Hoosac Valley Elementary students share tips on how to cook a turkey

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Kindergartners from Hoosac Valley Elementary School in Adams share their cooking tips ahead of their family Thanksgiving.

Robin Poirot's class

We will have Thanksgiving at my house. My turkey will be as big as a pig because it will weigh 102 pounds. Hey, that is how many Pilgrims you told us were on the Mayflower, Mrs. Poirot! That's weird, hey? Our stuffing will be soft and chewy after the gravy is poured on top. It will cook for 40 hours at 5 degrees. My whole family will eat it all up.

— Lily McElroy

Our Nonni will just find the turkey in her kitchen. It will be a big fat turkey and it will weigh about 10 pounds! She takes it and stuffs it with a couple bags of sugar and then just throws it in the oven like this [insert an overhand throw across the room]. It will stay in the oven for about 2 days in a row at 496 degrees. Then when I see it come out of the oven it looks, "Yum, Yum, delicious!"

— Gianna St. John

We get the same size turkey every year. It usually weighs about 50 pounds. I weigh 49 pounds so it will be a little bigger than me. The turkey is so full of mashed potatoes. Mom puts a little BBQ sauce on it so it will cool the turkey down. I would say that it takes about 51 minutes for it to be done with the oven at 52 degrees.

— Ethan Mekdeci

We got our turkey already at Walmart. It is GINORMOUS! Mom always puts turkey sauce on top of it after she stuffs it with a big fake chicken inside. She cooks it for 10 minutes in steaming hot weather temperatures. Me? I like the chicken inside the best!

— Aubrey Boulger

My gramma works hard at making the turkey while I play. It weighs about 100 pounds. She cooks it at 33 degrees for about 4 minutes. When it beeps she pours gravy all over the big turkey and we all eat it up. Do you know that one Thanksgiving I actually put my head inside the turkey? It's true, I'm not kidding!

— Kensley Frederick

I'm going to Mema's for Thanksgiving! We have a turkey that is, oh, about 23 pounds. Mema will put a little salt and pepper on it and then she will taste it and put a little more pepper on it. We see her stuff it with some chicken pieces then she lets it cook for about 30 minutes at 2 degrees. Then she takes the chicken out and we all eat it up. It tastes delicious!

— Aubrey Brandon

Our turkey is going to be as big as a computer. It will weigh about 40 pounds. Mom and Dad will put salt and pepper on it after they stuff that thing with roastbeef. It will cook for 40 minutes at super hot degrees. I will eat the roast beef in the middle and then tell mom and dad thank you.

— Natalie Lord

We get the turkey from my Gramma's house. It weighs about 5 pounds I think. She puts a little sugar on it and then sticks it with a little weigher thing. She cooks it for only about 10 minutes at "not too hot," I would say about 9 degrees. Somehow that weigher thing that she sticks in it tells her when it is done for us to eat. I don't know how it knows but it just does!

— Ava Conley

We will get our turkey at Market 32. It will be about 30 pounds! My mom has to boil it up with salt and then she puts it in the oven for 4 degrees for about 2 hours. When we hear the beeping sound, our boiled turkey is ready for us to eat. I like the taste of it!

— Sabrina Hagen

My dad and I go get the turkey at the supermarket. It is usually big and weighs around 3 pounds. Mom will put it in for about 2 hours at 3 degrees. Mom and Grampa take it out together because it is so heavy. Grampa cuts it up into pieces for us. While we are waiting, my sister Tessa plays with her dolls and I play with my Nerf guns.

— Hunter Snyder

We are going to Maryland for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure that Papa Bill hunts for our turkey and then he gives it to Nana Mo to cook. I will ask her where she gets it when I see her. She sprinkles some kind of flavor stuff on top of it. I'm not positive but I think she stuffs it with lettuce and tomatoes inside. Then I think they will cook it for 52 minutes at 24 degrees. We will all eat some of it with gravy on top, even my little sisters!

— Addison Poirot

We will eat at Mema's. She gets her turkey at Target probably. She pets it for awhile and then presses down on it. After that she cuts it and puts some turkey inside it. Then she puts it in the microwave for 2 little minutes. We pour gravy all over it, eat it and then we go outside and pet a cute little bunny.

— Quinn Fitzpatrick

I'm going to get a giant turkey bigger than my dog Maggie! We will put a short turkey inside of the bigger turkey and stuff mashed potatoes in it also. It will cook for about 2 minutes at 2 "lukewarm" degrees. When I eat it, I say 'Yummy!" to my 2 grammas and 2 uncles that are coming to visit!

— Rylee Canavan

My mom and dad go hunting together for our turkey. First they pluck off the feathers and then they stuff it with healthy food like a bunch of apples. It gets as big as a horse when they finish stuffing it. It will weigh about 10 pounds and goes into the oven for 10 whole minutes. The apples will get soft. When we eat the delicious turkey, I will make the "dab" motion with my family!

