Former vegan cafe owner seeks storefront space in North Adams for psychic-based services


NORTH ADAMS — The former owner of a vegan cafe is opening a new business based on her self-described psychic abilities.

Renee Tassone, who operated Eat to Total Health from 2012 to 2017, is seeking permission to launch Stone Psychic Services on Ashland Street, right next door to her former cafe.

"I would like to open a storefront in this location where I combine everyday services that help to meet needs and goals in all areas of life, relationships, health and weight loss and combine them with my psychic abilities," Tassone wrote in a letter to the North Adams Redevelopment Authority, which must sign off on her plans.

The new business is another step in the evolution from Eat to Total Health, which became the all-encompassing Live to Total Health in 2016 and incorporated her psychic-based services.

"`Live to Total Health' doesn't really explain what I do," Tassone told the The Eagle.

Fortunetelling is legal under state law, and the state's website points to a 1998 case from Nebraska in which a United States Court of Appeals ruled such activities as protected under free speech.

Tassone had originally planned to open Stone Psychic Services in a new storefront on Holden Street. She had signage installed in the store's windows and announced on Facebook that she would open shortly. But she did not have approval for the new location from the city's Planning Board, and the city told her to cease and desist, according to Building Inspector William Meranti.

With her current office on Main Street damaged from water infiltration, Tassone told The Eagle that time is of the essence. She could not get her business on the Planning Board agenda until March, but the redevelopment authority — which oversees development on parts of Ashland Street — already had plans to meet next Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.

'Direct Line to Jesus'

Tassone's transformation from vegan cafe owner to psychic began in 2016.

"My entire Life changed in 2016 when Jesus entered my Life and it is a beautiful Gift for me to be a Direct Line to Jesus and witness the transformation in People, Their Relationships, Their Work, Their Health and Their Lives when they begin this process with Him," Tassone writes on her website.

One night, Tassone was sound asleep when she heard a voice in her left ear. It was the sound of someone praying for nearly an hour, she said.

"I was not religious at all at the time," Tassone said.

Two days later, she had a second religious experience.

"All of a sudden, Jesus appeared in front of me, clear as day," she said. "I started sobbing."

Since that encounter, Tassone said, it "has been constant communication, 24/7-around-the-clock" between her and Jesus, who is present for "every single conversation, every word."

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The sign installed on the Holden Street store's window advertised services ranging from "military training" to "customized diet plans."

"I listed all of the things that we have done," said Tassone, comparing it to a restaurant displaying its menu. "The idea was to show people and get people used to basically coming to me, coming to get answers about anything for their life."

That advice ranges far and wide. Tassone offered examples of advice she's provided such as the safest route of travel for a driver.

Tassone even described offering guidance during weekly calls to a hospice care manager in treating patients, including in regards to medication, though she is not a doctor. When pressed about her qualifications to offer medical advice, Tassone offered the hospice care manager as a reference and assured The Eagle that "if at any time we were giving misinformation" the hospice care worker would have terminated the relationship.

"Everything we tell her ends up being right," said Tassone.

Tassone also sells diet plans, though she isn't a registered dietician or nutritionist.

"I don't need to be. I've been doing it for nine years," said Tassone, who believes the results speak for themselves.

Feedback on the Eat to Total Health Facebook page is largely positive. In December 2018, a woman posted that one of Tassone's diets was "easy, fun, nonrestrictive."

She regularly uses Facebook to market her psychic abilities. In November 2018 on the still-active Eat to Total Health Facebook page, she offered a "special gift" and answered questions for free, ranging from concern about finances to health.

"What are my health issues. Doctors do not seem to know," asked one woman.

In a reply, Tassone wrote "the doctors and you are all going down the wrong path and overlooking the obvious you do not need anymore testing or any medication you need balance and a change in diet. Very simply that is the answer."

Another woman asked what food is toxic to her.

Tassone simply replied, "gluten."

The Eat to Total Health Facebook page will soon be deleted, noted Tassone, who said she plans to launch a new page for Stone Psychic Services.

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