Great Barrington: Monument Valley 3rd quarter honor roll


GREAT BARRINGTON — Monument Valley Regional Middle School has announced its third quarter honor roll. A total of 88 students, or 49 percent of students enrolled in grades 7 and 8, achieved the rank of high honors or honors.

To achieve high honors, a student must have an average of 90 in his/her subjects with no mark below 85. To achieve honors, a student must have an average of 85 in his/her subjects with no mark below 80. Students must pass all classes.


Grade 8: Julian Beadell, Alexis Benham, Rowan Boyer, Stella Brex, Sheyla Cruz, Marti Cunningham, Kayleigh Davis, Lily de Movellan, Mia Faggioni, Samantha Goudey, Aria Grossman, Evie Grossman, Kira Haworth, Zoe Holmes, Benjamin Kleinman, Andrew Knopf, Andrew LaRochelle, Zebulin Laska, Dahlia Logan, Prem Mahida, Victoria Pevzner, Cayenne Riiska, Nicole Shanahan, Jacob Shron, Anna Sinico, Lili Sprague, Tyler Sprague, Sophia Tournas-Hardt, Isabella Viola.

Grade 7: Henry Bradway, Khalil Carlson, Avery Carr, Erin DeCelle, Rosaline Dohoney, Megan Dupont, Mason Ernst, Samuel Higa, Ashley Kopiec, Andras Koval, Hazel Louw, Ian Mack, Emily Mueller, Noelle Nolan, Lily Reynolds, Benjamin Rosenbaier, Bridget Stephen, Connor Teixeira, Alex Tenney, Bei Jia Viggiano, Makayla Wax, Thomas Weston.


Grade 8: Koel Bailley, Sofia Bernal, Soumya Boutin, Ava Consolati, Calvin Hartzell, Brayan Huertas, Samantha Irausquin, Leo Kavanaugh, Nicolas Kierstead, Abigail Kinne, Adam Kronenberg, Amelia Moro, Dennis Penny Lopez, Ethan Pratt, Maisy Seckler, Marcella Tenuta, Samuel Yeung.

Grade 7: Scarlett Anderson, Thatcher Berman, Emmalee D'Aniello, Brianna Decker, Clementine Del Signore, Margaret Dionne, Benjamin Gross, Collette Hartcorn, Evi Higgins, Gabrielle Hinds, Dakota Lepera, Bryanna Lopez, Jada Pizzaro, Miranda Ralph, Michal Rave, Emmett Richard, Marissa Simms, Jackson Steven, Samantha Tovell, Liam Trask.



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