Film clips / Sept. 8-14


A seemingly harmless doll takes on a life of her own and strikes terror for a former toymaker and his wife who lost their 7-year-old daughter in an automobile accident years earlier. 1 hour, 49 minutes. BM / NAM

CARS 3 (G)

Lightning McQueen tries to get back into the game he's been pushed out of and enlists the help of an eager, bright young tech-savvy female technician. The left-hand gender-flipping turns "Cars 3" takes is the most welcome and surprising twist yet in the "Cars" movies, Pixar, as ever, has some moves left and fuel in the tank. With the voices of Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Arnie Hammer. (Coyle, The Associated Press — 6/17). 1 hour 49 minutes. BM


Rather than resume a life of crime after he has been fired by the new boss of the Anti-Villain League, Gru decides to stay in retirement and travel to Freedonia to meet his long-lost twin brother for the first time. One gets the sinking feeling that ideas are starting to slowly run out. With the voices of Steve Carrell, Trey Parker, Pierre Coffin, Kristin Wiig. (Noveck, The Associated Press — 6/30). 1 hour, 36 minutes. BM / NAM


Director Christopher Nolan's account of the daring rescue of Allied troops trapped on the beach at Dunkirk after the German invasion of France in 1940. Big in subject, reach, emotion and image. With Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy. (Dargis, New York Times — 7/24). 1 hour, 47 minutes. NAM


A recently separated mother of two starts a new life in Los Angeles and decides to take into her house three appealing younger guys. With Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, Nat Wolff, Pico Alexander, Candice Bergen. 2 hours. BC / BM / TC

IT (R)

When children begin to disappear in a small Maine town, neighborhood kids band together to square off against an evil clown. From the novel by Stephen King. 2 hours, 15 minutes. BC / BM / NAM / TC


An 11-year-old orphan without any money in Paris in 1884 borrows someone else's identity and enrolls in the Paris Opera Ballet School in order to realize her young life's ambition — to become a prima ballerina. 1 hour, 30 minutes. BM


A laid-off West Virginia family man teams up with his brother and sister to steal money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. With Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Riley Keogh, Seth McFarlane, Hilary Swank. 1 hour, 59 minutes. BM / NAM / TC


A Canadian librarian in search of her missing 88-year-old aunt in Paris encounters an amiable but annoying tramp who won't leave her alone. 1 hour, 23 minutes. NAM


A full and fresh biography of Michelangelo who, with Leonardo, is considered one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. This film explores his relationship with his contemporaries and his immense artistic practice which included painting, sculptures, and architecture. 1 hour, 30 minutes. LC


Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, young Peter Parker tries to adjust to his new identity as Spider-Man while trying to build a normal life as Peter Parker, all of which is threatened when the evil Vulture surfaces. For the most part, this is a joy. It's light-hearted, smart, a little meta and the first Marvel film to really consider what it might be like for kids living in a world where superheroes are real. With Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton. (Bahr, The Associated Press — 7/7) 2 hours, 13 minutes. BM


In this documentary, the senior class members of a girls' high school step team in inner-city Baltimore are determined to win a dance championship and, in the process, become the first in their families to attend college. 1 hour, 23 minutes. IC


In this romantic comedy, the relationship between a Pakistani comic and a grad student he meets at one of his shows takes a complicated turn and he is left to deal with her parents. With Kumail Nunjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano. 2 hours, 4 minutes. BM / NAM


An exuberant emoji with multiple expressions is determined to become like all the other single-expression emojis in his smartphone. The good news is that "The Emoji Movie" is not evil. The bad news is it's just mediocre, or, in emoji parlance, simply "meh." (Bahr, The Associated Press — 7/29). 1 hour, 31 minutes. NAM


The world's top protection agent is hired to protect his mortal enemy — the world's top hitman, who must testify at the International Court of Justice. With Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek. 1 hour, 58 minutes. BM / NAM


Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden are in the road again, this time sampling the restaurants and hotels of the Spanish coastline. 1 hour, 55 minutes. NAM


Set against the backdrop of the 17th-century Tulip Wars, a married noblewoman has an affair with an artist and switches identities with her maid to escape the wealthy merchant she married. 1 hour, 47 minutes. TC


An FBI agent teams up with a veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation. With Jeremy Renner. 1 hour, 51 minutes. BC / BM / CT / TC


The theaters at which the movies listed in Film Clips are playing are:

BC: Beacon Cinema (57 North St.,Pittsfield)

BM: Berkshire Mall 10 (Route 8, Lanesborough)

CT: Crandell Theatre (48 Main St., Chatham, N.Y.)

IC: Images Cinema (50 Spring St.,Williamstown)

LC: Little Cinema (Berkshire Museum, 39 South St., Pittsfield)

NAM: North Adams Movieplex 8 (80 Main St., North Adams)

TC: Triplex Cinema (70 Railroad St., Great Barrington)


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