Film clips / July 28 - Aug. 3


A tough, sensual, savage-when-she-needs-to-be spy is sent to Berlin on a formidable mission. With Charlize Theron, James McAvoy. 1 hour, 55 minutes. BM / NAM


This high-energy action flick follows a young getaway driver who's reached a crossroad in his life. Will he run off with the waitress of his dreams? In this underground world, no one is "real" — they're all slick coats of paint and simulated cool, right down to the carefully calculated soundtrack. But what more do you want from an action pic? With Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Lily James. (Bahr, Associated Press — 6/28). 1 hour, 53 minutes. BM


Rather than resume a life of crime after he has been fired by the new boss of the Anti-Villain League, Gru decides to stay in retirement and travel to Freedonia to meet his long-lost twin brother for the first time. One gets the sinking feeling that ideas are starting to slowly run out. With the voices of Steve Carrell, Trey Parker, Pierre Coffin, Kristin Wiig. (Noveck, The Associated Press — 6/30). 1 hour, 36 minutes. BM / NAM


Director Christopher Nolan's account of the daring rescue of Allied troops trapped on the beach at Dunkirk after the German invasion of France in 1940. Big in subject, reach, emotion and image. With Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy. (Dargis, New York Times — 7/24). 1 hour, 47 minutes. BC / BM / CT / NAM / TC


Four girl friends rekindle their bond — and let loose at the same time — on a trip to New Orleans for the Essence Festival. The women are so distinct and well-drawn, they're universally relatable. And keep an eye on Tiffany Haddish. If there were sich a thing as "Comedy Oscars," she would win, hands down, for her performance here. With Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish. (Cohen, The Associated Press — 7/24). 2 hours, 2 minutes. BM


Drama about the relationship between Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis and the fishmonger for whom she works as a live-in housekeeper. With Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke. 1 hour, 55 minutes. TC


Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, young Peter Parker tries to adjust to his new identity as Spider-Man while trying to build a normal life as Peter Parker, all of which is threatened when the evil Vulture surfaces. For the most part, this is a joy. It's light-hearted , smart, a little meta and the first Marvel film to really consider what it might be like for kids living in a world where superheroes are real. With Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton. (Bahr, The Associated Press — 7/7) 2 hours, 13 minutes. BM / NAM


An injured Union soldier seeks refuge at an all-female boarding school in Virginia in director Sofia Coppola's reboot of Don Siegel's 1971 Clint Eastwood-starrer. With Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Colin Farrell. 1 hour, 34 minutes. IC


In this romantic comedy, the relationship between a Pakistani comic and a grad student he meets at one of his shows takes a complicated turn and he is left to deal with her parents. With Kumail Nunjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano. 2 hours, 4 minutes. BC / BM / TC


An exuberant emoji with multiple expressions is determined to become like all the other single-expression emojis in his smartphone. 1 hour, 31 minutes. BC / BM / NAM


A surprise cancer diagnosis alters the life perspective of a retired western movie icon. With Sam Elliott. 1 hour, 32 minutes. TC


Set in the 28th century, this sci-fi adventure from director Luc Besson follows two special operatives as they embark on a mission to identify the dark force that is threatening a peaceful city. The chemistry between the leads — Cara Delavingne and Dane DeHaan — is non-existent, the dialogue is cringe worthy and the story is clunky but the images are frequently extraordinary. This movie would be better on mute. (Coyle, The Associated Ptress — 7/21). 2 hours, 17 minutes. BM / NAM


After suffering unimaginable losses, Caesar leads his army of apes into a fateful battle against a ruthless human colonel. A riveting and and surprisingly poignant epic that's a shade above the rest of the franchise dreck populating every multiplex across the country. It's as though director Matt Reeves, screenwriter Mark Bomback and the production actually put care and thought into what they were doing with their characters. With Andy Sirkis, Woody Harrelson. (Bahr, The Associated Press — 7/17). 2 hours, 22 minutes. BM / NAM


Each of seven wishes granted a 17-year-old girl by an old music box given to her by her father causes the people who are closest to her to die while the girl's life continues to improve. With Ryan Phillippe, Joey King. 1 hour, 30 minutes. BM / NAM


This origins story traces the development of Diana, Princess of the Amazons, who leaves her sheltered island home and, emerging as Wonder Woman, takes on the evil forces who are waging world war. The movie rises with powerful grace above the noise. It's not perfect but it's often good, sometimes great and exceptionally re-watchable. With Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis, Danny Huston. (Bahr, The Associated Press — 6/2). 2 hours, 21 minutes. NAM


The theaters at which the movies listed in Film Clips are playing are:

BC: Beacon Cinema (57 North St.,Pittsfield)

BM: Berkshire Mall 10 (Route 8, Lanesborough)

CT: Crandell Theatre (48 Main St., Chatham, N.Y.)

IC: Images Cinema (50 Spring St.,Williamstown)

LC: Little Cinema (Berkshire Museum, 39 South St., Pittsfield)

NAM: North Adams Movieplex 8 (80 Main St., North Adams)

TC: Triplex Cinema (70 Railroad St., Great Barrington)


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