— Donovan Viens

I am having a jelly sandwich for Thanksgiving. No turkey for me. My whole family goes hunting and Mom and dad shoot the turkey. They take the feathers off and stuff it with all kinds of food. I am not even sure what they put in there. The turkey will weigh about 20 lbs and cook for about 1 minute at 1 degree. That should do it. Like I said I will be eating my jelly sandwich, no turkey for me!

— Landen Tanguay

My mom just got our our turkey at Walmart. It is bigger than a Brontosaurus! Dad will salt that thing, put green peppers on it and fill it with peanut butter and fluff. I get to stab the timer thing in it. Mom lets me! It will cook for two minutes at 2 degrees and then all done!

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— Chase Lamb

I will have Thanksgiving at my house. Daddy will hunt for it in the forest. He will catch it and put it in the car and drive it home. Mom and Dad will cook it. They will put some cheese and chicken on the top of the turkey and then open it up and put a lot more cheese inside of the turkey. They will cook it for 30 minutes at a million degrees. They will crack it open and the cheese will pour out all over the place. I will eat it all!

— Ryden DeMarsico

Mommy will get the turkey probably. My dad will hunt on Grampa's land. My baby brother will cry if he doesn't get some but he will. Our turkey will weigh 100 million pounds so it will have to cook for 30 hours at 56 degrees. I hope it is stuffed with the Chinese chicken fingers. Then turkey juice will be poured on it when we are ready to eat it! I love turkey juice!

— Carter Chadbourne

We will have turkey from Stop & Shop. It will be about 100 lbs. We put hot peppers on it and stuff it with apples, bananas, strawberries and peaches. We will have rice, too. It will cook for 20 minutes at "very hot" degrees. I will eat it with my whole family and it will be nice.

— David Preito-Herrara

Dad will cook the turkey on Thanskgiving. I will put stuffing inside and it will grow as big as a dinosaur like the one on my shirt! I will also have pumpkin pie with it. After 1 minute, it will get really hot and be all done! I like turkey!

— Samuel Winsett

Thanksgiving will be at my house. I don't eat turkey so this guy will just have mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and blueberries with raspberries. Oh wait, I saw the berries in the refrigerator. Mom might make pies with those berries. If mom does get a turkey, it will be bigger than my house. I'm not sure how we will get it inside. I guess we'll have to cut it all up to fit it in the oven. It will cook for many days until Christmas at "hotty" degrees.

— Tanner Strek

Kristy Bachli's class

Maybe Gram will get our turkey at Walmart and it will be about 6 pounds. Usually she decorates it with pictures of turkeys to make it look pretty before she cooks it. After that, she stuffs it full of cranberry sauce. It cooks for only about 10 degrees for 7 whole hours. We get out the forks and knives to eat the whole thing. Yum!

— Penny Misiuk

Our turkey will weigh 12 pounds. There will be chicken in the pan with the turkey. It will have applesauce and some vanilla on it. I will have apples instead of turkey. It will cook and cook and cook. We will eat it all!

— Caleb Perrin

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I will help cook our turkey this time! I will shake some ham on it and cover it with chocolate frosting. After that, I will stuff it with even more sugar and put it in the oven for 4 hours and 15 degrees. My dad will help me cook it, too!

— Lucas Benson

When I eat Thanksgiving at my house, my gramma gets the turkey ready with us. First we will stuff it with pieces of steak and then put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 80 degrees. There will be some fruit with it. I bet it will be my favorite blackberries inside that turkey, too!

— Tessa Hakes

We will be eating our turkey around our dining room table. My mom and my brother said that we cannot peek at the turkey in the refrigerator yet! If I help cook it, I'll put ranch dressing and salt on it. I would stuff it with strawberries and watermelon. It will weigh 10 pounds and I will cook it at 500 degrees for 10 minutes. My whole family will eat it and like it!

— Hunter Collins

I will hunt for the turkey with my dad. When we catch one, it will be 100 lbs. We will hand it to my mom and she will wrap it in some kind of plastic and stuff ham inside that turkey. My whole family will help to put it in the oven and we will watch it cook for 50 minutes at 5 degrees. That should be just right!

— John Peltier

My Bampa will get our turkey in the woods with a bow and arrow. We will roast it after we take the feathers off of course! We just put some chicken outside of it and cook it , oh, for about 5 or 6 minutes at 100 degrees. The roaster is a big white thing that covers the turkey with water to cook it. I don't stuff ours with anything. We like to keep it empty so we can use the grabbers to hook it and get it out to eat.

— Camden Crane

I will have Thanksgiving at Nina's house. My dad will be hiding in the woods to try and catch a turkey so that we can cook it and eat it. He will carry it home after he catches it. When my parents cook it, they will put salt on it and then stuff it with chicken wings. It will weigh 5 lbs. After it is stuffed it will weigh about 5 pounds. We will cook it for a quick 5 seconds and it will be chewy and ready to eat.

— Jaed Forrest

We got our turkey from my Grampa. It looks like it is about 5 pounds. Dad will pour gravy on it before he cooks it. We will cook it for about 5 minutes at 5 degrees. It'll be stuffed with more gravy that will pour out of it when Dad cuts it!

