Jake Mendel | On Track: Return dates for pro sports bring back fantasy thoughts

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Some may call it naive while others may call it optimistic. Either way, I'm hopeful there will be football played this fall. And not just in Berkshire County — but also professionally.

After years of trying to balance time, money, and overall investment, I think I've discovered the ideal amount of fantasy football leagues to take part in. This number is different for everyone, but I've settled on three.

I know what you're thinking, but this isn't going to be some rant about how good (or bad) my team may be.

I run one of these three leagues and running a fantasy league is much like a coloring book. The 12 of us are a group of kids with crayons. Most of the time we can color inside the lines, but sometimes that page looks like you threw a 64-pack of crayola in the blender and then dumped it on the picture. While it can be chaos, it all remains controlled on the page.

We are starting to inch closer and closer to the return of professional sports and it is hard to not get excited about the return, but also what comes with it.

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Baseball is slated to have opening day "around" July 24. The NBA ends its hiatus on July 31, but the NHL is yet to set dates for its return.

It feels like sports are coming back, but they aren't back back. Even then, it is hard to be confident about a football season until sports are back back... back (shout out Chris Berman).

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However, we have started to prepare for the fantasy season. We're ranting about if we should switch out the tight end position for another flex spot. While it isn't actual football (and may not even sound like English to some readers), it has been pretty fun to talk about.

We're in a tough situation, though. As these sports prepare to play, we're hearing about athletes testing positive for COVID-19 as they're beginning to enter "bubbles" and try to play.

As things start to seem more "normal," it is hard to not get excited about summer and for us who live in this section of the newspaper— sports.

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But keep in mind... please... none of this is for certain. Anything can unfold within days and we can be back to watching our Miami Dolphins 1972 undefeated season highlights for months to come.

Keep wearing the masks and keep social distancing because having things to talk about, even if its lame, like fantasy football tight ends, it is still an absolute blast.

That is all I have for this week, but everyone in Mass., according the numbers, is doing great — keep it up.

Until next week, stay safe and on track.

Jake Mendel can be reached at jmendel@berkshireeagle.com, at @JMendel94 on Twitter and 413-496-6252.


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