Explaining educational standards in Massachusetts


Why are there "Accountability & Assistance Levels"?

In 2012, Massachusetts received a waiver on the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) that aims to have all students reach "proficient" test scores by the 2013-14 school year. Massachusetts replaced that goal with a new target: To reduce proficiency gaps by half by the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Each school and district in the state has its own proficiency gap to address. The proficiency gap is the distance between a group's current proficiency level and the target score of 100 percent proficiency.

Massachusetts now measures the progress of districts and schools for all students and up to 11 different student subgroups, including a new "high needs" one, as well as by race, income, English language proficiency, gender and disabilities.

What do Accountability & Assistance Levels mean?

All Massachusetts schools and districts with sufficient data are classified into one of five accountability and assistance levels, with the highest performing in Level 1 and lowest performing in Level 5.

In general, a district is classified into the level of its lowest performing school, unless the district was independently classified into Level 4 or 5 as a result of action by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Schools with insufficient data are schools that have fewer than 10 students per group category or if the number of students included in an aggregated student growth percentiles field is less than 20.

Here is what each level indicates:

Level 1: Meeting gap narrowing goals (for all and high needs students)

Level 2: Not meeting gap narrowing goals (for all and/or high needs students)

Level 3: Lowest performing 20 percent of schools in the state (including lowest performing subgroups)

Level 4: Lowest performing schools in the state (a subset of Level 3)

Level 5: Chronically underperforming schools in the state (a subset of Level 4)

Visit www.doe.mass.edu/apa/ accountability for more information.

Accountability & Assistance Level by district in Berkshire County

Level 1 (4 districts): BART Charter Public; Lanesborough; Mount Greylock; Richmond

Level 2 (10 districts): Berkshire Hills; Central Berkshire; Clarksburg; Farmington River; Florida; Lee; Lenox; Northern Berkshire Regional Vocational (McCann Tech); Southern Berkshire; Williamstown

Level 3 (3 districts): Adams-Cheshire; North Adams; Pittsfield

Insufficient data (2 districts): Hancock; Savoy (Emma L. Miller Memorial)

Accountability & Assistance Level by School in Berkshire County

Level 1 (13 schools): BART Charter Public middle and high; Becket Washington elementary (Central Berkshire); John T. Reid middle (Pittsfield); Lanesborough Elementary; Lee, elementary; Morris, elementary (Lenox); Mount Everett Regional, middle & high (Southern Berkshire); Mount Greylock Regional, high (Williamstown); New Marlborough Central, elementary (Southern Berkshire); Richmond Consolidated, elementary; Robert T. Capeless, elementary (Pittsfield); Stearns, elementary (Pittsfield); Wahconah, high (Central Berkshire)

Level 2 (24 schools): Abbot Memorial, elementary & middle (Florida); Allendale, elementary (Pittsfield); Berkshire Trail, elementary (Central Berkshire); Brayton, elementary & middle (North Adams); Clarksburg, elementary; Craneville, elementary (Central Berkshire); Egremont, elementary (Pittsfield); Farmington River, elementary; Greylock, elementary & middle (North Adams); Hoosac Valley, middle & high (Adams-Cheshire); J.S. Sullivan, elementary & middle (North Adams); Kittredge, elementary (Central Berkshire); Lee, middle & high; Lenox Memorial, middle & high; Morningside Community, elementary (Pittsfield); McCann Technical; Muddy Brook, elementary (Berkshire Hills); Monument Valley, middle (Berkshire Hills); Monument Mountain, high (Berkshire Hills); Nessacus, middle (Central Berkshire); Theodore Herberg, middle (Pittsfield); Undermountain, elementary (Southern Berkshire); Williams, elementary (Pittsfield); Williamstown, elementary.

Level 3 (7 schools): Cheshire, elementary (Adams-Cheshire); Crosby, elementary (Pittsfield); Drury, high (North Adams); Pittsfield, high; Plunkett, elementary (Adams-Cheshire); Silvio O. Conte Community, elementary (Pittsfield); Taconic, high (Pittsfield).

Insufficient data (4 schools): Emma L. Miller, elementary (Savoy); Hancock, elementary; Monterey, early elementary (Southern Berkshire); South Egremont, early elementary (Southern Berkshire).


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