Fall Foliage Festival leaf hunt winners announced

NORTH ADAMS — The Northern Berkshire Fall Foliage Festival Leaf Hunt Committee has announced the conclusion of this year's hunt. All winners and sponsors are thanked for their participation.

Results are as follows:

1. Fifty-five years of spectacles?: 1962 Theatre, Williams College, by Annette Czarnecki, Williamstown.

2. Spectacle Garden: Deacon Bob Moulton Memorial, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, found but unclaimed.

3. "Don't forget to write!": In Touch Day Spa, Williamstown, by Barbara Lampron, North Adams.

4. Not quite built for fairies: B & B Micro Manufacturing behind Windsor Mill, by Karen McDonough, North Adams.

5. M+M+M+M line: Adams Town Line with Cheshire Route 116, by Michelle Vareschi, North Adams.

6. From trees to forest: Highland Woods (replacing The Spruces), Williamstown, by Trisha and Ryan Denault, Clarksburg.

7. Hot dog and hippie together forever, Nathan and Freelove: Drury Cemetery, Florida, found but unclaimed.

8. Make way for ducklings: Mallard Cove, Cheshire, not found.

9. OMZ, once removed: PNA Hall, Adams, by Jaye and Irene Fox, North Adams.

10. Omega-3s from the City of Notions: Boston Seafoods, by Jeff Brassard, Adams.

11. Nobelium, Sulfur, Cobalt & Uranium - reassembled: Nicklien Sunoco, Williamstown, by John Bresette, Adams.

12. (2x-30) x 3 + 4 = 11290: 1896 Motel, by Anne Sulzmann, North Adams.

13. Stream of Ebony: Black Brook Road, Florida, by Ethan and Ryan Medon, Florida.

14. No 747s here: Airport Road, Adams, found but unclaimed.

15. For those who haven't come home yet: POW-MIA monument, Maim Street, North Adams, by Frances Czarnecki, North Adams.

16. Mountain material: Hoosac Cotton, now Eclipse Mill, North Adams, not found.

17. When the owner's away, the pets will play: Havenwood, Clarksburg, by Maggie Sulzmann, North Adams.

18. Trolleys (not trolls) needed, hound support: Bassett Brook Bridge, Cheshire, by Mary Ann LaFrance, Adams.

19. I did my winter duty for years: Cheshire Highway Department plow, by Darlene Whitman, Adams.

20. No epees or billiards cues here: Sunshine Pool and Fence, by Scott Brassard, North Adams.

Of the invisible clues, only the third was solved correctly by Peggy Oleskiewicz of Williamstown: "Dave Lilly," the ghostly angler from the Notch celebrated by poet Joyce Kilmer.

The winners received prizes donated by Wild Oats, Walmart, Pedrin's Dairy Bar, North Adams Museum of History and Science, Chee's Restaurant, Freight Yard Pub, Boston Seafoods, Planet Fitness, North Adams MoviePlex 8, Big Y, and Brew-ha-ha.


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