth Smith

Lindsey M. Ferrell Memorial: Jaidyn Strack, Madyson Williams

Ida Flynn Memorial: Rachel Mulligan

Jacob "Jack" Franklin Memorial: Emily Figiela

Jacqueline Harrison Memorial: Amanda Drager

Kathryn A. Hutwelker Memorial: Abigail Wells

Gilbert D. Kittredge Memorial: Kevin Huban, Kate Mathews, Jack Minella, Michaella Moncecchi, Madeline Naef, Thomas O'Connor

John J. Kowalczyk Memorial: Samantha Gladu, Nicholas Kmon, Bailey Shippee

Francis Loehr Memorial: Hannah Rose

William H. and Marion D. Manning Memorial: Micayla Lenski

Patrick J. Muraca Memorial: Jessica Duma

Martin J. Phillips Memorial: Easton Eberwein

Robert "Boog" Powell Memorial: Hunter Connelly, Shea McIlquham, Thomas O'Connor, Abigail Wells

Robert R. Powell and Joseph D. Robins Memorial: Jordyn Gagliardi

Kay Sanford Memorial: Cylas Emerson

Dorothy Shepard Memorial: Kaitlyn Ryan

Helen Shepard Memorial: Hannah Rose

James "Jim" Soluri Memorial: Anthony Coviello

Michael Swail Memorial: Shea McIlquham

Angela Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Catherine Boino

Harry A. Walton Memorial: Corey Bazonski, Avery Price

Carl Willey Memorial: Joshua Casella


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