Elect Great Barrington locals, not Du Bois apologists


To the editor:

On May 6, the town of Great Barrington embarrassed and divided itself. The majority of Town Meeting voters spat in the faces of both active service men and women and veterans who served and sacrificed for the freedoms we as a free country take for granted. To honor W.E.B. DuBois is an insult to every person who served the U.S. during the Cold War (1946-1989).

For those who still believe in American and New England town values we still have a chance. A vote for Dan Bailly for Select Board and Walter "Buddy" Atwood will help keep the town in the right direction. The vast majority of working class, poor, elderly and veterans cannot afford what will happen if we don't keep some locals in important elected offices and watch out for our wallets. No one else has any notion of trying to help those in need in Great Barrington and showed it at the Town Meeting.

Let's support people who love Great Barrington and want to keep it with the same New England flavor as our town and state founders did. It is time to stop electing people who hate our country and want to rewrite history to make themselves feel better like some of Du Bois' friends did, like Chairman Mao in China.

So on May 14, show up with pride and vote for two candidates who want to help those in need, especially our veterans who made real sacrifices.

Patrick Fennell,

Great Barrington



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