Karen Allen revives her 'Indiana Jones' role

Monday, August 06
MONTEREY — Karen Allen has lately been stealing off to an undisclosed location for secret stunts and a plot line that is being tightly guarded.

Although she can hardly say a word about the details, the actor and Monterey resident is "having a blast" in reviving the role of Marion Ravenwood, the love-and-adventure interest of Indiana Jones, kept alive aptly by Harrison Ford, for more than two decades.

The fourth installment of the "Indiana Jones" Hollywood series, a film by Steven Spielberg, is set for release in the spring of 2008, Allen said.

Allen, a veteran of 35 films, including "Animal House," "A Perfect Storm" and "Starman," now owns Karen Allen Fiber Arts, a Great Barrington business that produces and sells cashmere knitwear and accessories. She keeps in the movie business as her life permits.

In July, she was on location — she can't say where — for three weeks. She will return — she can't say where — in two weeks for a longer stint, through October.

Meanwhile, she has been getting buffed up in the gym with daily workouts.

"You want to get in shape for all kinds of reasons: You want to look good, and it's physically demanding, and you need stamina and energy," said Allen, 55, who has practiced yoga for years. "I put my iPod on and boogie."

The fourth "Indiana Jones" movie will feature actors Shia LaBeouf, Cate Blanchett and John Hurt, to name a few.

Allen said she is consistently surprised at new generations of moviegoers who recognize her on the street as the "Animal House" co-star, or even as the actress in "Starman." Both have been revived by cable television and on DVD.

Asked about her new/old role as Marion Ravenwood (whose bar, "The Raven," burned down in a prior episode), she still can't comment much.

"It's an action-adventure role, because that's really the nature of these films. They are shot-out-of-a-cannon kinds of films — there is a lot going on from the moment it starts until the moment it ends," she said.

New "Indiana Jones" movies are likely to have a following because the series has had steady exposure over the years on television.

Allen said her fiber arts store, on Railroad Street in Great Barrington, will be in good hands while she is gone, and she has already filled orders for fall and winter.

Meanwhile, movie-fan bloggers are excited that Marion Ravenwood is back.

"Of all the Indy girls, she was my favorite," writes the author of www.theknightshift.blogspot.com. "Maybe we'll get to see that she and Indy got together after all :)."

And a www.rottentomatoes.com blogger is pleased that a leading actress who is closer to Harrison Ford's age has been invited back.


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