Escaped emu evades recapture in North Adams


NORTH ADAMS — North Adams Police are continuing their search for a loose emu.

The emu has been on the lam since Monday afternoon and was spotted again on Tuesday trotting the streets of North Adams. Animal control was in the Ashland Street and South Church Street area on Tuesday afternoon, but the emu was elusive.

"The [animal control officer] is aware of the situation, but catching it isn't something that has proven easy," said North Adams Police Chief Jason Wood.

Police advise residents to not approach or attempt to apprehend the emu and Wood noted that, while emus are not known for regularly attacking humans, the animal has sharp claws.

According to the National Audubon Society, an emu can sprint at speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour.

"North Adams Animal Control is continuing to find a resolution to the matter at this time," Wood said.

The emu's location can be reported to authorities by calling North Adams Police at 413-664-4944 and pressing 1 to speak with a dispatcher.



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