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"Captain Marvel" follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, this is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I spent over two hours with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and I still have no idea what her personality is. Sure, there's a lot more going on in "Captain Marvel," but it's a pretty egregious failing considering that the creative bigwigs at Marvel had 10 years and 20 films to work it out. All-in-all it's fine, but nothing to get too excited about. And it could have and should have been so much better. The first female-led movie of the MCU deserves more. With Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Annette Bening, Clark Gregg, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Gemma Chan, Mckenna Grace. (Bahr, The Associated Press — 3/7). 2 hours, 4 minutes. BC / BM / NAM


Documentary about a hairdresser's shop in the Brussels Matonge quarter that is a meeting place for African women. They come to have their hair cut, but also to organize and discuss things, and to flirt. French with English subtitles. 1 hour, 10 minutes. LC


The original "Dumbo" was released in the summer of 1941 while Germany was spreading across Europe and war was breaking out in the Pacific. Only 64 minutes in length, it took flight just as far more chilling creations were taking to the air. Almost eight decades later, "Dumbo" is alight again in Tim Burton's somber and sincere live-action remake of the animated classic. Burton has refashioned "Dumbo" as a sepia-toned show-business parable tailored to more animal rights-sensitive times. But it is wondrous when Dumbo takes flight. Burton's camera feels genuinely mesmerized at his elephant's magic act. The filmmaker's recent films have been well outside his best work. But when Dumbo soars, it's clear that Burton is a believer, still, in the ability of a beautiful oddity to transcend. (Coyle, The Associated Press — 3/29). 2 hours, 10 minutes. BC / BM / CT / NAM / TC / TM


There are few more seductive things to watch onscreen than a big, wine-soaked, multi-generational family wedding like the one that happens early in "Everybody Knows," Asghar Farhadi's new thriller set in a picturesque Spanish village. But as good as Farhadi is at portraying the infectious revelry binding a family together, he's even better at exploring what happens when those binds start to fray. And they do, pretty fast. Farhadi's chief interpreters here are Spanish cinema royalty: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Farhadi is as adept as ever here in painting complex relationships tested by the most trying of circumstances. And while he may leave a few dimensions less than fully mined — the village's class and economic tensions, for example — he's created a hugely engrossing study of a family undergoing a terrifying crisis. (Noveck, The Associated Press — 3/4). 2 hours, 12 minutes. NAM


Seventeen-year-old Stella spends most of her time in the hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient. Her life is full of routines, boundaries and self-control — all of which get put to the test when she meets Will, an impossibly charming teen who has the same illness. There's an instant flirtation, though restrictions dictate that they must maintain a safe distance between them. As their connection intensifies, so does the temptation to throw the rules out the window and embrace that attraction. With Cole Sprouse, Haley Lu Richardson. 1 hour, 56 minutes. BM


A free-spirited divorcee (played by Julianne Moore) spends her nights on the dance floor, joyfully letting loose at clubs around Los Angeles. She soon finds herself thrust into an unexpected new romance, filled with the joys of budding love and the complications of dating. A warmly affectionate character study, in large part due to Moore's radiant, lived-in performance as a woman committed to self-renewal. With John Turturro. 1 hour, 42 minutes. IC / NAM / TM


The true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hotel staff risk their lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families. With Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi, Jason Isaacs, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Anupam Kher. 2 hours, 5 minutes. TC


The franchise comes to a close with an affectionate chapter that continues the adventures of the Viking boy-turned-chief Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his faithful dragon Toothless, a sleek, black kind of dragon called a Night Fury. The dragon utopia that Hiccup has built on the Island of Berk, where Vikings once feared and fought dragons, comes under threat from a dastardly dragon hunter named Grimmel the Grisly (F. Murray Abraham) whose toothy grin resembles a moonlighting vampire with violently retrograde policies on dragon coexistence. With Berk under attack, Hiccup rallies the Vikings to uproot and flee to a mythical, undiscovered realm called the Hidden World where dragons could live safely away from humankind. There are two compelling parts of "The Hidden World" that validate it. The first is the courting scene between Toothless and another white (and presumably female) Night Fury who turns up just as Grimmel does. They swoop and swoon through the sky, gliding in the glow of the Northern Lights like a dragon version of "La La Land." The second is the film's terrific coda, which leaps years forward and adds a wider, wistful and more grown-up dimension to what has always been, at its heart, a boy-and-his-dog story, just with wings. With the voices of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, F. Murray Abraham, Kit Harrington. (Coyle, The Associated Press — 2/23). 1 hour, 44 minutes. BM / NAM


Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, "Pet Sematary" follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family's new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences. 1 hour, 42 minutes. BC / BM / NAM


An origin story about a jaded 14-year-old Philadelphia foster kid, Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who's bestowed with superpowers. As Shazam, he's physically altered into an adult and takes the form of Zachary Levi. But of course, even with his height, his muscles, his voice and even his powers, he's still very much a kid and has a lot to learn. 2 hours, 12 minutes. BC / BM / NAM

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In the aftermath of World War II, a British colonel and his wife are assigned to live in Hamburg during the post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German widower who lives with them. With Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard, Jason Clarke, Alexander Scheer, Fionn O'Shea, Frederick Preston. 1 hour, 49 minutes. TC


Roman Coleman (Matthias Schoenaerts), a violent convict in a prison in rural Nevada, participates in a rehabilitation program in which he trains wild mustangs, where he struggles to connect with the horses and his fellow inmates alike. Schoenaerts is a commanding presence; downright terrifying with a shaved head and a rage simmering beneath his nearly dead eyes. Even with its unusually restrained running time, "The Mustang" is a powerful and emotional journey framed by gorgeous sun-soaked shots of the stark Nevada landscape. I just wish there was a little more character development for the supporting players, like Myles and Henry, and the prison's rotten apple Dan (Josh Stewart), who feels more like a lazy screenwriting construct than an actual part of the world we've gotten to know. But Clermont-Tonnerre has established herself as a filmmaker to watch. With Connie Britton, Gideon Adlon, Bruce Dern, Jason Mitchell, Josh Stewart. (Bahr, The Associated Press — 3/29). 1 hour, 36 minutes. IC / TM


Madea and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia and unexpectedly plan a funeral, which threatens to reveal sordid family secrets. 1 hour, 48 minutes. BM

US (R)

Set in present day along the iconic Northern California coastline, Jordan Peele's exercise in horror stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide Wilson, a woman returning to her beachside childhood home with her husband, Gabe (Winston Duke), and their two children (Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex) for an idyllic summer getaway. Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family. A movie moment to remember as writer-director Jordan Peele tightens his grip in his sophomore outing — less satirical and more slaughterhouse than his astonishing debut, "Get Out," that despite its deficiencies will leave all who enter its shadowy world convinced of Peele's growing command as a singular conjurer of American nightmares. 2 hours. BC / BM / NAM / TC / TM


The story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive. With Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Ken Hudson Campbell, Kenan Thompson, Mila Kunis, John Oliver. 1 hour, 35 minutes. BM / NAM


The theaters at which the movies listed in Film Clips are playing are:

BC: Beacon Cinema (57 North St., Pittsfield)

BM: Berkshire Mall 10 (Route 8, Lanesborough)

CT: Crandell Theatre (48 Main St., Chatham, N.Y.)

IC: Images Cinema (50 Spring St.,Williamstown)

LC: Little Cinema (Berkshire Museum, 39 South St., Pittsfield)

NAM: North Adams Movieplex 8 (80 Main St., North Adams)

TC: Triplex Cinema (70 Railroad St., Great Barrington)

TM: The Moviehouse (48 Main St., Millerton, N.Y.)


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