— Nathan Bak

We will get our turkey from my friend William's farm. I'll take the feathers off and cut it up in the pan. If I add a little sugar and some jelly, it will make it taste so good. The turkey we get will be about 3 pounds. I'll cook it for 50 minutes at one degree. I can't wait for my gramma and Opah will eat it with us.

— Jeremy O'Dell

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Dad will hunt for our turkey in the forest. He will look for one the size of a lion. If he gets one that big, he will bring it home. I will help him pluck the feathers off. Mom will put salt and cheese all over it and cook it for 5 days at 10 degrees. That is VERY hot. When it is done, I will eat it with corn and peanut butter and fluff.

— Bryce Munson

We will be eating at my house. Since we have chickens at my house, my dad might cook a male one for us to eat. If my mom buys one she will first put salt and pepper on it and then stuff it with lots of M&M's. After it cooks for 15 minutes, at wicked hot temperatures, it will be done!

— Charley Phillips

I'm going to Gramma's to eat. It needs to be giant because we are having a lot of people. I would say 50 pounds would be a big enough turkey. Gram will salt it, pepper it and fill it with gravy. She will put the oven at 6 degrees for 2 hours which should cook it enough. We will check until it turns brown.

— Joey Shepherd

I am going to Auntie's house for Thanksgiving. I know the turkey will be very large, bigger than the size of my head. It will weigh about 80 pounds. She will pour gravy on top and put stuffing inside. The best part will be the pumpkin pie. I am helping mommy make it tonight so we can bring it with us. The turkey will cook for 15 minutes at 2 degrees and then ... DONE!

— Joey Henault

We are going to Nonnie and Poppie's house. Our turkey will come from the New Adams Market. They have good meat there. The turkey comes all wrapped up in paper like a present. After they unwrap the turkey, they will probably cover it with ketchup and throw the wrapping paper away in the garbage. The turkey will weigh 40 pounds and it will cook for 60 minutes for 40 days. Then it will really be done! Yum!

— Laney Tibbetts

Dad will get our turkey in the woods. After he kills it, he will cook it in the oven. Before he cooks it, he will put foil underneath it. He will probably put some deer meat mixed with sugar inside the turkey. It will be crispy if we cook it for 3 minutes at 3 degrees.

— Delaney Gancarz

Our turkey will be as big as a mother turtle but faster than a turtle. My mom will put fruit inside the cornucopia which will be put on top of the turkey. It will cook for 6 hours for a little hot at 6 degrees.

— Annabelle Wirtes

We will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Our turkey will be as big as my dog, Rocky. It will be 10 feet long and weigh 20 pounds. Dad will put pepper and chip sauce on it while it cooks for 20 minutes at 3 degrees. I like Thanksgiving!

— Maddox Milesi

My mommy will cook a turkey in our white house. I hope she is careful and doesn't burn her hand. First she will put a little bit of hot sauce on it because a little bit of spice is always good. She will stuff it with bones. We will pretend that we are at a restaurant when it cooks for 10 minutes at 90 degrees.

— Matthew White

I will eat turkey at the big table with my family. After they buy the turkey, Mom will salt it and pour ketchup all over it and then stuff it with BBQ chicken. It will be 30 pounds and cook for 5 minutes at 1 degree.

— Jaxson Ramsey

If I cooked the turkey, I would put sour cream on it and stuff it with lots of carrots and cut up turkey inside. Since mine will weigh 2 pounds, I will just cook it for 6 minutes. My family will eat it all up and they will love it!

— Isabella Ryan

We have a medium-sized turkey. We will put some steak sauce on it when it is time to cook it just to add flavor. It will cook for about 10 minutes. Our turkey stays empty inside incase we need to put some leftovers inside it. It will cook at 100 degrees. I would like to eat prime rib with it and so would my dad!

— Elias Michalski

Chris Zdon's Class

My dad cooks the turkey. He gets it from the Big Y. The oven has to be really hot, like 35 degrees. It has to cook for 12 hours. He likes to take it out early before the timer goes off because he wants to feel it and if it's not good he puts it back in the oven for 5 more minutes. Then, when the timer goes off he takes it out of the oven and calls us to the table. He likes to make soup with it. That's all I remembered when I was 4.

— Autumn

Mom cooks the turkey. It came from the barn. She washed it, then dried it. Then she cooked it. She put a little bit of spice in it and a little bit of salt and a little bit of water. She spices it up because I love spices. She put it in the oven. The oven was just a little bit hot. It cooked for two hours. It tasted good. I love chicken!

— Taryn

"The turkey comes from Walmart. They put it in the fridge for 2 days. They cook it at like 7 or 8 at night. It cooks for probably 16 minutes at 100 degrees. That's probably it. It tastes good. I like turkey.

— Jacob

My uncle cooked the turkey. It wasn't real. It was a Thanksgiving turkey. It came from the Thanksgiving show from Bakerstown. Then he brought it to the town hall because he was lending it. We went to a big party at my uncle's house. He cooked it well at 6:30 at night. He put beans on the turkey. He cooked it in a big, large pan in the oven. The oven was just sort of hot. It cooked for 3 minutes. It was very good!

— Kayed


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