Horses bolt during Lenox parade

LENOX — Many would say the town's 250th anniversary celebration was a success — but there was one hitch.

Paradegoers were alarmed when two of the horses in the parade began to run.

A chain connecting one of the horses to its load broke, lead parade organizer Charles Flint said, sending it and a neighboring horse momentarily off-course.

"It was a little scary moment." Flint said.

Lenox resident Doug Durante, whose backyard abuts the parade route, attended the event with his wife and some of her friends.

Shooting photographs, Durante was peering through his camera's viewfinder when he heard a commotion coming from up the hill on Kemble Street. He looked up and saw two draft horses running toward him and others along the edge of the roadway. The fire wagon trailed behind the horses.

"Everyone was scrambling to get out of the way," Durante said. "I thought it was going to hit me."

In his attempt to dodge the horses, he tripped over a lawn chair and fell. Unhurt, Durante got up and followed the crowd down the street to where the horses finally stopped.

Quick thinking by the horse handler did a good job of keeping the runaway horses from doing any serious damage, Flint and Durante said.

One horse was uninjured. The other fell to its side near the entrance of Shakespeare & Company. The horse stood up shortly after and was ushered to a nearby grassy area to recover. It suffered a laceration to a rear leg, Durante said. A veterinarian marching in the parade inspected the horse, he said, and confirmed all was well.

Durante and Flint said they saw no people injured.

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